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Video: Integrating The Many You’s Living Simultaneously In Multiple Timelines

Suzanne Spooner and Ron Head(in Hypnotic Trance)

Suzanne: I want to preface this question to you, I have been feeling lately that there has been a new

But, in my conversation with my friends who do this QHHT work and other spiritual practices, we talk a lot about the different aspects of the soul, and that there is an aspect of us residing on the spirit side always and that there is an aspect of us here in the body having this incarnation. And there are other aspects of us having parallel experiences or congruent lives.

The question is, can you tell me how the multiplicity of aspects of human consciousness affect me and everyone else?

Ron: Currently they do not affect you so very much, so obviously. So let us take yourself as an example in this moment. There are other aspects of you who are residing in different times and different places. This is true for everyone.

Now let’s give them numbers. There is Suzanne number 2, Suzanne number 3 and we will say Suzanne number 4. The numbers are far, far greater. It would have to include every lifetime that you have ever lived. Those aspects still exist, as well as aspects from your timeframe, your frame of reference, will exist. They do exist. And when they make a major change in their life, in their consciousness, it affects all the rest.

That happens to you every day, and you are so removed, possibly, from the one who made that particular change that you do not really notice the change. It is just something that goes into making up your consciousness. Now when a situation occurs in your life, that change will exhibit itself, but then again you will not, may not, notice, because you had no conscious reason to notice it before.

The same is true for changes that you make in your life, so here is an interesting thing – when you make a conscious change, a major change in your whole life, you change your past. Now it’s easy for you to understand you change your future, but for you the concept was always what’s done is done. So how can I change my past?

Well you have consciousnesses in your “pasts”, and unbeknownst to them, as it is unbeknownst to you, when you make a change, the consciousness with which they react to their situation would have been different, had you not made that change.

So, think of it this way. We, meaning all of the you’s, we are all in this together. We are all producing the best us that we can be. We all have input into what that may be and we will all enjoy it when it occurs. Do you not think that, if three of you who would have existed say five hundred and four thousand years ago, were allowed to stand in a room with you right now, and witness what is going on right now with all of that little gadgets and doodads that you have in your pockets and homes, they would be just overawed by what they had produced, by what they had been a part of, in the fact that they had some input in being you, living the life that you are living? Would they not just be agape?

Suzanne: Give me an example of one of the me’s doing something in another dimension, place time,

Ron: We will give you a very obvious example. You are sitting in a session doing a hypnosis with a subject. The subject with whom you are interacting with at the moment has never been able to be hypnotised by anyone else before. He had control issues, he was very good at hypnotising himself, but no one else could ever perform it. You had no problem. If you notice, you are very good as a hypnotist. Now why is that true? All of that I just explained.

And I will tell you, this one had a life in Egypt, in a school, which was a sort of temple. Part of the education at the time included being hypnotised by a mentor. Now who do you suppose that was? So you are currently a very good hypnotist and you currently have no trouble hypnotising this person because you have a history of doing such. Now you don’t remember that, but what this person in Egypt is doing is affecting what you are doing .

What these two persons in Egypt are doing is affecting what you are doing, and the reason they are so effective in doing what they are doing in Egypt, is because, directly, of what you are doing here, now. Their understandings of who and what they are connecting with are directly affected by you connecting with us.”

Suzanne: I feel I am just on the verge of opening up something so, so big. Part of me has butterflies in my stomach.

Ron: What is happening is that your consciousness is expanding to a point where very soon you will be able to experience more and more of the multiplicities of who you are at one time, and make sense of it and be able to operate in that fashion.

You could not do it today, you certainly could not have done it last year, but as your consciousness expands, your ability to function in that manner, and as you realise that what you are doing in personage A is interacting with what you are doing in personage B, this other time, this other place.

Now at first you may be able to handle one or two of those things, and at first it may be quite a while before you can handle four or five. But think on this, what will it be like when you reach a level, and you will, when you realise that your consciousness is having about seven billion of those experiences at the same time. (And that’s just our planet) Its just this lovely, lovely Gaia’s planet and there are those far more advanced than she.

Suzanne: So, taking all that in and understanding that, what is life like when one can relate with, and understand, the other aspects of themselves and other places?

Ron: We can not really explain that to you in a manner which will make it understandable, but we can give you an example. A very close and personal example of what it is.

There are, according to your estimates, mankind’s estimates, scientific estimates at a given time, and understand they are only your estimates, there are currently about 72 to 100 trillion beings sitting in your chair whom you call Suzanne. All of them interact with each other and willingly do their utmost to produce the best Suzanne they can, and according to you, their god, to dwell therein.

So the experience you’re having is very much like the experience you’re asking me about. Do you
know how thrilled they are, when they perceive you perceive them, how happy they are when you are happy with what they have done? You can have those conversations with them. It’s exactly the same sort of relationship. You live in a fractal Universe, though that same being exists in your society and then upon your planet, and then in your solar system and then in your star system and on and on and on.

That is what is meant by as above, so below. You are Universe. Is that a perspective you have explored prior to now?

Suzanne: It is. It is. Well, it is I think, in other aspects of me. I feel like I’m catching up. So, I want to tie this all up together. We have been doing these beautiful YouTube clips about ‘The Event’, which is awesome and very wondering to entertain the thoughts of, but I think that’s great and should have focus to it.

But on another level, the event, this event of becoming aware of all of our aspects is just as important. And potentially to each individual that feels that they are only the one incarnated aspect of themselves, this thought process could change everything couldn’t it?”

Ron: It could and it will. And it’s part of the reason why we have spoken, and the changes that are internal to you, your consciousness, your perception, your actual being, are the event. They are the important focus of the event.

All else, and we say all else, is a by product important to you perhaps but even in that important, of fleeting importance, your purpose in exist is the growth of your self. And so the importance of the event is the growth in yourself. All else is what you do with it.

Now of course we are not saying it’s totally unimportant, no, but it is not the function of what we are speaking of. Now is that clarifying?

Suzanne: Yes it is. Well, do you have anything else that you would like to add before we finish this recording?

Ron: Only that, if we go back to our beginning when we were speaking of 2014, only that we know that you and this one here on this sofa, are having feelings as are many thousands of others, that you have entered a pivotal time period, a pivotal year.

Now what has just happened, between your last winter solstice (This is in the US) and your new moon of this month (January), a huge portal has been opened which is bringing into your world an entirely new kind of energy. It’s an enabling energy and which will allow you now to begin bringing forth more substantial evidence to show the changes which you have already made.

The first thing that changes is your interior and the by product is that there are, exterior to you apparently in your illusion, changes made in your society and those will begin now to become evident. Both because of the increased power of who you are and we’re speaking of your collective, and due to the decreased power of those who are not feeding on this energy, but who are trying to feed on energy which is no longer available to them.

And so as you would say, you have won. Now it is not that one wins and the other loses, because as you win, the others eventually will win also. But at this point, your positive energies are going to begin to dominate. So your 2014 will be quite something to celebrate we would think. And that is all we have for you today.

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