Saturday, January 11, 2014

Angelic Guides : Is This A Never-Ending Waiting Game?

 Channelled By Taryn Crimi 1-9-14

butterfly_in_handToday we would like to focus your attention upon the topic of manifestation. As we have repeatedly expressed, this year is a pivotal year. It will be a year that many will look back at and see that it was the completion of one cycle and the dawning of a new one. How you experience this will of course be entirely up to you.

There are many who are feeling overwhelmed by the thought of this, some of you feel anxious while others are feeling quite excited to finally put to rest all that you have struggled with over the past few years.

We have spoken quite a bit about manifesting your dreams, bringing your desires into your physical reality and dreaming big; yet there are still some who doubt that this long held vision will ever truly manifest. You see, many of you have been dreaming about all that you wanted to create and for some it has become more of a distant wish than a goal which you are truly striving for.

You have heard continuously that humanity is beginning a new era; that you are the light bearers who have bravely chosen to awaken first, well before the masses to set the example and light the way. However you have grown tired of the so called “dangled carrot” that you have continually chased with seemingly no reward. But we are here to assure you, your journey has not been in vain. Nor have you taken on these struggles merely as a martyr for all others to learn from, you have gained so much more than you currently realize.

You see, all are awakening in their own time, it is not a singular day for any of you, as you are now realizing it is a process in which you experience step by step to regain all that you had agreed to lose when incarnating. We are sharing this message for those of you who are feeling fearful of setting their expectations too high for fear of being let down yet again. We have not shared with you our perspective of the energy this year to merely give you false hope, rather we have shared our perspective in hopes that you may realize the true potential of this year.

You have all worked so very hard to become aware of the subconscious beliefs you have held and you have equally worked just as hard in releasing and replacing these beliefs, but just as a doctor’s knowledge is of no use until they may put it into action to benefit another, so too is the knowledge that you have acquired of no use until you begin to integrate it into your daily lives. Does this make sense to you?

As we have said many times in the past few weeks, you will have many experiences that will surface this year that will allow you the opportunity to demonstrate that you have not only learned all of this new information but that you have also mastered it.

Within the physical reality based in time and space, there is a delay between the thoughts that you have, the feelings they invoke and the manifestation of those beliefs into your reality. Just because you haven’t yet witnessed your dreams manifest does not mean that they never will. Imagine placing your order with a waitress for the food you wish to eat, however as soon as she walks away you are upset that you have not yet received your food and you go and ask her to change your order because the food you ordered didn’t come.

What if you continually did this for fear that you would not receive your food? Would you ever allow the chef the chance to cook your meal? Certainly not, and so it is with the universe; just because your dreams aren’t here in your physical reality yet, doesn’t meant they aren’t coming. It is time for you to place your order and allow. The question is, do you trust in your power enough to step aside and allow it to manifest regardless of how something might appear?

We hope that we have in some way served you.
In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides
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