Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Federation of Light - January 9, 2014

Channeled By Blossom Goodchild

Blossom: Hello! What an interesting week it has been in my inbox. I have, as you know, been asking you to read along with me, the many hundreds of emails from people all over the globe, expressing the exact same FEELINGS as I put to you in our last communication. You have said that this was our agreement … for ME to let YOU know how it is for ‘US’ down here … and with all respect for you … that’s what I felt was needed to be done … so I did it! I have to say … many, as I did … felt you were dumbfounded by my words … and that they left you unable to respond. So, now you have had some time to digest it … with all LOVE in my heart … I wonder what you have to say, on what seems to be a very important issue?

Federation of Light: Dearest soul … our compadre in arms … indeed we were rather ‘spellbound’ by the outpouring of your heart in our last communication. We have known of the tiredness and difficulties that face those of you upon Earth, yet in TRUTH, until picking up on the exactness of your energy that accompanied your wording … we had not fully understood how ‘the programming’ was such a detriment to the human condition. It was this that ‘took us aback’.

Wow … You see, I just consider you to be so intelligent, so knowledgeable … that I always presume you DO KNOW these things. Surely you must have had a clue as to our situation?

Of course we are aware of certain misdemeanours that you have to deal with … yet due to the fact that we have not experienced it ourselves … in TRUTH … we really had not adjusted our radar to the fact of how ‘low’ and indeed how ‘destroying’ to the soul it can be to have to reside within such densities.

We really are trying our best. Our concern, as you will have gathered from emails, being that by becoming so tired and weary … we are not fulfilling our destiny because our Light is not as bright as we would sometimes like it to be.

This we have understood also. Yet we would say that one’s Light, although running dim at times, only needs a recharge to regain its fullness … It is not that it will go out altogether … for it cannot.

Yet some are concerned that it has … or it will.

We are aware that some are FEELING this way … and indeed we have not dismissed, or put on the back burner … your request Blossom. Not by any stretch of the imagination. There has been quite a stir caused in Hierarchy councils, in which we have looked deeply into that which you requested … for it is not an issue that could go ahead without much intensely specific discussion.

This I understand … yet, I hope YOU understand that it was essential that I ‘carried out my role’ and put the suggestion forward?

Naturally … that is completely understood. And as we have stated … we accepted it in great seriousness. There has not yet been an agreement made regarding this matter …

That is fair enough … You must do what you consider best for the Highest good of all … Is that not what we all should be doing?

Indeed it is our friend … indeed it is!

So, where to from here?

Let us perhaps uplift your souls by saying that the end is in sight.

Ha! I have to laugh chaps. You see, this is exactly our dilemma. How can I put this? … I am just trying to assist, please know that … I am not having another go at you … yet by saying ‘The end is in sight’ only stirs the pot these days. To be honest … we have heard this over and over … and that is what so many folk are getting tired off … perhaps I could say ‘All talk, no action’. I KNOW you are doing your best under the circumstances … Yet ALL this has been said before … for years … so when we hear it now … as lovely as it is, and as meaningful as you mean it to be … it’s a bit like water off a duck’s back … Really … that’s how it has become for us. THAT sort of statement is precisely why ‘the peasants are revolting sire!

So, we wonder where this leaves us?

Indeed … for in no way do I, nor it seems anyone, want these communications to stop … and yet due to nothing happening ‘as yet’ of what you have said … it has left doubt and weariness. Like I have said before … It’s not that we don’t KNOW something WILL happen … I think the real problem lies in your misconception of what the words ‘soon’ and ‘imminent’ mean to us. It’s the ‘time’ thing. 

Perhaps you could talk about that, from your point of view, to help us understand where YOU are coming from.

You see Blossom … from our point of view there simply can be no doubt that THE EVENT is to take place.

We have never doubted it. So, in our BEINGS we are moving toward that moment in time.

Ok, let me stop you there … YOU have no time, we know this … so ‘WHEN’  is that moment in time for YOU … what do you mean by ‘moving toward that moment in time’?

We mean that it is a happening that is to occur at the exact moment when all that is needed to ‘pull this off’ is in its correct and rightful place.

When all is in alignment, as you would say?


So, is it that you don’t KNOW when everything is going to be in place?

