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Kryon - The Mysterious Innate


Channeled by Lee Carroll On 8-11-13

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. My partner steps aside, but he's still connected. We have said it before: this process called channelling, it is not a takeover. Channelling is a meld with permission, an agreement with the consciousness of the Human Being, along with his own Higher-Self.

This meld agreement is not hard to make as long as the reality box of belief and tradition allows for it. If you have been taught that this process is not appropriate, then it's difficult to channel. So a great deal of my partner's ability to channel is that he knows that it is real and feels the peace about it.

Channelling requires training and practice so that it slowly becomes comfortable. It's a beautiful "place" where the Human Being can sit and just "be" for the few moments as the information is delivered without the intellect involved. My partner becomes a translator. He takes nonlinear, quantum information from my side of the veil and creates a linear stream into his cultural language. This has taken him years. It's a learned process.

The filters that the Human Being has in his mind are ones that are developed by the box of his tradition and upbringing. This becomes his "way of life" and then has to be set aside for the channelled message to become succinct and as complete as possible. These messages must be delivered in a way that will make sense to Humans, as much as possible, without Human bias.

Dear ones, as you listen to these things, they may not all make sense. This is why we give the option to listen to these messages later, to be transcribed so you could sit with them and ponder them, so that you could link them with other bits of information and understand how they are connected.

The Lesson Begins 
As I begin this lesson, I want to remind you why we're giving it, for we have never discussed these things in this completeness, so it is time to lay the foundation or the groundwork of the future. The best way to do this is to give an exposure of how things work inside you. As we expose these things, we use language that you're not used to and concepts that you haven't really worked with before.
We're aware of this, but it has to start where it has to start, and this must be respectful for the variety of consciousness here. The many phases of learning that you are on have great variety, for some of you have been doing this kind of work for as long as you can remember, but others of you are just now awakening to the potentials of who you are. Regardless, we give the story and the teaching as though all of you were on board with it. It is appropriate for the day.

There are esoteric processes within the Human body that are very difficult to explain. Recently, we gave you several of them and how they work. We started talking about synchronicity and how it works with the Human body. We discussed Gaia, guides and energies on the other side of the veil. We've also given you a lecture on the elusive Akash. How does it talk to the cells of your body? Is it in your brain or is it not? What does it say? You can hear these Kryon messages in the past, because my partner records them all.

So now it's time to talk to you about conceptual belief systems and how they are starting to work in your favor, and how consciousness is becoming less linear. All of these things would seem to be concepts that are high minded, but some of you are using these right now. There is one in particular which we have saved until now, because it is difficult to explain. It is what you call Innate. There will be revelations today about how it works, which we have not said before or explained before.
A Brief Review of the Nine Attributes of the Human
There is a full esoteric system that we have channelled to you in the past called The Nine Attributes of the Human Being. These attributes interrelate and work together in a circle, and I want my partner to teach them in the near future. I want him to develop this into at least three parts of training so that humanity can put them together and see how they are related. This, in order to understand yourselves better.

The nine attributes, as we have channelled them, are three groups of three. This is not that difficult to conceive of, but the difficulty starts when you try to understand how they relate to each other, what they might mean to you, how they are connected today, and how they will be tomorrow. There are nine of them. We told you that three of the attributes, one in each group of three, have the same name - the Higher-Self.

We identified the groups as the Human Corporeal Group, the Soul Group and the Support Group. The Higher-Self was in each one of those. But the one we talk about today is squarely in what we would call the Human Corporeal Group and, like so many of the others, there's more to it than it seems. It is called Innate.
The word innate is part of Human consciousness. All of you have this at the corporeal level and we are going to discuss that today in a way we've never discussed before. We will be telling you only a little bit about it, but hopefully enough to tweak your interest and make you understand that there is more to you than you think - much more.

Innate has been described in the past as the smart part of your cells. Now, that might indicate that there's also a non-smart part, but let us say that it's a more ignorant part, and believe it or not, that ignorant part is your brain. Now the brain perceives many things and it's a most excellent calculator.

