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Starting Life Anew, Beyond What We Even Thought We Knew!!

Lisa has some amazing visions; a seeress extraordinaire...

DT the ET

Channelled By Lisa Gawlas 1-14-14 

synergyOhhh my goodness, I have the greatest metaphor coming thru about this extraordinary, expansive time we are going thru right now and I feel is setting us up for the greatest expansion underway…

Imagine when we were born physically into this plane of existence, we arrived in a fish bowl. Some had larger fish bowls with really good fish care takers, some had tiny, cramped fish bowls with not so great care takers. But we all started out living within the boundaries of the fishbowl. Most of our fishbowls had frosted glass on them, so we couldn’t really see anything beyond that which every one else living in that fishbowl told us was there or even “out there.”

Some fish reincarnated so many times into the same fishbowl that they started to perfect their ability to see thru the frosted glass, and would get glimpses of images and movements beyond their limited boundaries and belief systems and they started to tell the other fish.

This actually scared most of the other fish, but some of the really brave ones wanted to not only know more, but learn to see thru the frosted glass on their own, and so a grand movement began.

Over the millenia, many fish became proficient at seeing thru the frosted glass, which actually started a mass awakening in many, many fishbowls.

We can look at it as spontaneous bowl shatterings, where their whole watery world would just fall apart and they had to make a choice, learn to live in a new environment and breathe air or find another fishbowl to live in. Most opted to find another fishbowl, but it had become really difficult to find one so deeply frosted and even tho they went back to their safe and familiar boundaries of life, they now could not help but see beyond their confines.

Over even more time, many of the fish learned how to live in both words, breathing in the new air of a greater life outside their fishbowl, while returning to their water world and sharing their great adventures to all the others…. changing the mass consciousness in all water worlds.

What we never realized, was what we were seeing was simply the house in which the fishbowl was set up. Let this part really sink in... (it is brand new to me this morning.)

You being a very proficient fish who has spent enough time in the air of the outer world, your gills can now breath both ways (water and air) for longer periods of time. You go exploring all you can within the environment you find yourself in.

There are many rooms and new creatures that can put you in awe, the hand that feed you so consistently now has a body, a really large body compared to your fishiness and look at all it can do compared to you. There are so many rooms to explore, bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, all with different purposes and abilities. This has to be heaven because none of this is possible in the fishbowl.

And the desire grew to live in that world instead of the fishbowl, and so a new movement started to take place.

There was such awe in the fish realm for those who dared to live in the great expanded world, they got titles like masters, guru’s, wizards and all kinds of stuff that would put them on a pedestal of exceptionality. It took many more eons of time for the fish to start to have their own  experiences of living beyond boundaries and in the abundance of the great expanse.

And then some fish noticed there were windows in their new great outer kingdom and something even bigger was beyond what they discovered, what they were now so fluently able to access. There was not a wall or ceiling in sight and there was also this inner knowing that if they went thru the door to the vast expanse of the outside, they could never return to their old life. They had to learn all over again how to exist in the greatness of the airy expanse which was so different from their old, controlled environment of  expanded Home beyond their fishbowl.

This movement started happening with that wild and crazy fish we know and love as Jesus. He taught all the fish who wanted to learn how to live without restrictions, without boundaries and in full abundance of Life (please do not take abundance to mean money, money is no more important in the word abundance than an apple, or warm clothes on a cold day.)

Since the 2000+ years since he walked on earth in his incredible fish body, there has been a massive movement that is now at it’s culmination. The energy and work from the last 2000+ years has created a new living platform to sustain life (biology) in the greatest expanse ever known to the fishbowl world. I call this the world of Shambhala… Heaven in its fullness, right here on earth.

The entirety of 2013 was the gateway of change out, the fish biology had to change to be able to breathe and live beyond their expanded house and the new atmosphere seeped into the brave fish willing to endure what had to happen pushed on.

January 1st, 2014 the doorways were pushed wide open. The brave ones stepped out of their comfort zone and started to breathe in the new atmosphere, rapidly changing their biology so rapidly it very much felt like death instead of the great party zone they expected (yup, referring to this little fishie typing lol.)

Ya know, as I think about this “metaphor” and how the readings have changed since moving here to the Jemez, the very place I saw in readings and meditations two and a half years ago relating to “Shambhala,” until I moved here, when I did readings, the energy always unfolded in my home, at my feet. But then again, I read from a very mundane point of view. Since reading here, I always unfold outside in the back yard, in an expanded way that just adds to itself every day we connect and as we share outwards with others, and they share with others. Of course, it is not just what we are doing, but everyone doing their part, it has all brought us to this amazing, if not difficult moment of time.

So really, we have spent the last two years learning to breathe and move in this environment we call heaven on earth. We're changing out the limited,old biology into a greater, expanded biology that is going to become limitless as we adjust to the new frequency within ourselves.

I spent yesterday, after a day of amazing connections (I will get to them soon), understanding what has been happening to me since January 2nd. The great purge of my digestive system, releasing all the old cells, the old biology that could not sustain life in this new world. Hence, turning my poop from brown to white. Even the bacteria that played a vital roll in our digestive system had to change out to meet the needs of the new biology.

The massive gas infusion brought in just that thru my solar plexus, which is our direct plug in to our soul.has been happening to me since January 2nd. The great purge of my digestive system, releasing all the old cells, the old biology that could not sustain life in this new world. Hence, turning my poop from brown to white. Even the bacteria that played a vital roll in our digestive system had to change out to meet the needs of the new biology. The massive gas infusion brought in just that thru my solar plexus, which is our direct plug in to our soul.

