Monday, January 27, 2014

A Short Update On The Energies – January 26, 2014


Channeled by Aisha North 

As many of you have already ascertained, there is a short lull in the proceedings, and none too soon you will perhaps add. These last few days have been marked by a huge influx of energies, the likes have never before been seen on this little planet of yours. And yes, this is also something that is becoming visible, not only to your scientists, but also to the naked eye.

Your world has started to receive some signals from deep, deep space that was sent out a very long time ago according to your measurements, and now, they are reaching your shores, for the first time ever. And no, we are not referring to anything that can be deemed to be a mere coincidence, for as we have always told you, everything happens when the time is right for it to happen, so too, in this.

If you lift your eyes to the sky, you will see a small pinprick of light that was not there a few days ago, but now, it will seem to become more and more visible, as the signals that was sent out for such a long time ago, now have come to greet you all. We are not referring to any sort of disaster in any way, merely something that your scientists will call a supernova, but that we would like to refer to as the greeter.

This is just a signal that something far more important than this little celestial greeter is on its way to you. And before you fill your minds with images from the long line of disaster movies your fellow men like to fill you with on a regular basis, we must hasten to add that what we are talking about, is nothing like that. For we are not referring to an actual object hovering in the sky above your planet, casting shadows far and wide in any aspect you may think of. No, we are talking about an influx of energetic particles, much like the ones that are coming your way from your neighbour, the Sun.

What we are referring to, is indeed the same sort of “substance” in the form of energetically charged particles, but these will be particles hailing from a very different source indeed, and that will have an even deeper and more profound effect on you all. Not as in breaking you down, if that is perhaps what you have felt like these last few days, we are referring to the kind of particles that will literally charge your engine, in the form of the energetic circuitry, and thus, will enable you to truly become fully connected once again.
Take some time to breathe deeply, and take some time to go back and re-evaluate what you have been through this last week or so, and we think you will all start to see things in a very new light indeed. Perhaps you should even take some time to go back and peruse some of the messages we have given you during this same period as well, for as we told you early on in this sequence of messages, there is much that lies in between the lines here.

If you do try to retrace your steps – and indeed ours – a little bit, we think you will begin to see something new emerge, both within, and indeed without. Indeed, there is so much going on now on all levels, you will all be hard pressed to take in more than mere fragments at a time. That is, the human part of you will perhaps be struggling mightily at times, but the rest of you are taking this all in and savoring it deeply.

It will be like manna from heaven in every sense of the word, and so, even if you think that this last week has been all about physical incomprehension, fatigue and even downright exhaustion, it has been quite the opposite, if you look at it from our perspective. For we see the full picture, and we see how those old and dormant parts of you are starting to awaken, stretch and yawn and literally welcome in the new light. And as such, what has taken you to the brink of exhaustion, has also taken you to the threshold of complete and total awakening.

Look ahead, look above, but do not forget to look back, the better to see what you may have
missed out on first time around. Or rather, the better to see what you truly have been given, and what you truly have received within the very core of your being.

(From Aisha: The CCs must be referring to the supernova M82, you can read more about it here.)

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