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Council of Angels, Archangel Michael and Pleiadian Council Via Goldenlight 12-30-13


Channelled By Goldenlight

Merging with your Higher Self creates your Multidimensional Self and is the basis for Your New Higher Dimensional Society on Earth

 Dear Friends, I have been doing many personal channelings in the last few weeks and recently some information came through that I believe will benefit all of humanity. For those who have ordered a personal channeling, many thanks.. I am grateful for the tremendous demand for these and am completing these as quickly as I can despite the large volume of orders, while also striving to maintain their quality. Thank you for your patience in receiving these. I am deeply grateful and it is a joy to be bringing forth these messages for you. Below is some of the information I received last night.

Pink-Fairy-Yantra-RaysThere is occurring now on earth the building of a new higher dimensional society, and this is happening through the anchoring in of the higher dimensional energies by each person on earth through their connection with their higher self and multidimensional being. This new society is being created by each person connecting and resonating with their higher self and multidimensional being.

You can begin to see a Multidimensional Self forming; this is the merging of your “higher self” (in the higher dimensions) with your “lower self” (on earth); this birthing of your Multidimensional Self is a part of this new ascension process which many are going through on earth at this time.

Many beings on earth during this time now are beginning to form a Multidimensional Self. The Multidimensional Self is a merging of your higher self with your lower self on earth; and lives in the higher dimensions. This is the part of you that is forming to assist you in the transition of ascension; for as we have said in many of our previous channelings, ascension is simply a harmonizing with the higher dimensional frequencies; and ascension is embodying and becoming aware of your Multidimensional Self.

The first step in becoming aware of your Multidimensional Self is to begin to connect in with your higher self daily, and to begin a dialog and a written or typed journal with your communications with your higher self. By strengthening this connection with your higher self, and bringing forth communications for yourself, you will be creating a diary that will assist you in your spiritual growth.

You may also tune into the realm of the Archangels to assist you with your journey, with your questions and with the answers you seek. In the beginning, before you are skilled at writing down the answers, just write what comes to mind, and you will begin to become more in tune with the messages you are receiving. The messages will become clearer as time goes on and as you begin to establish this strong connection with your higher and multidimensional self. The key is to practice this often, as part of your daily routine. The time spent doing this will be well spent as you will begin to form a strong relationship with these higher dimensional aspects of yourself. Eventually you will be able to establish a telepathic communication with your Higher/Multidimensional Self, and if you so wish, with your star nation families in the higher dimensional realms, and even the angelic and archangelic realm if you so desire.

The way to connect into the higher dimensional spiritual realms is by getting into a quiet meditative space, either laying down or sitting in a comfortable chair, and then the first thing you will want to do is to connect into your Higher Self. Your Higher Self is that part of you that lives in the higher dimensional realms that is very close to Source Creator. Without a strong and solid connection to Your Higher Self, your spiritual growth will not be complete. This higher self which you may connect in with at any time, and which we encourage you to connect in with daily during a daily meditation, has knowledge of all aspects of your being; it has knowledge of your lifetimes in other star systems and on earth; access to all of your pre-birth agreements, of which you made before coming to earth; access of your karmic contracts and obligations; and knowledge of your soul person and missions on earth in this lifetime, and of your connection with other star nations. As you begin to connect in with your higher self, which we describe below, we encourage you to ask your higher self about all of these aspects of your life’s journey here on earth.

Connecting in with your higher self is done by simply getting quiet and being in a comfortable quiet space and saying “I connect in with my Higher Self, please connect in with me”. You are then connected in with you higher self; it is really that simple! You may then begin to establish a dialog with your higher self to access the answers to all of the questions you have about your spiritual purpose, your soul mission, your soul contracts, which directions to take in life, what you should be doing for a living, your past present and future lives; and so on.

Your connection with your higher self can always be strengthened and built upon; many on earth have a connection that has somewhat atrophied, including the channel many years ago when she first came into the knowledge of her higher self; she now has a very strong higher self connection and connects in with her higher self daily and always before connecting with any other higher dimensional beings and before bringing in any higher dimensional messages.

