Saturday, January 4, 2014

Message From AA Michael With And For The Councils


Channelled by Ron Head 1-5-14

Let us begin these messages for your year of 2014 with a new understanding of where this information will be coming from. Nothing will, in fact, have changed, but we want to make it more clear to each of you where this guidance originates.

As you see above, I am speaking now for what we will call the councils. Some channels call these groups, some call it other things. But no matter what its name, it is the fact that each of you has, and in fact participates in, councils which guide you and every other sentient being on this journey. You visit these councils. Your higher selves sit here. Your guides and your angels do, as well.

From where you sit at this moment, all the way up to the very highest consciousness in these universes, there are participants guiding all of us forward. As we move through this year, we wish to make it more and more comfortable for you to understand and feel that these messages are not coming from some source to which you have no access. Rather they come from that within each of you to which you have total access and always have had.

Our goal, always, is to make this more and more common for each of you to participate in and to know that you have always taken part in. We want you to feel at home with this process so that it becomes easier and easier for you. The energies of which most channels have spoken so very often have now lifted your collective consciousness high enough to make this a very viable possibility for you this year if you so desire.

So you will, from today, see these messages delivered by myself, by others who wish to step forward, or simply headed “The Councils”. Whatever the name in the heading, please understand that you have taken part in this entire process. And since that is so, understand also that you are our dear friends and family.

As we have told you so often, you are never alone. We know every dream, every thought, every prayer just as intimately as do you, and we begin working on them as soon as you make them.

We will also be reminding you from time to time of ways to smooth that path, so to speak. But you very likely have reached understandings that will require only reminders. So let us make this new year we are embarking on a very abundant and magical year for each of you.

Thank you and good day.

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