Sunday, June 20, 2021

The Hathors: Now Is The Portal

Peggy Black and The 'Team' On 6-19-21

We are here offering you our support and our words to invite you to step into your true magnificence. Your reality is beginning to return to more normal activities as well as a sense of normal pace. We are inviting you to pause and become aware of how you want to create your experience.

We know it feels like the flood gates have opened and there is a surge of energy and a surge of desires coming forth. There has been such a buildup of energies while your planet was in the shut down. We can sense your eagerness to rush ahead and fill your time.

However we invite you to wait just a bit before you fill your days with activities and groups of people. You had the opportunity to quiet yourself and reflect during the past months. You have a new awareness because of this quiet time, which gives you the opportunity to create a different reality from the one you left behind.

You are stepping into a new field of energy that is super charged and awaiting your impressions and intentions of just what it is you want to co-create with the universe. Take your time with this process.

You have the power to truly create. You can draw on all your past experiences to call forth a reality that supports your magnificence and well being. The important thing is that you need to experience the feelings of being alive.

We observe that most humans live from their beliefs, their thoughts, their concepts of what it means to be alive. So we are suggesting that you allow yourself to experience each moment, without the trappings of your mind, or thoughts of should and shouldn't.

Just be in the moment, be in the now. Whatever you are doing bring your full attention to that moment. Allow yourself to feel the experience of washing the dishes, driving your automobile, doing your work without being in the mind. The contents of the mind will always distract you from the now, from the moment.

It is in the moment fully experienced that you create. Your focused attention on what you are experiencing is your true power. If you are washing your dishes, bring your full attention to the task. Feel the temperature of the water, notice how the water feels on your skin, notice how your legs feel as you stand doing this task. Bring your attention to all the details of the moment. Be in this experience.

As you practice giving your full attention to any task as you practice giving your full attention to your interaction with others, you will begin to notice a richness and a fullness within yourself.  You will honor yourself as the divine being that you are, here on this planet to experience sensations and feelings, not thoughts or concepts about the feelings.

It is your experience that defines your reality, not your thoughts about reality, or your concepts or your beliefs about reality. It is your experience.   

The more you practice being in the moment, being in the now, the more you will be shifting from your 3D existence to a 5D expression. Realize that you have energetic sovereignty of your reality. This means that you control all of the energy you receive, you give and everything that it creates.

You are responsible for everything in your reality. You create your challenges, your problems. You also have the power and ability to change them. We are inviting you to focus your attention to the moment, to the sensation and the feeling of the experience, for this is where your power lies.

Being in the now you are activating 5D creativity. You are choosing to create a new reality that serves you and your highest qualities to thrive. Remember that ascension to the higher dimensions is a shift in consciousness.

Your 3D reality offers your conflicts, chaos, and challenges. Remember this experience is a game. It is a hologame and you have been playing it your whole life. You have been playing this game from the limited beliefs and misinformation and disinformation given to you in the beginning.

The shutdown of your entire planet afforded you the opportunity to review these limited beliefs. While you stopped your normal activities and spent time in reflection, you got in touch with a quality within yourself that feels like true power.

Now as you begin to be more active and social, be aware of any old limited beliefs that return to your consciousness. Notice when you get activated by some quality that feels false. You are stepping into a new energy.

This is an exciting time to be present on this planet. This is what you came here for, to be a part of this evolution of consciousness, to support and anchor this energy of ascension.  The galactic energies are offering tremendous downloads which have been triggering the awakening of all earthwalkers.

Individuals are responding differently to these intense energies. The body sensations, the fluctuations of emotions, the old insecurities that are coming up for many, are causing difficulty for those that resist the invitation to shift to a higher consciousness.

As we have stated, the best way to ride these waves of energy, to move through these intense energies is to stay in the moment. Stay in the now. As you know this is your only point of power.

You are always creating. That is who you are as divine multidimensional beings. You are creators. The quantum field of energy awaits your impressions and your intentions. Most humans use their creative ability upside down and backwards. They focus on what they don't like, what they don't want and what they don't have and then they just get more of that.

Most humans create from their limited beliefs and misinformation. They allow their physical consciousness, their ego, to run the show. They are unaware that their physical consciousness has been programmed with limitation from parents, schools, religion.

Now is the time to step away from those limiting patterns and step into your true magnificence. When you bring your full attention and consciousness to the moment, you are fully in the experience. You are creating from the powerful moment of now. The now is the portal of all creation.

We are honored to welcome you to a new reality that you are creating and calling forth by your presence of staying in the moment of now. 

Invite us to support and guide you in this process. 

You are truly loved and respected for the courage of being in this experience. 

the 'team'

©2021 Peggy Black All Rights Reserved. 

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