As my lower chakra’s adjusted to the new energy and I found my way back Home to the Jemez, the next and most important thing was the change in my lungs. Of course, this change didn’t happen all at once, it started in October when I went home to love my Dad. That one single choice, triggered the new codes waiting my own action to turn them on. Had I chosen security over love, I would not be telling this story in this way.

My father gave me so much more than I ever realized. I watched his body change, I witnessed how it changed and how his soul left his body in transformation, his physical death. I have been going thru the same symptoms since I returned from his home. January 12th, I was pretty sure I was heading for the physical death scenario.  Beyond not being able to breathe, the insistent coughing created such a pressure at the top of my head, like I was pushing my brains against the cranium and the pain (not a headache, but a spreading pressure) reminded me of my fathers last day. He had such a constant wave of pressure in his head. He was with me all day long on the 12th and told me that the pressure in my head, which I started feeling about 3-4 pm, was what he endured until his soul disconnected from his body (many hours prior to death itself.)

I've  gotten  myself to a place, just like I did with my cancer diagnosis at the end of 2012, where I am absolutely OK if my life on earth ends today. What I'm not OK with, is my poor landlady finding my blue, bloated body and that giving her nightmares for the rest of her days. That is the only real reason I went to the ER. I saw my physical death and her finding me in bed.

The two respiratory treatment were misty vapors being inhaled into my lungs. I put all my love and gratitude and complete surrender into every inhalation. I am at complete peace no matter what my soul desires.

Within 3 hours from smoking the second peace pipe (breathing pipe) my body was fully restored to normal. My voice was still gone, but no more coughing, no more gasping for air…

I now consider myself having 3 birthdays. My physical (8/15/1962) one into the fishbowl of my life, my spiritual one (11/11/2000) that allowed me the greater expanse of life outside the fishbowl and into the house of spirit and now this one 1/13/2014.)

When I woke up yesterday, everything felt different. I really started to see things very differently within myself and even the readings. I may not have gotten my New Year's wish of an easier biological transition into this new world, but my deeper wish of being able to understand more quickly what we are seeing (all the new visuals and information coming in) is happening!! Yay!!

It is so easy for us, even living in the greater expanse of the house to become limited by the walls of perception. When our biology suddenly changes or over time changes, we start to say “What is wrong.” One must be in illness, instead of absolute change. We must start asking and approaching the changes with “what is happening “right” now, and then, and only then, will we get a true answer.

Death and birth happening simultaneously. When I looked in the mirror yesterday after my day of readings, I realized I had popped many of the small veins on my face. The only other time I ever had that experience was when I gave birth to my last child. She got stuck in the birth canal for 45 very long minutes and the pressure of pushing her out popped all the small veins on my face and in my eyes.

I realized in that moment, I actually birthed myself thru the crown on the 12th. But, that understanding only came because of what I had seen and understood thru the readings that day. Isn’t it funny how something so simple as looking in a mirror is synchronized with first taking in greater information to help you really understand what you are seeing!!

Speaking of synchronicity, something happened with my first two readings of the day. Both female virgins on my reading field. Both started following my blogs when I went home to be with my dad, both from New York state. The death of the old in the deepest pocket of dense energy in the USA…. how exciting!! God bless them for being a beacon of light and enduring the density of that area.

Sadly, I am running short on time again this morning, so I am going to summarize what yesterday revealed to us. The electromagnetic grid appeared to be shrinking in size and getting thicker as it shrinks. Spirit pulled the word shrinking out of my mouth quite quickly and replaced it with condensing. The new, highly charged electromagnetic field now surrounding the new earth, the vast expanse we are attuning to, is condensing into the landscape itself. Bringing in new frequencies and as my first reading showed, thinning the veil of the two worlds (heaven and earth) and will continue to thin until it just doesn’t exist any longer.

In the view of my first amazing lady, just above her condensing electromagnetic field was two waves of what looked like massive amounts of star energy moving in from both the left (past) and right (future) and opening the center of her electromagnetic field. That is when her team explained this is waves of energy coming into the the veil that kept us limited in “seeing” beyond our house view.

How exciting that was to hear and understand and SEE!! It became even more exciting after we hung up.  I went to to see what the Sun was up to and about had another baby when the first thing in its headline was: FAST SOLAR WIND: Blowing with gusts as fast as 800 km/s (1.8 million mph), a stream of solar wind was buffeting Earth’s magnetic field.

If we look at the sunrise picture I shared yesterday from January 12th, it shows that very important break in the landscape of sun rise to the cloud area. We are now living in that break. The new earth, the new biology and all that is happening as we pass thru the death of the old and get acquainted with the birth of the new on all levels.

Sure enough, it is, and not only that, we know what it is doing too!!

With it, as the day showed, came in many ancient and new codes of light that are going to continue to change and enhance the DNA of those who have been brave enough to put their changing biology into/onto this new world.

Many of us (I am far from the only one) are working overtime to facilitate the energy change. Not everyone is going to have the intense biological reactions to this change out. What is being done to/thru one is being done for the entire collective. However, there are many of us taking up the task, each in our own way, of biological change.

On that note, I must close and start my day of connections. I do want to leave with this note tho; our breath, the words we speak, the air we exhale is so potent and creative as well as destructive. We are changing exponentially on every level. Be aware of what vibe you are putting out and start by looking at what is “right” as opposed to “wrong” in any given situation.

I love you all so much and am so excited about what is happening and opening for all of us!!

(((((((HUGZ))))))))) of fresh, powerful air to ALL!!
Lisa Gawlas

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