Saturday, June 12, 2021

Disclosure Digest 612-21

You Say It Feels Like The Top Of Your Head Is Exploding?

Is That What's Troubling Ya, Bunkie?



The kid gloves are most definitely off; POTUS is letting the truth-bombs fall where they will…Oorah!

It’s time for a Sheriff Mack Attack, courtesy og good ole Uncle Charlie; grok Sum:

Off of P-Town no less,now his middle name will be Jonah; things really have gotten Biblical:

The public demise of the Soros sock-puppet is going public, to be followed by Killary, Obummer et Al:

Giving the old taxation/slavery system a hearty shove over the Precipice; Oorah!

More carefully scripted and staged absurdities by the Joe 2.0 Clown Administration; pics at 2300 Hrs:

Hmmm…FBI scamming for liquidity or a legit take-down of bad actors? Interdasting:

In Boston they’d call this a retard slug-fest; how crude and how True:

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