Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Angelic Guides: Are We There Yet?

Channeled Through Taryn Crimi On 1-27-14

Today we would like to focus your attention upon the energy which many of you are undoubtedly feeling. Have you felt the energy come to a screeching halt yet? We mentioned a few weeks ago that you would likely be met with some very strong energy that made you feel as though you hit a brick wall. So we would like to take this time to readdress this in hopes of alleviating many of your worries and concerns.

Most of you are feeling an extreme drop in your motivation to do just about anything. If it is not absolutely necessary then you just don’t have the energy or the drive to pursue it. So what happened? As we mentioned the energy which helped kick start this year gave many of you a tremendous upsurge of energy which left you feeling excited, anxious and the feeling of great anticipation for what this wonderful new year will bring with it.

However that energy is stronger than many of you are accustomed to holding and as a result many of you have required the time necessary to help you reflect and acclimate to the strong surge in energy.

Let us share with you an analogy to help you better understand what is happening on an energetic level. Imagine a large dam on a raging river; when it is fully open the water is able to flow in abundance, without any resistance; however when that dam is constricted, so much so that it affects the waters ability to pour in, the water becomes backed up. It affects the waters ability to flow through. And as a result the river on the other side of the dam is much smaller because there is a large blockage. The water is only trickeling through, but to suddenly release the dam would allow such a powerful rush of water to burst through that it would cause more harm than good. By slowly opening the damn, it will allow for the water to gently increase rather than bursting though it and causing the dam to break.

Many of you have subconsciously created a dam in order to restrict the tremendous amounts of light and energy to pour through your energetic fields. Though this is not a bad thing at all, you have created this energetic dam in order to protect your systems from overloading, much like a circuit breaker blowing a fuse rather than combusting. Remember this energy is far more concentrated and the range in frequency is much higher than you are customarily used to holding. This is one of the main reasons why so many souls have chosen to exit at this time.

Not all souls want to fully experience the process of ascension here on Earth and as the energy continues to increase, those souls who do not want to have this experience must make a choice. They must elevate in frequency or exit their physical bodies. Remember one decision is not better than another. To choose to ascend is no greater or lesser of a choice than to choose to exit the physical body. It is simply the souls preference in what they would like to experience.

Some of you have even manifested physical blocks with this energy resulting in nasal congestion, ear infections, repertory infections, digestion issues, kidney stones and power outages through power surges. Remember nothing manifests on thy physical level before it first manifests on a spiritual level.

There are many who are concerned about their complete drop in motivation, energy, and drive to once again move forward; but we can assure you, you will once again rebalance as you acclimate to yet another increase in vibration. As the energy increases, you will also notice that time continues to play less and less of a role in your life. Time will continue to feel more malleable and so it is as you continue to increase your vibration.

If you would like to work with this energy energetically we will give you a simple exercise to practice. We want you to visualize a beam of white light flowing in through the top of your head. You may start with a small beam of white light and as you work with this energy you may increase the size of this light as you wish. See that energy flowing though your body effortlessly. Allow that energy to individually work with each and every one of your cells, helping each cell to release what is no longer needed and to elevate the frequency in which it vibrates. Allow that white beam of light to ground into the ground below your feet.

We wanted to share this message particularly for those of you who are feeling this energetic block and have anxiously awaited to be once again propelled back into the accelerated feeling this energy can also bring. We must remind you, it will not serve you to try to rush this period of integration as you will only lengthen it by resisting it. The reason being is that you must take some time to absorb the higher frequencies so that you may use them for your highest good.

To rush this energy, is to not fully understand it. This time of integration is just as beneficial as it is to accelerate. We cannot tell you how long it will take, as each soul is different; though we can assure you it will indeed pass and you will once again feel the need to move forward again.

We hope that we have served you, and that we have brought you a sense of peace by better understanding why you are feeling this way.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides
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