Thursday, June 17, 2021

Disclosure Digest 6/17/21


The Farce Majeur Kicks Into High Gear...

Ben Garrison nails the farcical G-7 pantomime event is his most recent visual op-ed; Grok Sum:

Grammatically enthusiastic, Judy sums up the WW pregnant pause & what is to Come: 

Charlie Ward just got out-takes of Jim Carey playing Biden in ‘the Mask’; starts @ 16:12 Minutes: 

Now watch Jim in action at recent presser in Geneva; everybody Knows he’s a deep Fake: 

Wag-the-Biden production busted again for sloppy staging of phony speech; Oy Gevalt Bist Mir:

Your new motto should be 'Trust No One In Authority' otherwise you'll be a casualty in the Info Wars:

Classic - Art dealing as money laundering used to pay off political operatives, like book Deals: 

Thanks to Catherine Veil over at GAoG for this insightful and well written op-ed; grok on Pilgrim:

Who's got the Power? Yous got the Power! And don't you forget it - Creator:

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