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My Tsunami Of Love Will Shift You Permanently

The Divine Mother (Shakti/Prajnaparamita et al) reveals more of the nuts-and-bolts of the Ascension process we are all experiencing right now and dubs it the' Tsunami Of Love.'   I've excerpted her direct channelling via Linda Dillon and you can Link Here for the full program transcript.  DT the ET

An Hour with an Angel with the Divine Mother, January 30, 2014

One Drop of My Love will Shift You Permanently

Divine Mother:  And welcome to you, for yes, I am the Mother, I am the change. I am the constant. I am the continuity. I am the love. Sweet children, sweet angels, sweet human beings of my heart, I have been beckoning you. And just as importantly, you have been beckoning me.

The time of change, the shift, what you think of as your Ascension process — what does this truly mean?

It is not merely an interdimensional shift. It is you acknowledging, becoming, experiencing, holding and being the love. It is your surrender, and in that surrender your action and your creation is love.

Now, each of you knows, sweet angels, that I have been sending you and amplifying through my archangels, the masters, and the many, the energies of my clarity, of my purity, of my healing. And I have also given you the awakening of your totality, of your pink diamond essence.

But that is not where it starts and finishes. As I have said, this is preparation. And is it a glorious preparation? Well, of course it is, for that is the nature of true creation. And it has this sensation, this experience of being continual and never-ending, because that is the truth.

I do not tend to start and stop what I send thee. And I have spoken to you of this tsunami of love. The tsunami of love embraces you, enfolds you, not destroying who you are, but revealing and amplifying your capacity, your truth, not only to fulfill your mission and purpose, because you are already doing that, but to do it in such unrequited joy, such enormous sense of well-being, of love, that there is nothing else.

Oh, love has many faces, as many of you have already discovered, not only in the time of sacred union and partnership, but in family, in friendships, in relationships with the kingdoms, the animals, the grass, the trees, the flowers, the fairies, and yes, love with your star brothers and sisters.

This penetration, this tsunami does not simply wash over you. Beloved ones, it goes right through you. Think of yourself as sheer energy. Think of yourself as a spiritual screen, but one that has no resistance, for the resistance has already been removed.

And so the love moves through you. And that energy, that substance — for it is not simply energetic — those subatomic fibers are joined with yours and they activate you even further, to your potential, to the fullness of your being.

What do I mean by this? Each of you who listen to me this night has already begun to feel the tsunami, and you will begin to feel it even more as I speak. You have not been living or existing or operating at your full potential However you define your life and your life force, all of your bodies and your core, you have not as yet reached, in form, as Ascension is occurring, your maximum potential.

Listen to what I say. It is never that you are less than; that is an old human belief that I wish to eradicate and wash away from the very face of Gaia, because she does not need it, and neither do you. But each of you has this magnificent capacity to be in joy, to be in love, to share love, to be the love.

I am not suggesting that you have not loved and shared love with all your heart and that you have not demonstrated time and again your love for me, with your heart, with your mind, with your will, with your actions, with your forbearance, with your consistency, with your persistence, with all of who you are.

But just as your mental capacities, your brain, your hemispheres have not been fully ignited, so the same goes for your capacity to be love, to experience love, both in the personal sense, the universal sense, and the spiritual sense.

One drop of knowing the fullness of my love shifts you permanently, irreversibly. And yet I speak to you of a tsunami, of an ocean of love, of our love, to penetrate your core so that you may know not only how much you are cherished, but what you are truly capable of.

                 Complete Redefinition of What It Means to be Human

It is a complete redefinition of what it means to be human. It is the complete surrender and abolishment, elimination of the old third dimension, because love does not exist in that environment, not the love that I speak of this night.

There is no room for it. They cannot coexist. Such delusions cannot breathe, morph, grow in that kind of love.

And this is what you have asked for, what you have prayed for, but, beloved ones, it is also my plan. It has always been my plan, that in form you would know the fullness of yourself and each other — and when I say ‘each other’ I mean your star brothers and sisters, the inter-galactics, the planets, the oceans, the mountains, and each other.