We recommend first and foremost, if you do not already have a daily practice of connecting in with your higher self and multidimensional self and writing anything that comes forth as a message to you in a journal format, that you begin to do so. If you begin to set aside time each morning or evening when you have some quiet time to yourself to spend tuned into the higher dimensions that this will then assist you most greatly in your spiritual growth. It will also assist you in your connection with all of Us and with Your Strong Connection With Your Higher Self. We put this in all caps because it is probably the #1 most important aspect of a human being’s higher growth to nurture and sustain this higher self connection. From this connection comes all else in your spiritual enlightenment; from this connection comes all your answers, all your knowledge of your soul contracts, soul origins, pre-birth agreements, and your history as a soul. It will allow you to see “beyond the veil” and to access a lot of information and knowledge that exists outside of time.

If you begin to tune into your higher self and multidimensional self daily, you will begin to learn many things about yourself. You are a higher dimensional being who has come into a physical body on earth in this lifetime. There are many starseeds who agreed to come into this atmosphere to assist with this Great Transition into the Golden Age which is a coming together of the higher dimensions as well as many of the star nations surrounding your earth at this time; and will be an era which lasts many many thousands of years and will be a time of great peace, prosperity, abundance, harmony, unity, and Oneness. We in the higher dimensions, the archangelic realm as well as many of us from the higher dimensional star nations, exist in a space of Oneness, unity, and total knowledge of our soul missions…..we exist for the benefit of all and we are coming now through many channels such as this one to awaken within you a remembrance of your star families, your soul missions and contracts, and of the Oneness and Loving Unity in the higher dimensions.

You also can tune into us in the archangelic realm at any time for spiritual guidance and inspiration. The way to do this is similar to connecting in with your higher self. If you wish to connect with Archangel Michael, the Great Protector and overseer of the Ascension on Earth, for example, simply say “I connect in with Archangel Michael please connect with me” while you are in a meditative, quiet space, and after you have connected with your higher self. You will then be connected in first and foremost with your higher self as well as with the loving guidance of this beautiful archangel Michael. You may then have a dialog with this angel. If you do not hear anything telepathically when connecting in with your higher self or with one of the Archangels, you may wish to start a spiritual journal of personal communications and messages from your Higher Self and from the higher dimensions and archangelic realms.

So by strengthening your connection with your higher self, you will strengthen your connection with There is occurring now on earth the building of a new higher dimensional society, and this is happening through the anchoring in of the higher dimensional energies by each person on earth. This new society is being created by each person connecting and resonating with their higher self and multidimensional being. This is why you are each an important part of this Grand Plan. By connecting in with the your higher self (and any archangels or benevolent higher dimensional beings) on a regular basis, you bring forth this beautiful higher dimensional energy into all areas of your life and also into your family, your community and into the earth. This grounding of the higher dimensions onto Earth was meant to be done by humans such as yourself! This is all a part of the Plan.
not only all higher beings with whom you wish to connect, but also with the higher dimensional realms in general.

You may ask any of us, including your Higher Self, any question at any time. You may ask that your soul origins and such that we have mentioned be revealed to you. The higher your vibration and the more you anchor in the higher dimensions onto earth by connecting with your higher self, the more in tune you will be with your spiritual essence and with this new Golden Age into which the earth is progressing.

Invite your higher self into all aspects of your life; to assist you with every aspect of your being-ness – your work, your play, and your relationships with others and yourself. You can then begin to see a Multidimensional Self forming; this is the merging of your “higher self” (in the higher dimensions) with your “lower self” (on earth); this birthing of your Multidimensional Self is a part of this new ascension process which many are going through on earth at this time. We encourage everyone on earth to establish and maintain a strong connection with their higher self and to begin to focus your awareness on your Multidimensional Being. This is being created by you! For the “new world” is a new higher dimensional world which is coming online now onto your earth and which will carry you into the Golden Age.

As each person strengthens their connection with the higher dimensions, this higher frequency energy is then grounded into and onto the earth; just as mother earth Gaia has a crystalline grid within her body; you are each a part of the “crystalline grid” which is forming on the outside of earth. For your bodies which are carbon in origin are converting over to a crystalline base; the awareness of the higher dimensions in relation to you as a being is birthing your higher dimensional being which will thrive in this new multidimensional world.

 We wish for you to discover many of the questions you seek about your pre-birth contracts, life’s mission, soul origins, star nation origins, and so forth on your own; as it is up to each being to lift the veil to see beyond it so that they may discover what these are. The lifting of the veil is done by connecting to these higher dimensional aspects we are discussing. This then will assist you in tuning into your soul purpose and mission here at this time.
We are, the Council of Angels, Archangel Michael and the Pleiadian Council.

Channeled by Goldenlight, © The Golden Light Channel. Please include this copyright and credit, original title, and a link to the source message when re-posting this message.

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