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Reverend Wanda's Health Tips From Cottonwood

By Wanda Zum Mallen On 6-2-21

Last month, I lifted the cover cloth off my garden to discover the rows of carrots, radishes, and lettuce that I had planted were gone and replaced by numerous ant families that had eaten all the seeds. In retaliation, I sprinkled the area with Mule Team Borax and to my satisfaction, they left and have not returned.

Now, it is time for me to replant my garden but my curiosity about Borax has been piqued and nightly research has rewarded me with some interesting facts. Borax powder can be sprinkled on ants, but it also kills weeds, strengthens the body, and is a great house cleaner. How does that work?

Borax is a naturally occurring and mined mineral salt. This means it contains four atoms of boron as its central feature combined with two sodium atoms and ten molecules (or sometimes less) of crystallization water. Therefore, borax is the sodium salt of the weak boric acid. Because sodium is more strongly alkaline, this makes a solution of borax strongly alkaline with a pH between 9 and 10 (pH 7 is neutral). When ingested, it reacts with hydrochloric acid in the stomach to form boric acid and sodium chloride (table salt). Ingested boron compounds are rapidly and completely excreted with the urine. But on its way through the body, it can clean out toxins, kill fungus/mold, and eliminate pathogens so our body can have a detox reaction.

In the 1960’s Rex Newnham ND, DO. & PhD. in Perth Australia began to develop a severe pain in his joints. After researching the plant life in his area, he concluded they were deficient in this mineral. So, he took a high dose mineral complex at bedtime but added approximately 30 mg of Boron and in three weeks the arthritis swelling, and stiffness was gone.

Surprisingly, Boron is particularly important to the parathyroid glands which are responsible for calcium uptake into the bones. When the parathyroids are weak from lack of Boron, they have a challenging time absorbing energy from the 6th chakra in the back of the neck and this results in calcium loss in the bones and teeth.

When this mineral is not absorbed where it is needed, a Boron deficiency can result causing elevated levels of calcium in the blood calcifying the pineal gland, joints, endocrine glands, and ovaries. But it can also lead to arteriosclerosis, calcification of the kidneys, low testosterone in men and estrogen in elderly woman.

Years of research has shown Boron has beneficial properties as an anti-osteoporotic, anti-inflammatory, hypolipemic, anti-coagulant, and anti-neoplastic agents. But Boron also has antiseptic, antifungal, and antiviral properties along with a mild antibacterial action. It even plays a powerful role in converting V-D to its active form and the absorption of V-D in our bodies is critical, especially with preventing viruses.

Low and behold further researched revealed the Borax has been used for generations for eliminating mold. It is a great flame retardant spray for clothes, and non-toxic deodorizer for carpets, couches, pillows, and curtains. It eliminates odors in the refrigerators, garbage cans, garbage disposals, and cat litter boxes. I mix Borax with Epsom Salts to scrub stubborn stains out of sinks, toilets, showers, tubs, and patio furniture.

Logic would say that if Borax has all these beneficial properties, it might clean all the toxins out of the body. So, I decided to make a lovely ABC cocktail to enjoy in the evening by mixing ½ cup of club soda, ½ cup of water, ½ cup inner leaf aloe vera juice, ½ tsp of V-C powder, and 1/8 tsp of Mule Team Borax; shaken not stirred. It tasted delicious and cleansed the palette, but my mind had a tough time accepting the fact I was drinking laundry cleaner which created my gag reflexes.

The first day, I noticed a slight headache from the detox effect, so I only enjoyed this beverage every other day. After a couple of weeks, I got used to the idea and now it does not cause any negative reactions. If you are brave enough to try an ABC Cocktail, let me know what happens?

The moral of my story is that Mother Nature has our back and all we must do is understand and use her resources wisely keep our environment and our bodies healthy.

If you feel this information has been beneficial, please feel free to share it with your friends.

Until next month, be well, stay strong, and do what makes you happy!
Reverend Wanda
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