Monday, January 27, 2014

SHIFT Into Quantum Consciousness


Channelled By Meline Lafont On 1-27-14
    Giant leaps in awakening and in Quantum consciousness are amongst us, ladies and gentlemen! 
MAGNIFICENT connections, shifts, changes, growth and expansion, as well as experiences of the most beautiful things one could not even imagine were possible a few years ago? Well it is reality in this now! It is NOW and here that we are here and it is HERE brothers and sisters of the Light.

You might slightly begin to adjust to all and everything that is unfolding within you and in your personal reality and environment because we are in for a big treat and this is just the beginning for you all. A wondrous spectrum of colors and energies are amidst us all on the planet because WE bring them in into these Earthly templates as we are those conduits of pure Light. Beware! INCOMING transmission on the move!

Now a lot of fresh water is required to hold the Light potential that you are as a Source, balance is key and is required, being centered at ALL times by grounding you thoroughly and of course expansion through meditation to be able to hold the keys within.

For me personally so much has changed, shifted and expanded in such a short time frame, it is not possible to even begin to comprehend it all. Let me share some few examples with you all, where many of you as well are finding themselves in the midst of.

The new gifts are here, you just need to tap into yours by raising your consciousness and awareness that you are the new Earth yourself as a living being, holding your own keys and expansion of Light. Hold the vibration strongly now and hold your focus within at all times, very important! There might be a lot of distraction in your world going on but nevertheless the key is to go within at all times; it is there where your Source lies and not in the dramas that are unfolding.
Time is stretching her legs at this time and is taking larger steps into infinity so it can gradually dissolve into this one time line that is the eternal now. The more humans are aware and conscious of this one time line that is timeLESS, the more it not only becomes your reality but also that of the collective. This is something I have strongly and personally been experiencing.

This week after the first event of the Global meditation for Glastonbury that I am hosting, things have been shifting and changing drastically for me that I AM in AWE about it. I was doing a reading and usually I could spend 1 to 2 hours on it from the beginning till rereading it for grammar and such..

Lately I was finding myself in a distinct lack of time and I was busy from early morning till the middle of the night to get everything done. I was thinking to myself that I had 2 hours of time to do my reading before I had to get the kids from school. As I was doing my reading and finished it, I looked at my clock and it was only 20 minutes later. I was dazzled by it because I stopped 3 times due to a problem with my stove and still typed 4 pages of channeled material and card readings.. still all of this work that normally takes 2 hours, was completed in 20 minutes! I still had roughly 2 hours of time to do other things.

Time stood still! I have since then looked at the clock quite often while doing some paperwork and observed that one minute stayed the same for 10 minutes long! Since than I find myself playing with time and it works for me, I can stretch time to go slower by being in the now moment and not focusing on time. It only works though by not trying, forcing or focusing on it but by being awareness in the NOW. Time stands still as you are infinity at that time completely detached from time as it does not exist in your consciousness anymore.

You are the Masters of your own being in this now so all is in your own hands, abilities of such are your awareness and reality now if you choose so, it becomes possible for you to tap into that.

It is clear that the realities and Dimensions are intermingling on a deeper level that has become tangible for many of us at this time. Personally I often have to blink my eyes a few times while driving to see in which reality I truly am. I feel myself often consciously in a few realities at the same time and I am getting more used to the “dizziness” feeling as it shifts more into being multi-present at all times in those different Dimensions. Dimensions are vibrations and waves of consciousness in energy, so we can easily be there at the same time with one foot in the 4th, the other in the 5th and maybe too each of our hands in other realities as well, so to speak. Being everywhere present simultaneously.

Another tremendous shift in reality is the contact with our Galactic Brethren and families of the Light. I have been hearing and seeing them as close as ever lately and many of you have too. I have been informed by a few friends that they too have seen and communicated more with our Galactic Brethren in a conscious way and they are visible for physical eyes too. Our Family seems to come in more in our reality and even in houses to say Hi and make connections, they are HERE and in the NOW.

Note that all is depending on your own individual state of consciousness as to the way you feel and perceive them, but many of you feel them more around them than before. It also has a lot to do with the infrared spectrum that one carries inside of them that defines whether to be able and SEE our family in a visible way. I will explain and write a post about that another time, it is too long to do this in this post.

The Pleiadians have been very active around me and in my personal reality lately and it seems they are too within others’ reality along with the Sirians, Agarthians and Arcturians. It is like I shared in my latest message from the Pleiadians that as we all become one with their consciousness in our own, interaction and connection becomes your reality and it is now here for you.

Buzzing in the physical bodies, movements of YOU in your physical Body. There is a vibration tone you are speeding in now that lends higher qualities of YOU on a multidimensional facet. Personally I’ve been experiencing movements in myself that I was conscious of, where I would pull my etheric arm so to speak out of my vessel, step out a little bit to stretch and get back into my body, all this consciously while my physical body and my earthly consciousness are doing what they were doing during it. (which was typing a reading at the same time).

At one point I was lying in my bed, trying to get some sleep and I felt my entire physical structure transforming into a liquid form. I felt myself moving in waves of plasma on the same place where I was lying and it did not feel like a body at all. AA Michael stepped in at one point and said I was ready to teleport. Hearing that remark makes you think about it and then of course it finished.

It’s all there for us to reach at this time for whoever is ready. Allow your consciousness to BE and detach from all the mind activities that block so much of your experiences and gifts. Let the old now reside where it needs to stay and that is not in you nor in your reality anymore. Be in the Now moment in every moment of your existence and that shall assist you in great ways to be able and tap in more and experience more of what I have shared here in this article.

I can vouch for all of this to be a true reality, it has been told to me, showed to me and now experienced by me and by so many of you in the Now. How blessed and gifted are we all to have these opportunities given to us to be able and experience this all, to be this all. It is exceptional! Hold on more to the beauty within and to all of this instead of putting your attention to what is not functioning in your world. Giving attention to that makes the non-functional things effectual in your reality as you ‘feed’ it through energy and focus, which makes it a reality and allows it to grow.

Take away those attentions and rather focus on the beauty of this all that you feel from within. Our Galactic families are present amongst us as they are us, whether it be in other forms or through our own Galactic nature in our cellular constructs and DNA. Allow, enjoy and receive. Give back by embracing yourself and all in this existence in the truest nature that you are which is Love and Grace.

We are in a tremendous Wave of change from within, detach from the mind boggles and just BE in a deep space of intimacy with yourselves. Relax, breathe and move on to the next and the next and the next, all present in the infinite flow of existence.

Méline Lafont 2012 – 2014

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