Saturday, June 19, 2021

Go Ahead, Wrap Yer Big-Sky Minds Around This...

Artist’s concept of cosmic filaments - made of galaxies and dark matter - forming a bridge between clusters of galaxies. These are strands in the cosmic web. The galaxies are now known to funnel on corkscrew paths into the large galaxy clusters at intersection points on the web. Image via AIP/ A. Khalatyan/ J. Fohlmeister.

Filaments of the Cosmic Web


Astronomers at the Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics Potsdam, in collaboration with scientists in China and Estonia, said on June 14, 2021, that they’ve discovered a rotation – a spin – on an enormous scale never seen before. They made the discovery by mapping the motion of galaxies in huge filaments or strands of what’s called the cosmic web. They were looking at the universe on the grandest scale, in which there are great filaments made of galaxies, separated by giant voids. And they found that these long tendrils of galaxies and matter, forming the vast cosmic filaments of the cosmic web, rotate on the scale of hundreds of millions of light-years.

It’s the largest rotation in the universe, these astronomers said.

You know how ice skaters spin faster as they pull in their arms? Scientists describe that faster spin as due to conservation of angular momentum. These astronomers said their results:

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