Thursday, January 9, 2014

Becoming The 'One' To Carry Out Your Visions and Intentions For The New Year


Channelled By DL Zeta 1-9-14

Most everyone has experienced setting goals and intentions in New Year's past that didn’t come to
fruition. If you have unrealized goals, you may feel discouraged. You may have lost faith and confidence and begun to fear your visions will never manifest in physical reality. This creates further obstacles because fear dilutes the energy you need to live your dreams and may lead you to manifest realities you don’t want.

There are reasons our most cherished dreams and visions fail to manifest and once we understand them we can step past them. Now is the time to remove the obstacles that stand in your way so you can begin the process of re-envisioning your life as you move into this powerful and transformative year.

Bringing our ‘Selves’ on Board with our Intentions

One of the most common reasons we fail to realize our visions is that we are conflicted within ourselves about our intentions. It’s quite possible that goals and intentions of the past didn’t manifest because younger aspects of your consciousness were throwing on the brakes. When these younger selves sense intentions designed to carry you forward, they resist the new plan in ways that can throw you out of a synchronistic flow. Resistance keeps you swimming in waters of unresolved emotional turmoil. It’s important to note that these younger selves are not trying to hold you back. Rather, they are doing their part by bookmarking moments in time that still need to be healed and released.

One solution to this dilemma is to work with the most empowered self in your repertoire of selves. Your focus self is the aspect of your consciousness that is currently in the driver’s seat – the self that goes about the business of your daily life. Your present focus self is the self you know best. This self changes as you shift from one timeline to another so your current focus self is not the same focus self from your childhood, teens, twenties or past decades.

If you are on an accelerated spiritual path, your focus self may change frequently. Each time you undergo a significant change in consciousness a new focus self capable of leading you through this transformation comes forward. A conscious and aware focus self readily hands over the reins to a new part of your consciousness when you shift to a new timeline. By contrast, an unawakened focus self seeks to retain its position and, in doing so, can slow down spiritual growth and block intentions from manifesting. When we set intentions of service and growth, we begin to entrain our repertoire of selves to service. A focus self that understands service and spiritual purpose willingly relinquishes it position when the time comes. For this reason, it’s likely your current focus self is your most sophisticated and advanced thus far.

Healing Past Selves with the Light of your Present Awareness

In recent times, many lightworkers adopted transitional focus selves that held awareness and acceptance of the transition into the new time. A transition self also holds sufficient resonance with past selves so it is able to provide the love and nurturing needed to help younger selves heal and step free of past traumas. This transitional self knows how to listen to younger selves and assist them by shining the light of your present-moment awareness on the issues they are working with. Awareness heals and releases past moments, freeing up energy being held in the past so it can be re-focused on present intentions.

A transitional focus self has the mission of bringing all aspects of your consciousness on board with your journey into the new time. Without this mediation, you would find yourself constantly being pulled back into old ways of being and doing by younger selves resisting change.

Everything in your Past prepared you for this Moment

Don’t allow the past to keep you from stepping forward with intentions that will bring you to a more empowered, joyful and spiritually aligned place in your life. On a journey of becoming, seeming mistakes, missteps and failures are the learning ground for future expansion and self-realization. Everything that happened in the past was preparing you for this moment when you stand awake, aware and alert to the messages of your higher self and summon the courage to act on them.

These messages may be asking you to believe more strongly in yourself; to take steps outside your comfort zone; to act on guidance within the moment or to dare to see yourself as you truly are - a strong, empowered being able to unite your mind and soul to bring a laser focus to your spiritual mission. As such, you are able to serve and assist others along their higher path. If anyone or anything has ever convinced you that anything less than this is possible, they were misinformed and operating from the false belief system of thought viruses designed to bind you to the old way and feed off your energy.

As we bring all aspects of ourselves on board with our goals and intentions, we unify mind, body and soul. This unity allows us to experience true oneness so we become “the one” to manifest our visions and intentions for the New Year.

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