Sunday, January 12, 2014

Heavenletter #4797: Return To Paradise

I love the Heavenletters that are concise and of the this one.  Fun to illustrate as well...DT the ET
God said:
Paradise-FoundThere is a Divine Plan for you. You may be fighting it, or you may be pushing for it. Of course, you have Free Will as well. Free Will doesn’t mean that everything goes your way, or the way you think is yours. Free Will is not exactly the same as free choice, yet, you do have free choice as well, even as you may not have all the choices you would like to pick from immediately.

In this lifetime, a universal desire is coming to the surface. It has been a desire long held. Now, you, in this lifetime, are seeing the beginning of a Return to Paradise, right here on Earth, an updated Paradise, yet Paradise nevertheless. Yes, this, too, is part of the Divine Plan and Free Will. Just think of it – Fulfillment of All Desires, that have been desired since the beginning of time.

This Age of Fulfillment, this Age of Fruition, is not appearing because you wished for it although you did wish for it. You desired it fervently, and you laid the brickwork with your thoughts. Your thoughts were the seeds for the Divine Plan. And, yet, you did not quite believe in it, did you? You may not believe in it now, and yet you will see it.

Divine Plan comes from the development of your consciousness. Your soul is inviolate, and yet your recognition of heart and soul and their place in the world grows. This is the development I have long been waiting for.

Of course, it’s true, I, God, can flip a switch, so to speak, and Peace on Earth and Good Will to Men can appear in a flash, and, yet, you have to be ready to receive it. It may be hard for you to let go of what can be called the old ways, yet, at the same time, Peace and Good Will are not unheard of. They have always been evidenced. They have always been evidenced more than war and ill will. Now Peace and Good Will to All has reached its turning point. I will call it the point of no return, meaning that there is no going back. Peace is secured. It cannot be overturned. It is supported.

Oh, yes, there are some conflagrations that continue to burn. They are run-off. They will drizzle out.
All that has been predicted will come true. Joy to the world, the full sunshine has come, and you are here to welcome it and be part of it. Assume your stations, beloveds.

The old ways of operating in the world have been overthrown. You are captive of it no longer. That’s how you overthrew it. Your consciousness has overthrown the old world of thinking. How powerful are your thoughts. How powerful are you. You always were powerful, yet you believed in your insignificance. You did not know what the consciousness of ten gathering in My Name can do let alone the consciousness of the whole world.

Be at peace, for peace has come. Integrate peace into your heart and mind, and so be it. Untie
yourself from the past. Step out of the past into the Sunshine, for you do, ultimately, manifest the world. You always have, only now you are taking the lead rather than just following along. Wait no longer. Claim the Earth as yours. Claim your heritage. Take over the world with your Free Will of Good Will.

Within the Grand Design is the individual design. They cannot be separated. They can be integrated. They are integrated. You are rising now with the dawn. The sun is rising. Very soon it will be High Noon, and you will see. You will see. Celebrate now.

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