You are angels in form, and you have been birthed even prior to that as the essence of One. So you return to that while keeping your magnificent form.

Now, what does this mean? Does it mean that you are simply, as the channel has said, ‘floating on the currents’? Yes, sometimes it does.

But as you adjust to this vibration and the magnitude of this vibration, it triggers creation and co-creation in deeper, wider, broader, more profound ways within your sacred selves, and of course in unity with All. I do not simply mean the humanoids; I do not simply mean Gaia; I mean with All.

Now, in order that this tsunami that I have begun to activate not simply wipe you away — and I will talk about that — but in order that you are able to absorb and more importantly maintain the energies that are penetrating you, I send this tsunami as waves.

You have begun to feel the ripple. And there are those of you — yes, my visionaries, my New You’s who are anchors of this that have volunteered, as Michael has said, as gatekeepers, as pillars, as wayshowers, as re-patterners, as menders. It comes in waves so that you may absorb and maintain your form.

When someone, a human being, well, all beings, but it is a very different process elsewhere, when you die, when you think of dying, which again is a very outmoded process, when you ascend out of your body there is this moment of sheer joy, of knowing you are returning home.

Now, we do not want you to abandon your body. So the tsunami, by my direction and my plan, is what you would think of in your terms as measured, so that you may anchor it and go on having this experience.

But it changes what you would think of as your definition of what it means to be in form. I want you, and therefore you are, being in form but coming to the knowing of our infinite connection.

So, if you find yourself smiling, laughing, feeling the bright embers of joy in a heart that you felt was downtrodden, know that you are receiving. Do not in any way do anything with this penetration; simply accept it.

Yes, Steve, you have used the word surrender. (1) Do not fight the current. Let it take you within the tsunami as trust and hope and knowing, so you will not have a concern in the world, in any world, in any universe.

Will there be excitement about what you choose to do with it? Yes! But not initially. Initially, you will simply feel that you are swept up in the current, that you are basking in the waves. And then we will allow for a period of anchoring and integration.

So it has already begun.

What do you wish to know, child?
How Should We React?

SB:  Well, Mother, I know that you have said that the tsunami of love will penetrate all beings, but then again there will be people who won’t know what the next person is feeling. Will the tsunami of love vary from individual to individual?

DM:  I do not eradicate free will because it is one of my finest creations! I do not eradicate your memory or your experience of this or other lifetimes, past or future, for that matter.

So yes, the experience will be unique to the individual. But there will be commonality and understanding — yes, wisdom, knowing — of that commonality as well.

SB:  Another question, Mother:  There will be people who will wonder what it’s safe to do, what it’s realistic to do. When the tsunami of love is at its height – you have talked about this on other occasions — but perhaps you could repeat for people what it’s safe to do, what it may not be advisable to do while in this tsunami of love?

DM:  Do not operate heavy equipment. And there I am teasing you, of course.

SB:  [laughs] I think so!

DM:  Part of love, part of my love is that you are safe. But you are in these bodies that are adjusting to a very heightened frequency. What I am asking of each of you is to give yourself the gift of love; translate that as the gift of time to allow it to penetrate and to integrate, and to enjoy it.

This is not only my plan, but it is a very precious gift. If you are feeling what you would term ungrounded, unanchored, out of body for some of you, although the nature of this vibration is actually anchoring you in your body, but if you are feeling these swimming effects, then stay still.

Stay still — and I do not mean that you must sit and meditate or contemplate — but do not go about the busyness of your world. Now, I am not telling you, nor do I suggest to any of you, to abandon your jobs, your families, your tasks, your responsibilities. You, my beloved ones, have been perfectly positioned.

And this is not simply my plan. It is your plan within the plan. Yes, how you feel about all of this, how you operate, how you approach what you do and how you interact is going to change significantly. It will be virtually unrecognizable.

