Monday, January 13, 2014

The Manuscript Of Survival – Part 384


Channeled By Aisha North 1-10-14

As you have already ascertained, these incoming thrusts from your friendly neighbour, your Sun, will leave their mark on many of you, and no, we do not refer to the passing symptoms they will induce. Rather, we refer to the fact that the information all of these particles carry within them, and that will be deposited within your system, will start to make their voice heard in so many ways.

Again, we refer to things that you will each be able to tune into on an individual basis, for the information we talk about, is not on a global scale, even if it will be perceived on a global scale, as these voices within will be heard by a large number of people and as such, the rippling effect from all of this energetic retuning will be heard far and wide.

What we are talking about, is that internal conference going on within each and very one of you, and within each and every individual cell in your physical body, but most of all, the conversation that is now being started to be carried out between these cells and that more intangible part of you, your soul if, you will. Even if there has been a lot of conversation within you all for a very long time, you have yet to be a very conscious part of it, and rightly so, for the larger part of this conversation has been going on on levels that the human part of your consciousness has not been able to detect.

You see, all of the physical processes within your body is one thing, they are perhaps far too complicated in themselves for you to even begin to comprehend at all, but there is another layer to all of this, and that is the frequency of interaction between your sub-consciousness – or perhaps we should call it your over-consciousness, and the different components of your physical body.

You may remember that we have previously referred to the connection between you and your physical body as a match made in heaven, in every sense of the word, and this match has now been made into an even deeper union, as you have been given a brand new opportunity to connect over previously closed walls. Your physical body has been running its own show for a very long time now, in fact, it has been doing all it can to keep itself going, no matter what your human soul has ordered it to do, and as such, it has gotten used to be rather self-contained, if you will.

That is about to change on a very deep and profound level once again. Remember, the connection between the higher parts of you and this, the manifest human vehicle, has previously been upgraded in many instances.  The exchange of information between them will increase in such a way, you will find yourself in the middle of a veritable blitz of information going to and from the different parts of you. This may sound confusing, for you have already gotten to understand that many of those hitherto very distant parts of you have already made their new home within your physical body, as this is in all intents all about getting back to Oneness in every way.

There are indeed parts of you not located within this physical frame of yours, and as such, we need to
make the passage of information between all aspects of your being, both in a physical and in a non-physical form, much more streamlined. Enter these latest models of information capsules being injected into your being by that helping and obliging partner of yours, the Sun.

There are indeed still new connections to be made in order to fine tune this whole set up, as it is more than complex, and as yet, you have still to reach perfection, so too in this. Everything takes time, dear ones, and even if we would love nothing more than to say that this is it, every last piece is finally in its designated place, we have still some rather important business to attend to in order to make you all set to go as it were. We know that this will be seen as just another way of backtracking from our statement that the grand event is just around the corner, but that is not the case.

The grand event IS still just around the corner, and we are not dragging our feet in any way in order to stall it or keep you hanging suspended as if in thin air, waiting for something that may seem to become more and more elusive as the days come and go, seemingly without anything happening at all. Suffice it to say, there are a myriad of things going on, and again, we venture to guess that you can all attest to that, if you take the time to sit down and connect to that beehive of activity you harbour within the confines, and indeed without the confines, of your physical body.

Once again the level of activity and indeed the amount of information pouring into your very being, and yes, we speak of the whole of you, not just the parts that you are on speaking terms with on a daily basis, has become speeded up to such a degree, you are indeed racing for that finishing line at full speed ahead. We know it will feel like the opposite is true, as so many of you seem to be hovering suspended in a void of nothingness that is perhaps the most challenging place to be. You all crave action, as in progress, but what is happening to you, is going on literally under your very eyes, but you have little or no way of detecting it just yet.

It may seem that you once again have been derailed and is parked on a sideline somewhere out in the wilderness, forgotten by all, seen by none, and desperate for some tangible results from all of this advertised action. We can only dispense the same advice as usual, that all is well and you are exactly where you are meant to be. You are not left out, nor left behind, no matter how eerily still and devoid of connection and insights you might feel yourself at the moment. You are simply disconnected from the goings on within in order to give full priority to what is taking place there, like your own body will switch off some of its own internal systems in order to give as much energy as possible to the processes that need it during a special phase of your existence.

Even if you do feel left out of it, know that this is not done with ill intent, rather, it is being done in order to make sure that everything is done in order to make you fit for fight once again within the least amount of time. And no, we do not mean as in a real fight, we are simply using this phrase to say that you are going through a very complex process, and this process sometimes requires you to be put on hold as it were for the duration, so that all those parts that your human brain has no control over, can be upgraded and adjusted in way that will make your whole being benefit from it.

We know this may sound like you are  simply a bystander to this process, but remember, you are very much a part of this, as those parts of you that you have yet to connect with are in on this 100%. They are the ones that are currently working in tandem with that highly complex physical system that you are inhabiting, and as such, YOU are helping YOU attain your full power, but the human part of your consciousness is the only one not given a job to do at the moment.

Except perhaps to simply BE, and stay centered and rely on the other, more advanced parts of you that are helping to run the show at this stage of the proceedings. Know that you will soon get to know YOU in a very new way, for that human part of you that feels more than a little bit left out of it all at the moment, will soon find itself happily immersed within the rest of that wondrous being that is the real you, the complete you, the one that is currently working ever so hard behind your line of vision in order to make that full and final reunion become a reality.

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