Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Adama: You Are Already Ascended

This is part of a transcript from a Chat with Adama that my client gave me permission to share. 
I feel I’m not making progress spiritually and I really want to ascend in this life.
Adama puts his hand on your hand, looks into your eyes and says very clearly and gently:

“You ARE Ascended! Even now you are Ascended. There is nothing you have to do to make yourself ascend, because you, your soul, and all that you are, are already an Ascended Being! Your consciousness of this particular incarnation has forgotten how to live as an Ascended Being, that is all.

“If you choose to remember how to live as an Ascended Being, now in this life, it is not because you HAVE to do that to Ascend, but because you want to do that to more fully enjoy life on Earth.

“You are already ascended. Fear not.”

Originally posted:

Adama asked me to remind all of you that you do not need a channel to receive his messages, or any other “Ascended Master”. Your heart is directly connected to your Higher Self, your Ascended Self, and if you speak with your heart and listen with your heart you can receive messages directly from the Ascended Masters. YOU are a Divine Being and you do not need to depend on someone else to get the help and guidance you need. Channels are like translators, they help you to hear and understand the messages. But any one can become a channel, everyone already is one.

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