Move slowly, gracefully. Do not engage in the old. As I have said to you, there is no room, literally no breathing room, for the old illusions, the false beliefs. So if you are attempting to engage in those old patterns, you will literally feel as if you are choking. So avoid them.

That is plain and simple. Because it will feel as if you can’t breathe in those situations, because they are being eliminated, and the plan, sweet angel, is not to eliminate a single one of you.

This is a tsunami that touches everybody — well, everything on Gaia. And might I say far beyond. So the ripple effect that is going out to your star brothers and sisters, to the multiverse, is also being known.

So it is not simply just you who is involved, and that is also the wave effect. Think of it in terms of sonic movement.

You have an expression that I have often desired that you would take more literally, and that is, “Take it easy.” That is what you are to do.

Now you say, “Well, Mother, what if I am driving home along the freeway when, all of a sudden, the tsunami hits? And that is possible. My legions, your guardian angels, will keep you safe. That is a promise. That is their undertaking and job. That is their mission and purpose.

And it will be joyful because they will be in the tsunami with you. Allow the help that is being given to you.

Too often, far too often, in your diligence, in your fierce independence, you think that you have need to do something independently and alone. You have never been alone. That is one of the deepest illusions of all. So allow the help that surrounds you.

SB:  Another question, Mother

DM:  Yes.

SB:  Human beings are very much convinced that they need to survive death and that they won’t survive it. And some of our friends and relatives may either panic and feel that they’re going to dissolve. They may be saying, “What’s happening to me?”

Or they may be feeling clogged and choked because they’re holding on to a Third-Dimensional perspective.

How do we talk to them? How do we explain what’s happening to them in a way they’ll understand?

DM:  Speak directly to their hearts, because there is not a single being that has not received the gift of my clarity. But yes, there are those who are worriers, who still embrace fear or who are hesitant, who do not believe that it is possible to be so loved and to be love.

Speak to them the same way that you would speak to someone who is having a dark moment, an anxiety attack, a panic attack, or wanting to depart. Speak to their hearts, either actually or telepathically or energetically form the infinity with their hearts (2) and allow them not to pull you down, but as if you were holding the life raft or the lifesaver, the buoy, so that is their half of the infinity.

Encourage them to go with the flow. Reassure them that this is simply a divine gift. Speak to them in language that they would comprehend, that it is a gift from Allah or Yahweh. Speak to them in ways that will help them be in their bodies while the fear dissipates.

As I have said, each of you believes or thinks that you are solid. And you have had various discussions with my archangels and friends about your light bodies and your crystalline bodies. But I remind you, sheer energy is not simply something that is floating out in deep space.

My beloved, you are sheer energy, and that is why I describe you, and wish you to hold this imagery, of a very fine screen. There is no resistance. There are enough holes and enough room for the water to move freely.

So, rather than feeling, when you are speaking to somebody, that you are telling them or advising them to hold on for dear life, no, you are encouraging them to go with the current. If you are caught in a riptide, you do not fight the tide, you go with it and then step aside. That is what you do in this case.

You say to me, “Well, Mother, can I stop it? Like the riptide, can I step aside and then be out of the tsunami?” You can lessen it because in your free will you are feeling overwhelmed, that you cannot contain yourself. Of course I would allow that.

I would never wish to over-ride you. But I am guiding, suggesting and requesting that you go with this as fully, as deeply and as wonderfully as you can. And what you can do is far greater than what you think you can do.

SB:  On another question, Mother:  When will this tsunami come to an end? And what will we look like, what will we feel like after that? You have said that it will last, so I do have that information. But what will then occur? What is next after this tsunami of love?

DM:  Understand, the tsunami is embedded in, irrevocably attached to and part of your Ascension. So there are different rates at which you are absorbing. But what you are saying is, “What do I look like? What is the outcome?” Joy. Not simply joy that comes and goes, not simply love that comes and goes.

There will be no exhaustion. You will finally be at that point of integration where you do not feel that you have to sleep 24 hours a day or that you can’t sleep at all. There will be some regulation of patterning — patternings of sleep, patterning of consumption, patternings of how you behave, how you interact, who you interact with, what you create.

