Sunday, June 20, 2021

Utsava's Highly Caffienated Again - Git Sum!

Updates From Utsava On 6-20-21

A group was in Hawaii as part of military operation and they had explosions in the oceans. Also Russia is participating. 20 ships took part. They need 40,000 tons of explosives. While they are saying it is some sort of a drill, we are certain that it is not so but these explosions destroy the tunnels below the oceans.

Iran's nuclear power plant is shut down. It has undergone an emergency shutdown for a couple of days they say. We have been told that there will be some power outages and the nuclear power stations will be shut down when the power is switched to Tesla free energy.

Remember Iran is also participating in Nesara and will be a free country like in the 70s!

Bidens announce that their beloved German Shepherd Champ has died. Whenever they announce that a dog has died someone higher up in the illuminati has died/was executed. It has also been reported that the Queen's new puppy has died. Could it be the facemasks have been executed?

What to expect:

-Alien invasion fake event (Blue beam project/clown project)

-Shocking reactions.

-Moves and counter moves by the Deep State/White hats.

-Nuclear fallout/bombs or bomb threats, fake and real threats. Remember all will be ok. We are watching a movie!

The aforementioned events will then lead up to the EBS.

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