Yes, indeed. Yet, we do KNOW that it is falling into place now. We are showing you a vision of a central magnet and many around it being drawn closer and closer, then as they get to a particular position … when they are all in alignment … they suddenly … ‘whoosh’ … are pulled at the same time by the strength/power of the central magnet and attach themselves to it. So, what we are saying is that … until those magnetic pieces are lined up in position … the ‘whoosh’ cannot happen. Yet … we are happily watching more and more of them waiting and ready …

Metaphorically speaking, of course.

So do you see, dearest Blossom, and indeed all souls that are reading these words from our perspective you are indeed very close … For we have KNOWN that this WILL take place all along.

Yet perhaps, when it was first spoken of … the magnetic pieces were ‘floating way out there in space’.

When you look at it like that … you can see how much of the plan has come together and why WE consider it worthwhile to express the term ‘very soon now’ and ‘imminent’ … because … FOR US … considering where the plan began … IT IS.

Well THANK YOU! I don’t know about for anyone else, yet for me … that REALLY helps! It indeed DOES put things into perspective and I can see … at last … where you are coming from. It, for me … is the best explanation I have heard regarding the ‘WHEN’. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Yet not dismissing of course, the fact that an ‘engine booster’ wouldn’t go amiss! For the whole. That’s the thing. We are not talking here … on a level that can be captured by a couple out walking, and they put it up on YouTube. We ARE talking something pretty HUGE for confirmation’s sake … just so as you know!

We received that loud and clear Blossom, last time.

Good … that was my intention. As ‘ground crew’ … and I mention that liberally … we KNOW we are here to be an example of LightLove … and it is my understanding that the Brighter we are able to shine … the quicker those magnets can align. So, I think souls are concerned that because of the depletion they feel … they are perhaps hindering the process instead of helping. That is why we are requesting the ‘said ‘Boost!’ I KNOW you said we knew before we came what we were letting ourselves in for … yet it seems as a collective … from the ‘ground crew ‘… there is /was the need to let headquarters know that supplies were getting very low!

We would say that we understood this. And indeed … as we have said … the matter was not taken lightly … and is still ongoing as to delivering to you the supplies needed.

This IS a team effort and it is natural that when a group … a very important group of the team … is needing assistance … then it is certainly fitting for those who can … to offer service in any manner that seems fitting. We reiterate … the case has DEFINITELY not been closed.

Thank you. TRULY that is SO GOOD to hear. Thank you. Just a query someone had, regarding the ‘ground crew’. Are we ALL ground crew; … all who are upon Earth? Are we ALL the strongest of the strong? Or is there a mix of … er … how do I put it into words … those who volunteered and were chosen … and those that just happen to be here? Be it through karmic position or whatever!

There is indeed a mix. This is why there is much ‘rumbling in the ranks’ shall we say. For the strongest of the strong were chosen to ‘step in’ at this time to see the plan through … KNOWING that there were many on Earth already that were ‘caught up in the matrix’ and have been for eons … and certainly have no idea of the rescue team sent in to ‘put an end to it’.

So, yes … certainly … there are some who KNOW NOW … some who WILL KNOW … and some who will NEVER KNOW all that has gone on ‘behind the scenes’ in order to bring THE DIVINE PLAN INTO ITS FINAL STAGES.

Yet KNOW … that we speak solely of a particular aspect of THE DIVINE PLAN. For as ENORMOUS as THE EVENT is … on all levels … THE DIVINE PLAN … shall continue to unfold as LOVE itself unfolds. Reaching newer heights … Greater heights … Higher heights … for ever more … as indeed it is designed to do.

When you consider that, Blossom … when you think about that … the possibilities that lie ahead … the KNOWING that LOVE shall continue to expand in /of /through/ as itself … well, does it quite simply not ‘Blow your mind’?

If I did try to think about it … it would … so I won’t! Guys … THANK YOU. As you probably KNOW, I was a little apprehensive as to what would be said today … and yet my heart, and my sister … just told me to TRUST and go with the flow. For one thing I do know … You do not judge me … for you are of the greatest Love and therefore judgment does not enter in. Speaking of the greatest Love … This is what I, and so many … perhaps in their millions now …have for you. I do not know how widespread your messages have become … but I do know that for as long as it makes sense for me to do so … I shall continue forth! Love ya!

And indeed … take a moment to breathe and FEEL the LOVE we have for you Blossom and for ALL. WE LOVE YOU!

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