It's the best memory and relational computational instrument on the earth today. Everything that you have experienced is in your brain. It tempers how you behave, what you do, how you act, what you believe, and how you perceive things. But let me tell you where it falls short. It doesn't know anything about what's going on within your cells or your emotional body. It may send signals to operate your body, but it is blind to what happens after that. It is also easily confused.
Your Brain is Not "In The Loop"
You can intellectualize this for a very long time, yet you will never find out from your brain how your cells are doing. Do you have an allergy to something that your body has not experienced yet? Perhaps it is a food you have never tasted or a chemical you have not seen. How would you know? As you begin to eat the food, or ingest the chemical, shouldn't the brain yell, "Don't do that! You are allergic to it! You will pay the price!" But it does not. It is not connected to cellular structure. But the innate is.

The innate is the smart corporeal body. It knows everything about your overall system. It actually is as smart as your brain, but in a different way. So, what can a Human Being do to find out if he/she is allergic to something? Let's say that is you, so you can ask your brain, but it has no idea. So instead, you place the food or chemistry in your hand and muscle-test it. That is called kinesiology, a big word for something very simple.

Muscle-testing is using the body's innate to give you a "yes or no" signal about something it knows about, but that your brain does not. So in the process of kinesiology, do you understand that you have acknowledged that there is a part of your body system that knows more than your brain? Indeed, this is a process that has been used for centuries, and it's very accurate.

This innate knows a lot more than what you're allergic to, my friend. It is also tuned in completely to the quantum parts of your DNA that know everything about your spiritual and cellular evolvement. Innate handshakes with your Higher-Self at all the three Human group levels, and that is difficult to describe. If you put this information in a circle chart, you can draw the lines between the groups and you'd see what I mean. It's your smart body, and it's connected to everything.

Let me ask you a question, dear one: Don't you find it odd that there are certain kinds of diseases that can lurk within your cells, that can attack you, yet you only know it through your discomfort or through your death! What kind of brain do you have that would not tell you about this? You never have the signal through your brain about any of it except discomfort and pain! But innate knows about it the moment it happens. Innate knows when it entered your body. As your white blood cells go to the places they need to fight, your entire immune system goes into alert! Yet you have no idea about it, since your brain is just doing what it always does - it computes and remembers. But, in this case, it does a very poor job helping you survive.

About Innate
What is innate? Where is it? This is difficult to explain. We told, you dear Human Being, that the elusive Akash information is not in your brain either. You cannot go to your brain to find out who you used to be in a past life. The innate is the same. It's not in your brain, but instead it's in every cell of your body and every molecule of your DNA. The difference between innate and the Akash is that innate is on top (a linear concept for you), and it is always broadcasting, always there. If you know how to listen to it and where it is, you can tune in. Muscle-testing is one way of knowing, a very basic way. Some of you also know that innate responds to acupuncture. Did you know that? Your brain does not.
The Merkabah - Innate's Quantum Field
Innate is aware of all things at the cellular level and is broadcasting all the time. It broadcasts so well that it flows into that which you call the Merkabah of the body. Now, the Merkabah is a quantum field around your body that pulses very strongly with esoteric information, including corporeal health. Many have the ability to see and read this field.

A medical intuitive can stand before you in various degrees of success and read the messages from your innate. This intuitive person does not have to muscle-test to know you've got something going on within your cells. They can see it or sense it within the field around your body. Now, you may have thought that a medical intuitive is looking at your liver or your heart, doing some kind of analysis. That's very linear thinking and is not what is happening.

That's your box of belief working overtime. Instead, the medical intuitives are sensing the quantum energy within your field that your innate is broadcasting about your health, of what's going on in the chemistry, and of what might be developing inside you. It's different than you thought, isn't it? That's the innate and that's only one of the things that innate does.

 Mining the Akash - The Role of Innate
What I'm going to tell next, we have given you before. However, I wish to explain it better in this communication. Your innate is also a governor of what you personally need. Let me explain: Turn a page with me. We have talked in the past about mining the Akash. So let us open that door for a moment. Is it possible, dear one, that you could go into the vast storehouse of the attributes of your past lives and pick out something that you need today? The answer is yes. It's called mining the Akash, and it is a staple of the Kryon teaching.

