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Angela Hope: An Account Of My Ascension

A delightful, first person account in two parts, first published on the Goldenageofgaia site.

Steve Beckow: Angela Hope has sent in a moment-by-moment account of what appears to be Ascension, which I think is about as interesting as any share I’ve seen. We know that there will be waves of ascenders and Angela seems to be one of the early risers. Let me post her description here. Thank you,  Angela.

PaperArtist_2014-01-25_17-53-30My name is Angela. I found your writings on the web. I’ve been looking for things to explain what I am experiencing. Before it was all the symptoms of ascension process which were soooo unpleasant for sooooo long!!!!!!!1 I cannot even tell you how amazing life is now and I’m so happy I documented my life by messages, posts on FB, etc. I want to tell this to you.

In December last year my ascension symptoms were so horrible I couldn’t stand to be in my own shoes. It was like everything in my life was breaking down inside and out.

I experienced incredible loss…car, materials, etc., even my job. I had an annoying ringing in my ear (1) like water stuck in … and I take baths not showers. My body was going through a constant flu. I was tired just walking a few steps.

I slept hours and hours when I used to suffer from terrible insomnia. I found myself from December 2012 totally away from all people. As if one day I was surrounded by a lot of people then everyone went away and it was just me and my two cats, Simba and Penny.

Speaking of these guys, I have a whole new relationship with the animal kingdom that includes my ability to communicate with them!! Oh yes!! It’s totally telepathic.

I discovered they were already on that level of telepathy with me since day one. I discovered I could not eat meat! I took a bite of a hamburger back in early December and it put me in bed three days sick.

I lost so much weight and could not eat and didn’t even miss it. I wanted to eat but nothing I thought of was what I wanted. So I didn’t eat and didn’t miss it.

When I did I had no desire for any meat and the thought of eating flesh made me sick. Still does. I see animals as my friends and cannot believe we treat them the way we do. We do not eat our friends who are here to love and protect us!!!

My birthday is in the first week of January. I have been pursuing a career in music since forever. I took my last few dollars and pitched myself to film.TV/commercials and got a publishing deal to my surprise! All of a sudden my music is being recognized and wanted. No money yet but that’s another thing!

Without my car I started walking. Best thing that ever happened to me. I enjoy walking. I have no connection with my clothes, shoes, make-up all the things I used to go shopping for and collect only to give away.

I noticed for 6 months i was living on one fork, one plate, one glass, etc. and not missing cupboards and cupboards of things I don’t need. I experienced an aversion to the microwave which broke down anyway. Things would break down or be unavailable and I would find a way around it and those things ushered in my ascension finally. I only know that now.

I channel my spirit guides but was never sure what they look like until they showed me. First of all they don’t look much different from human beings but they are thin and very, very tall, almost like 8 feet or more.

They showed me a picture of them walking on my street! Too funny! There are two of them and they are not male or female but represent my understanding of that in perception only but, just as we are all equal, so are they. They show me all the things in life that from birth always made me feel unlike everyone else.

Before my birthday I had such a desire to just go home. I have no home so I was so surprised I wanted something even known as home to me. The desire to leave here was strong and I only wanted home.

I went to rest one day with this on my mind and had an experience of going into a pyramid. When I got there a whole bunch of people who spoke with one voice greeted me. I could not believe this.
They know what I am thinking and what I want to talk about, etc. I can’t explain this more fully. I just know I can think it and be there just like that! (2) That brought me much comfort.

I had a hip replaced in 2012 that was complicated and left me in chronic pain that was unbelievable. Day in and day out I was bedridden and all of a sudden I experienced a healing. I have no pain at all no place in my body. If I try to tune into my emotions I don;t have them and I have had a history of depression and emotional problems. I feel things more but without emotions.

When I walk now I feel as if I’m taller. Colors are very very clear and vibrant. I did a lot of meditations that anchored me to the Earth and I instinctively knew to do this. It’s as if I’m 30 thousand feet in the air looking down on Earth and realize I used to be there. I have no interest in life there but a knowledge of it.

