Thursday, January 23, 2014

Love, Appreciation And Gratitude Are Keys To The New Time

In transitioning from one reality to another, it's important to complete with your present reality before moving to a new one. The process of completion involves holding in your mind the blessings you have received in your present reality. Express gratitude for all that has been: for the experiences, the learning opportunities and the sharing. Affirm to yourself everything happened perfectly and all is now complete.
Expressing gratitude for the reality you are leaving helps you to release even the hint of a nuance that you are seeking to "run away from" the reality you are presently experiencing. 

Understand since you contain it all -- each and every reality you have ever experienced – the idea that it is possible to "leave behind" any reality is illusory. If you are seeking to "get away from" a reality, you will carry thoughtforms about what you "don't want" into your new reality and begin re-creating them there.

Before shifting into a new reality, bring closure to any unresolved emotional energy and heal your experiences. This allows you to come into a place of gratitude. Healing begins when you bring the essence of this "old" reality into the bright light of your love, appreciation and gratitude.
When you are able to feel love and gratitude for all that has been, you are ready to begin energizing new probabilities. When you make the decision to begin this shift, affirm your decision by wording it in terms of what you want rather than what you no longer want. Release any thoughts of who you have been, who you no longer wish to be, and simply step into the identity of who you are now -- who you choose to be.
By strongly identifying with your self who is experiencing your chosen probable reality, you make begin to make this self’s reality your present-moment reality. By bringing your complete focus to your new reality, you are moving toward who you now choose to be, which naturally creates distance from any past realities and carries you into the full experience of a reality aligned with the new vision of a greatly expanded present and future.
Excerpt from Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta
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