However, the way it's accomplished by the individual Human is really difficult to describe. It's a personal intuitive process. However, one attribute of it that is often misunderstood is that permission from the innate is needed. This is because the innate smart body knows what you need. It is then the governor, or the filter, giving you permission regarding what can be pulled out of your Akash and used. It will say no to frivolous things and yes to the things that will allow you to cure yourself of disease, live longer, and increase the efficiency of your DNA. It's a smart body regulator.

Innate doesn't care how you look. It cares about your health. If you want to go into your Akash and pull out something that you need for survival, it's right there with you. If you want to make clearer skin, it won't respond. Do you see what I mean? It's the governor for mining the Akash. By the way, the Akash is very ready to be used for this. [Kryon wink]

You have earned what you've lived, dear ones, and it's very available. It lies in a quantum soup of lifetime information that is ready to be used. If you have a disease in your body right now, and perhaps you want to mine the Akash in a way that will create healing, you can. Like all nonlinear things, it requires a new, mature consciousness and practice to work. But the body is ready for you to "go get" the cellular structure of a past life that had no disease.

The blueprint for this resides within you since you earned it and lived it. The innate is responsible for spontaneous remission! Science has no idea how a Human does this. The innate can help you "go get" the things within your earned Akash and place them into your cellular structure. That's how smart it is! Imagine clearing disease so completely that there is no sign it was ever there? It happens all the time. Imagine being able to drop a chemical dependency overnight? It's exactly the same principle.

Did you ever sit in a meeting and something is said or a feeling can happen, and you get chills? What are they? You might say, "They are chills of validation." Guess where they came from? The innate! The innate has the ability to signal you the truth. The brain does not. In fact, your brain will often get in the way. It's the brain that contains your box of belief. It's the brain that contains the perception of who you are based on experience and memory. It's your 3D survival instrument. But the brain can't give truth. It can only give you what it perceives as the truth, based on logical, processed, computed, synaptic reasoning and only based on your past experience.

Your brain can tell you not to touch the stove because of what happened once before. But it can't give you chills of validation from information it does not have. The intellect wants you to believe that your brain is supreme. However, the brain is only one part of the body system and not a very intuitive part. It is the innate that knows the truth. The innate is connected to the quantum parts of your DNA and, therefore, also knows of your spirituality and the truth of God inside.
The Next Step
One of the attributes of the future Human Being is to build a bridge between your Human consciousness and your innate. This is one of the three things in the cellular parts of the nine attributes lesson, the Human energies part. This needs to be a bridge of new tools so you no longer have to muscle-test. In fact, you can become your own medical intuitive. Doesn't this make sense?

So, when a virus or bacteria invades your body - something your brain can't warn you about - you will know it anyway! This bridge will begin to complete the Human Being's evolution and is a logical next step for longer life. I know this makes sense to you. You should be able to sense these things when they occur rather than going to a doctor for tests. Going to a doctor for tests is not a bad thing, but it should validate what you know is happening and not be the discovery of it.
The Second Brain
Innate does so many things for you! Some of you are starting to get a bigger picture of where I'm going with this discussion. Here is a concept that we've not really broached before. We're going to give it a name, but please do not misunderstand it. You only have one word for your intelligent control center, and the word is called brain. So we are going to give you a concept that the innate is your second brain. It doesn't function like your first one at all, but it is smart and it is intelligent and it knows what you need. Sometimes it can even replace a function that your logical brain normally does.

Let me show you what I mean. Here is a puzzle, a conundrum of medicine: When an accident happens that severs your spinal cord completely, it leaves you with no feeling or muscle function from the waist down. This is because the signals from the brain to your muscles are no longer able to be sent. The pathway for those signals is severed.

You then spend the rest of your life in a chair, perhaps even being fed by others. But the puzzle it that there are some things within you that continue to function anyway. One of them is your heart. Another is digestion. Many of these things continue to work even though you are told that your brain, the central nervous system, the organ that sends all the signals to make things work, had its signals severed. The conduit where the signals are sent within the spine is broken. So what keeps all these organs below the neck going?

