Friday, January 31, 2014

The Council Of Higher Selves - New Message

Today our conversation will continue with a discussion of what your February is bringing.

There is a great deal of talk and speculation about this topic now. That is true because a great many people are able to feel the energy of great impending change. Even those without access to your news media, which doesn’t tell you much anyway, or your internet are feeling the massive restlessness that is engulfing many of your societies. All are subject to the ever increasing floods of light that your planet is passing through. Everyone and everything has had, and is having, changes made to their energy make-up, and that is having more and more effect upon their physical and mental selves.

We can put all of that into one simple idea, and have previously done so. But we will say it in several ways because it will better get huge concepts across in your limited words. You are beginning to embody more of your true selves. Your Higher Selves, that which we are, are now better able to express through you. You are raising your frequencies. The changes you have sought are manifesting. And we could go on and on.

This is being experienced by billions who have no idea of what we are speaking to you about. Be prepared for this. Think of the things which you know have happened to you, that you have felt, seen, or heard, and imagine what you would feel if you had no previous understanding. You might think you were going insane. You might refuse to even acknowledge it to yourself. Certainly you would not talk about it. Many will react in unfortunate ways. But many more, knowing of your thoughts on such things, will come to you in a quiet moment and ask questions, trying to begin a conversation that they do not know how to have.

Now will be the time for you to use the deep understanding and love that you have learned to hold. We can also tell you that the light and energy which has brought all of this forth, although it has been immense in volume and effect, is only going to keep increasing. We again bring out the metaphors we have used of waterfalls, floods, tides, and avalanches. This has begun now in earnest and your world WILL change because of it.

Now, it is possible that many may say, “We did those things.” And we will say in return, “YES!” That is what we have been at pains to tell you for so long. It is not that someone on the earth did it as opposed to someone in spirit doing it however. That separation does not exist. It is a concept, although an incomplete one. Almost we had said erroneous. We act with you here, if here is a place, and act for us there. That is the way of it. And now you can do more here and we can do more there though you. And that will be the way of it.

We hope these thoughts make you cheerful and optimistic. This is certainly a time for which we have been working and waiting.

The point of this all is that we want you to start realizing the profound effect your combined thoughts, dreams, and actions have had, and are having. We want you to feel your value to the whole. We want you to begin to think of yourselves AS the whole.

Now that is something that will take many eons to complete, but you are making a start.
With love we say, “Till next time.”

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