Monday, June 21, 2021

Disclosure Digest 6-21-21


 Go Ahead, Admit It...You Missed Him


Nothing can stop what’s coming, expect a world-wide Truth-Out of Biblical Proportions; moar Popcorn: 

I wonder if Terra Mar ever purchased smuggling subs from these folks? No coinkidinking Methinks:
The lone shooters and Manchurians suffered horrific MK Ultra programming to become Sociopaths::
Trump berries are spotted sprouting abundantly on the most junior Shrub; many [DS] spawn cut Deals:
Old fashioned muckraking; open a pack of freeze dried survival chow, kick back in the bunker & Enjoy:

Nothing can stop what’s coming...A Truth-Out of Biblical Proportions from Holland, alst U blieft:

It's The Voices-In-Your-Head-Are-Getting Louder Bundle, full of saucy light-language; grok Sum:

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