Your heart depends upon signals from the brain to function. It needs the electrical pulses sent from specific parts of the brain, creating a synchronized rhythm in order for the heart to beat. Yet the brain is disconnected and the heart keeps its rhythm. How can that work? Now I'll tell you: The innate takes over and continues the signal. It's always there, for the Merkabah is body-wide, not centralized in one place as your brain is. The organs will continue to function, but the pathway to the muscles are gone. Even reproduction can still happen! The heart keeps going and digestion continues, and all without connection to the brain.

Innate is smart! It's a second brain. Medical science is often puzzled over this, and I just gave you the answer. So innate is the intelligence in your body that is smarter about cellular things than your brain. Now I want to wrap this all up.

What are you supposed to do with all this information? I want you to get in touch with innate. It's the heart connection, dear ones. The Higher-Self, innate and Human consciousness are the three Human energies that need to meld - Human consciousness, Higher-Self and innate.

When DNA starts to work at a higher efficiency, there are bridges that start to be built between these things. You'll start to feel them when you recognize and sense truth. When you start to have discernment and cognize things for what they are, you stop looking around for answers. You are far more self-contained, and your answers are often the same as those around you who have the same discernment engine. All this now comes from within, instead of an outside source.

Many will tell you this is all nonsense. They tell you about God and ask you to believe them. They tell you that you were born dirty, or that there are societies trying to control you, or that everywhere you look there's a conspiracy against you. They generate fear, and the result is Human fear, confusion, separation and even war.

The Smart Innate

What if you could start understanding the truth from the innate within? You would understand that you are a piece of God on this planet, and you can discern what is and what is not happening around you. The Human Being becomes smarter when the two brains come together and you're able then to see your own health situation, to catch things before they get out of hand, and even to sense the truth of God within the beautiful system of your Akash.

We told you this in the Akash discussion earlier. Every single one of you has a different diet based upon what works for you. There is no such thing as an enlightened diet, except the one given by your own discernment. The innate is smart. It works with your Akash and it knows all about your soul aspects. It is connected to your Higher-Self. It knows what diet will work for you based on your immediate past lives. This is in your Akash, and your innate is in touch with it.

Now, as you start to build a bridge to innate, everything starts to change. The questions that you ask in this room (and they're always the same), will not have to be asked: "Dear Kryon, how can (your name goes here) mine my Akash? I (your name goes here) want to go here, I want to know this, I want to know that. How can I (your name goes here) create this and that in our lives?"

Dear one, the day is coming when you will never have to ask these things, any more than you would ask a person on the street how to walk. Someday, when it comes to esoteric things, you won't feel you're in the dark or that there are missing pieces. When innate starts to be present in your consciousness, concepts will start to meld and the missing pieces will start to fill in.

You're going to be a lot smarter about who you are, and one of the things that's going to occur is you'll know you're not from here! You will sense it! You're from the great central sun. You're from where I am from, and you'll know that you're eternal! You'll know that you've had more than one life, and it will be something that you know just like innate knows it and not something you intellectualize with the computer in your head.

It's the heart connection, dear ones. Innate is what creates emotion. Let me tell you, dear ones, that innate helps you fall in love. Innate gives you energies that you can't explain. Innate makes you just a little nuts (nobody can explain the "in love" feeling), but innate knows all about it.

Innate can change every cell of your body, and it will ring true with information and help for you personally. This will create more discernment and a wise Human. There's nothing like it, and the most important thing is that "truth is truth", and more and more Humans will see what you see. Can you see how innate would serve humanity and how it shakes hands with your Higher-Self and knows about God?

This has been our story for this day - about something in you that is amazing and ready to work for you. Perhaps you may have not known the extent of it or what it was? Perhaps you didn't know how it worked or how important it is? Now you know a little more. Finally, the beautiful part: It's not an entity inside you, dear ones. It's you - the bridge from the corporeal body to the Higher-Self, the smart part of your cells.

And so it is.

The information is free and available for you to print out, copy and distribute as you wish. Its Copyright, however, prohibits its sale in any form except by the publisher. 
Lee Carroll

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