So, when you turn to me — some of you next week, some of you next year — and you say, “Mother, I never thought I would be doing this,” and we will laugh together, because you have always had the glimmer and the inner knowing of what it was possible for you to do.

Often you have spoken to me and to my sweet archangels about resources. (3) This is a curious turn in an infinite universe. Oh, it is not, my friends, that I do not understand what you speak of. I am your Mother. I understand everything you speak, think, and dream of.

Some are Ascending Now

One of the greatest elements of this, what you are asking as outcome is the full understanding, integration, anchoring, knowing, being, that you are the greatest ever. In that knowing, resources, equalization, fairness, unity are given. It flows.

There is no desire to have something, whether it is a piece of bread, a glass of water or millions of dollars, there is no desire to have what cannot be fully shared with your brothers and sisters and be put into graceful movement, whether it is cities of light or platforms of love.

Where love is, when you surrender, like the rocks surrender to the ocean, when the boulders turn to sand, when you surrender to the love that you are, all is possible. You say, “How long?”And what I say to you, it can be an instant, but I will not cease this until it is done.

I do not speak in eons of time. I do not even speak in years of your time. Yes, the divine plan, our plan, is lengthy. But there are expansions that we are eager to move on with.

So often you have cried out in the night to me, and you have said, “Mother, why do you not hear my prayer? Why do you not help me?” even as I pick you up.  This is the help. Think of it in this way, please.

Take this into your heart. This is not simply the transformation of Gaia or what you think of as abundance or prosperity or disclosure. This is the transformation of you, of each of you. This is the answer to your screamed and silent prayer.

SB:  Well, that’s wonderful, Mother. Some people are actually reporting Ascension experiences. And quite some time ago we were, I think, told that there would be waves. Is it possible that some people will ascend out of this tsunami of love? (4)

DM:  Oh, yes. They have already begun! It has already begun. So you will be hearing more and more of people suggesting, retelling, and relating of their Ascension, that they have been at the portal waiting eagerly in line! But yes, they are through.

SB:  Um-hmm. Wonderful. And they’re back? They will continue to fulfill their mission, etc. – is that not correct?

DM:  That is correct, because that is the agreement. That is their desire. If someone wishes to ascend, if someone wishes to die, in your old meaning, then of course they are welcomed home.

But for most who ascend particularly at this juncture, they immediately return. And they already have. They are among you, you know. Most of them simply do not speak of it because they do not wish to be looking as if they are separate from the masses. But they are there as your wayshowers. They are there as your gatekeepers and your pillars. Oh, yes. Get ready.

SB:  For the majority, though, Ascension will come a little while longer down the line, I think. Is that correct?

DM:  That is correct. It is not far down the line.

SB:  Um-hmmm

DM:  As I say, this plan, this tsunami is not merely for humanity. Is it directed, first and foremost, to and through you? Yes. But you know that there is a plan of Ascension for many of a new reality, a higher octave. And so the time is nigh.

SB:  Well, thank you, Mother. I can’t wait for the tsunami to begin in earnest, and thank you for explaining what to expect.

DM:  Enjoy this, my precious loved ones. Put on your bathing suits and grab your toys and come and play with me.

SB:  Thank you, Mother.

DM:  I am with you. Farewell.

SB:  Farewell, Mother.



(1) In the article “Let Go, Let Go, Let Go,” which by the way had been written but not been published. It was scheduled for the next day.  See

Listeners would not know this but I write my questions down and, as so often happens, the Mother answered my questions one after another without my needing to ask them. That can be a little unnerving for an interviewer!

(2) Imagine the energy flowing in a continuous figure eight (the infinity sign) between you and the other person.

(3) Probably a reference to the Reval, Prosperity Programs, etc.

(4) See for instance “Angela Hope: An Account of My Ascension – Part 1/2” at and “Part 2/2” at

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