Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Tracking The Shift: Clarity On Light Waves

 Channelled By Sandra Walter On 1-22-14

Blessings Dear Light Tribe. After much deliberation, energetic adjustments and clarity from my always, we have to fully accept missions of service in order to activate them. Divine Will is Free Will when you choose higher levels of Ascension. Surrender is much. less. painful. than resistance to the divine plan.

Ancient roots of the Divine Plan are blooming in this New Light

Some of the intel has been on hold while I went through a series of energetic changes. I feel it is important to be clear and direct in my delivery. There is such joy, both personally and on a galactic level. I love how it is all coming together for the 2014 Shifts.

It will take me a few articles to share what is occurring, along with the whys and hows, which is part of my role as an Interdimensional Liaison. I may share what is happening in my personal journey as well, for those on the path to Transcendence.

This series will include the New Light Waves of 2014; Side-effects of the New Light; Levels of Awakening, Ascension and Transcendence; and Telepathy/Interdimensional Teleportation. Stay open, beloveds. Here we go.

The New Light Waves of 2014

An overview of the New Light waves coming into our planet and consciousness in the first half of 2014.

What the Waves are

Surges of highly charged particles of encoded photonic light.

How the waves get here

For energies directed at Gaia, the chain looks like this:

Source -> Multiverse center -> Universal Center -> Galactic Center – > Star Systems (Sirius, Big Bear, Alcyone (Pleiades), and others involved in the Galactic Shift -> our Sun -> our Solar System -> Earth.

It is the waves of light themselves which trigger our Sun, not the other way around. The Sun serves as an interpreter and filter, directing encodements and photonic rays toward areas of the solar system which are up for an activation. Some Solar activity is intended for our neighbors; let us remember that all planets in our system are going through the Shift.

Heightened Activation

The Photon belt is an area of space which creates evolutionary changes. When our Solar System passes through a highly charged area of the Photon Belt, the energy is stepped-down by our Sun. It is a Solar Interpretation of Photonic Light. On a visible, linear, trackable level the Sun creates a Flare, CME or accelerated Solar Wind stream.

This is an immediate activation for those on the Ascension Path. You are feeling the flares when they happen, not when the waves of energy hit our magnetosphere. A day or so after a flare or CME (used to be 36-48 hours, that is getting shorter now), the energetic waves hit the planet in linear time for integration into the grid systems

Gaia takes the activation from Solar activity immediately, as we do 

If you are one of the folks feeling the flares or CMEs at the instant they happen, or precognitively, you understand that Gaia is receiving the same intel in the same way. Unity consciousness is connection with all of creation, so your connection to our immediate neighborhood (Sun, other planets) will become stronger.

Activations happen upon the flare or CME in accordance with Cosmic timing. If you are precognitvely sensing the incoming waves prior to a flare, CME or Solar wind stream, it means your higher levels are part of the Galactic teams assisting with the waves.

Integration of the New Light Teams

Electro-Magnetic affects are balanced and assisted by grounded Gatekeepers and lightships flying over grid lines and energy vortexes. Grid systems and vortex areas are used to balance the incoming waves for optimum affect and minimal damage.

This is why you may see lightships flying similar patterns. It is also why places like Shasta and Sedona look like busy space-ports; many grid lines, both Earth grids and Crystalline Grids, cross at sacred sites and vortexes. Lightships are working the grid lines and energy flows from above.

Lightships tend to signal (hail, flash, send energy through) Gatekeepers on the ground as part of a multidimensional operation – the Integration of the New Light teams.

Integration means permanent change

Integration happens quickly now. Primarily because the buffer between cause and effect is disappearing, so our perception is moving into Zero Point. Secondly, we – both on and off-planet teams – are getting much better at all of this.

We are being trained to live day by day, moment by moment. If you surrender to the not-knowing, truly dropping all of the baggage of past beliefs, emotions, habits and systems, then the wisdom of this New Light can come into your lifestream.

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