No problems with the pains, earaches, headaches, etc., as before. I think of something and it happens. It’s only thought about because it happens but there’s no thinking involved. Does that makes sense? It’s like it’s already there. I have a knowledge of time that’s different. In other words I’m not waiting for anything. It’s already here.

People look at me differently. I can’t prove this as I haven’t asked anyone but I can tell they see something I don’t and what they see is highly attractive to them. I can tell they don’t know what it is!!!!!!!

In music, when I go to write songs now I hear in between the notes and find stuff I never noticed. It’s incredible!!!!! I do have to rest often. My schedule is set for me and I respond to it. I have no worries, longings, pain, desires, needs, wants, nothing. I’m in tune with me and all around me.

I didn’t know the point when I ascended. I only noticed my hip not hurting anymore and then all the other things flooded in front of me and I knew it was done.

Life now is easy-going. I feel like I am happy all the time and I laugh at everything like I’m a kid again. I even notice I talk and write differently. Totally not the same. My communication is very factual and I don’t use embellishments over and above what I can actually see. It all just flows. I don’t experience snags.

(Concluded in Part 2.)


(1) In general the ringing in the ear is the sound of the music of the spheres, the cosmic motor, Aum, the Divine Mother. But sometimes the celestials use it to get our attention. See “Where to Look for Signs of Spiritual Progress” at
(2) On the higher planes, we travel by thinking of where we’d like to be and instantaneously we’re there

(Concluded from Part 1.)

About mid-December 2013 I woke up and the first thing I opened my eyes I heard an audible voice that said clear as day “I am the seventh ray!!” I jumped up like WHO IS IN MY ROOM?

I live in Los Angeles and there is a restaurant in Topanga called Inn of the Seventh Ray. I never knew what a ray was or the numbers of them. I was totally perplexed but I knew what I heard was real.

So in doing a search, Saint Germaine came up! Then I did the reading and this is also further proof for me that what happened to me is authentic, real, and so special I want to tell the world about it! I believe I was visited by Saint Germaine.

Anyone going through the absolute many levels of hell I went through for as long as I did (48 years) should know there is an end. It’s darkest before the dawn.

In meditation this morning I went to the place I know as my home. I asked when I actually ascended. They all speak with one voice. I knew when I asked the question what the answer would be.

About four weeks ago I was cleaning house and having yet another conversation with myself out loud. This happens often and daily. I had a memory of my mother and something she did and said when I was a child that was so mean, so hurtful, so cruel.

The tears came from someplace so special and it wasn’t exactly pain I felt. I felt compassion not just for my mom but for all people. I then cried from the depths of my soul to God and I wept for every cast-off, disenfranchised, unloved soul ever.

I declared out loud my love for all people who are loved and special. We’re created in love and what happens to us when we’re cast aside is wrong. I cried deeply. I vowed to honor and respect all life.

That day as I went walking I loved everyone I saw. A lady walking on a walker as I was approaching she yelled out “Angie!!!!” I didn’t know her and never met her. When I got closer she said my name again and I told her my name was Angela. I even pulled out my drivers license.

She already knew my name. She asked for a hug and kiss so I did. Then she walked away. I came home and did my normal things. That night as I slept my spirit ascended. My hip was healed too.

I experienced Archangel Raphael that night who comes when I call by the third time. The number 3 is highly important in ascension. Archangel Raphael descends on the right then I ask for a healing of something. He bows with his hands in a prayer and then does his work.

After he ascends on the left. My family in my home told me the day I transcended personal pain into real compassion for all of us who are connected is the final act that led to my ascension. If I can get that message out it’s worth it to me.

If you rework this I hope it is with the message that our compassion for others as a part of who we are is essential to ascension.

The quickest thing to do now is practice a daily mantra of gratitude for literally everything. That takes a long time! When you’re tested where it looks like everything is going totally not the way you planned and is a major nuisance, it’s important to know it’s really a test period to have a plan b, c, d, and so on.

In other words get unstuck. The perception of events moves rapidly. Once over that, then comes forgiveness in a way much easier than ever before! It is the compassion component that you reach which ushers in the ascension beginning with your body healed of pains you have become accustomed to for so long it takes days before you notice they are gone.

It is then that a joy arises in you in a very physical way. It never stops.

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