Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Gathering Of The Tribes

My inner indigenous really resonated with this sweet little message so here it is, Kemosabe.   DT the ET

Channelled By Eileen Coleman On 1-21-14

1. 21.14 - After a long walk this afternoon, I sat in meditation thinking of White Cloud. All of a sudden I saw a small orb of blue light, which is unusual for me as I usually see purple.  I can now see the profile of an Indian chief with large feather bonnet and wondered if it was White Cloud.  Tears are stinging my eyes so it must be him.  Oh now I can see Sitting Bull too!

There are a whole host of us waiting to make our connections and we grow closer to those counterparts we have agreed to work with.  There are many of different nationalities, different creeds all gathered together and it is not for the want of us trying for we have been many times before.

Incredibly I’m now being shown John Wayne who starred in many Western films. (ED. one of the famed Orange County Angels?)

There have been many comings and goings across these boundaries; we hearken to the call and make great impact on those who reserve their energies for meetings such as these, and it gives us great pleasure to come among you.

I can sense the love and excitement of a whole crowd of people and I can see a woman on horseback who is laughing; there is someone behind her riding in the same saddle and I have a feeling it’s me.  There are many more on horseback, all on the same journey, and I feel they are showing me all the tribes coming together.  The next few words seem to come in poem form and I felt my own head come in here too.

We shadow you from morn to night and it is our great delight
To work with you and become as one traveling onwards towards the Sun
Towards those golden rays that shine down upon us from the Great Divine
And we welcome you here one and all to honor our voices as you hear our call
And we will come to guide you on agreeing the mission we all are on
And we will cross those boundaries in sight welcoming all with blessings bright.

We sanction a blessing from the Great Divine bringing you closer in our embrace and we welcome this most rewarding feedback as we gather together.  The clans and the tribes of the dearly departed gather together once more and we make ourselves heard like never before.  Have faith and know the future is bright!

I can now see a young Indian with long jet black hair, it’s as if we are zooming in and I can see every strand of his hair so clearly. There is another Indian wearing a black hat with tallish crown. Thank you friends for drawing close and I feel the excitement. I can now see someone with sandy colored hair, beard and mustache and wondered if he was General Custer, having the feeling perhaps that we are now all on the same side.

Indeed we have all joined together; we have joined ranks for the common cause of mankind.  We come in our hundreds and thousands, millions and trillions across the great divide to meet up with kith and kin, to meet up with those who work closely with us in this great cause.  We travel lightly; we travel with love in our heart – that is all we need to let battle commence and we shall cause quite a stir as we travel on.

There are deep murmurings within the ranks of men and they will hear our voice right across the plains, across the rolling hills, across the seas, across the universe and we make those connections count like no other.  We count ourselves lucky to have you to monitor our growth, to keep our connection on an even keel.  And we draw close in times of stress, in times of illness, in times of vulnerability but most of all we come when our heart calls us to you, so that we may blend together with greatest ease, focusing on the heart center.  We become to all intents and purposes as ONE, a synergy of essence that makes the whole and we are so blessed to make this union such a happy one.

We ask you to be careful in the days and weeks ahead for there are a culmination of energies coming to a head to be utilized in greater strength, and we will be there by your side helping you, assisting you in the new measures needed to take this on board.  

We bear witness to a greater evolution of mankind and we spread our messages across the great divide.  We are brimming with tears of joy and we will bring this mammoth undertaking to a head very soon.  You may feel proud of the associations you have made and the wave of strength that is coming your way.  Do not despair but go forward into that Light of true understanding; we wait for you on the horizon to do our duty and to make ready a place for you and yours. We advise on a stability not yet mastered and we prepare you to access the Coil.

What is the Coil?

A Coil of Transparency that marks our union and we delve deeper and deeper into that spectrum that beckons us on to greater ecstasy and greater joy, greater union between our peoples.

I had to leave it here as I was tired and had to start the evening meal.

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