Monday, June 7, 2021

Disclosure Digest 6-6-21


He's Bad, He's Orange & He's Back!


Wuhan: home of bioweapons, major drug & human trafficking centers & Adrenochrome Manufactory:

It seems 'Tunnels' feel ‘safe’ for this poor, satanically abused & trafficked woman; huge Sadness:

Members of the Cult of Woke really believe that Big Science is God & Fauci his only begotten Cuck:

A major Boom Week is upon us, Disclosures designed to Awaken all sheeple, not just the white Ones:

Netanyahu: bad furniture salesman, pedovore head of state - just ghosts & empties & a Bibi Clone:

More obvious CYA statements coming out from ‘researchers & scientists’ Kekfest:

The Supreme Court dances to the Alliance tunes as they set the coup plotters up for The Big Fall:

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