Thursday, June 17, 2021

Utsava - Coffee Talk From 6/15/21

NESARA Now!! EBS Imminent.

Nesara take-over via the military means that the old cabal-system is taken over by the new system. The court system is taken over, the banking system, the school system etc. We are going back to the Constitutional / Common law. The curriculum in schools is changing, the debts are frozen and the banking system has switched to the new system-The Federal reserve has been abolished. There have been false flag events, bombs going off as the Deep state retaliates, and explosions at power plant. The power will be switched to free power. All these are signs that things are happening. We will switch to a Tesla type internet and free Tesla energy. No more power plants! The EBS is imminent! Out there is a movie. Look at the fake G7 event. It was a virtual event. Game over! These Deep State fools are toast. The energy right now might be unpleasant, in order to divert the deep state from what is really happening...enjoy the show!!

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