Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Disclosure Digest 6-9-21


 Another Annular Eclipse Download 

From The Great Central Sun


From EcoAstrology - everything you might want to know about the Gemini New Moon/Solar Eclipse:

Welcome to TOP KEK BOOM-VISION, no masks or death jabs required; ponder on and Git Sum: 

It's high time we put this Gruesome Newsom Jin back in his bottle and git ya sum Bee Stings On:

Here it is again, a ‘training exercise’ concurrent with an ‘accident' = dress Rehearsal; so Lame:

What will it take for Americans to realize that the FBI/CIA are our Secret Police?

Enjoy this troika of Pleiadian messages through Christine Day, there's lots of Ascension 'back Story:

Even some of our 'best minds' still don't get that WE are Eternal Beings of Intelligent Light; Oy:

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