Friday, June 11, 2021

The Starseed Transmissions Chapters 10, 11 & 12

I first read this book much closer to when it was originally published back in 1991.  The material in it was channeled by Ken Carey over an 11 day period from December 27, 1978 to January 6, 1979.   I don’t honestly recall my impressions from the first reading, but I’ve kept it on my shelf all these years and was recently nudged to go dust it off and have a look.
What I found inside these pages is nothing short of perfect for these exact times.  Enjoy…

Compiled By Suzanne Maresca


 I am Christ. I am coming this day through the atmosphere of your consciousness. I am asking you to open the door of your reason, to allow me into your heart. Let me spring up from the ashes of your ignorance like the flame that burned brightly in the simplicity of your childhood.

Look to the bible of love, my living presence in your heart, rather than to the wordy debates of little minds on the written word of old. Man is not impeccable in his past, but God’s word has never changed. It is a word of love and a word of life.

It unites and rejoins all who hear it in the truth of being. Its verbal translations are multiple and varied, and if they can lead you to the love and truth that lives behind them, good; use them. But if they separate and divide you in the many interpretations of reason, cast them aside and listen with your inner ear, there I inform you directly. (excerpt from Ch. 10)

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