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Training Day with AAM

By Andrew Martin, November 21, 2013 (from his blog)

Andrew Martin 23Several days ago, I awoke from a very intense dream where I was handed an 8 sided figure. It was made of some sort of stone or crystal that I had never seen before. The next night I dreamt that there was all of this stuff being pulled from my ears. It was yards and yards of cotton or fabric of some sort. I could literally feel the stuff being pulled out of my ears and I was watching as it came out.

Over the past 18 months I have been doing a lot of work on myself. All of this work could be classified as “spiritual” in nature. I have slowly gotten used to an enhanced perception, so needless to say, unusual dreams and strange physical sensations have not been out of the ordinary for me during this time. Yet still these dreams stuck with me as being extraordinary. I knew that they were meaningful and important occurrences… I just didn’t exactly understand what the messages were.

The morning after the dream about all of the stuff being pulled from my ears, I was enjoying my usual quiet time on the sofa with my coffee and my solitude. I still was trying to unravel the mystery behind the dreams. I finished my coffee and settled in to meditate with the intention of allowing the answers behind the dreams to come to me.

While I was meditating, I saw the 8 sided figure spinning in the middle of my head. I was filled with the unmistakable knowing that the 8 sided figure that had been handed to me was my Merkabah being activated and the cotton/fabric being pulled from my ears was an “upgrade” to my Clairaudience and was preparing me to channel.

Andrew Martin 22I was excited by this knowledge and yet at the same time it was one of those things that my logical mind rationalized with:  “well, there’s really no way to measure any of this until something extraordinary happens”. So I basically forgot it, or at least let it go and moved on with my day.

The next night, Sunday the 17th, I was sitting on the sofa. I had just finished a really awesome session of painting. It struck me very clearly as I was putting my art supplies away how lost in the moment I had been during the hour or so that I had been painting. I looked around my apartment and blinked as if someone had just turned on the lights in a very dark room. It was like I had been somewhere else where it was just me, my painting and the creative juices flowing through me. I realized and even muttered to myself, “That’s really weird, I was kind of out of body during that painting session.”

I acknowledged this, thanked the Spirits of Creativity for those sublime moments and proceeded to start making dinner. It should also be noted, that all day on the 17th, I had been feeling very pronounced tingles and tickles all around the top of my head…around my crown chakra. I just chalked it up to more “crazy awakening stuff” but didn’t think much of it…again the past 18 months had shown me that it was definitely not business as usual, so more odd physical sensations weren’t any cause for alarm.

So there I am, having just finished my dinner and relaxing on the sofa, enjoying some re-runs of “Modern Family” when I was completely overcome by a feeling of bliss washing over me. It was pure ecstasy pouring in in wave after wave after wave.

These “waves of love” as I had started calling them had begun several weeks earlier. They would come out of nowhere, lasting only for a few seconds and then like that, they would be gone. This time though, the feeling was SO intense that immediately I was compelled to mute the tv, sit up and assume my meditation pose, close my eyes and just revel in the feelings.

As I was sitting there soaking up the love, I suddenly had this impression of a column of light or energy coming down over me and my crown chakra started buzzing like crazy! It was almost as if I was being scanned…not in the sense of a machine or technological scan, but there was some energy that was definitely checking me out.

I was breathing and allowing when all of a sudden my head started nodding seemingly on it’s own. I felt like one of those “Drinking Bird” toys that slowly bobs its beak down into the water and back up again. While this was happening, I intuitively knew to go deeper. With each nod of my head, to deepen my focus and allow these feelings to fill me up. My head stopped bobbing and I suddenly felt so full. Full of breath, full of energy, full of love.

It was completely and utterly amazing. More love than I have ever felt in my life. Concurrently, my rational mind was FREAKING out! Even though I felt totally safe and even though it was a really strange feeling, it also felt totally natural to me. However, my monkey mind was not 100% sold.

Thoughts of possession and the devil and evil spirits were trying to flood in, but I just kept breathing and allowing. I did my protection visualizations and grounded myself to abate my fears.
Finally I asked (in my mind) “Is this a channeling”?

My head bobbed “yes”.
“Are you a being of love and light”?
“Are you sent from Mother/Father God”?
“Do you wish me harm”?
“Do you have a name”?
“What is your name”?

This time there was no head bob…just a brief pause. Then I felt a knot of energy in my solar plexus starting to rise. It was coming up my body and at the same time I felt my face get really really hot and my mouth started to open, like I was trying to speak. Simultaneously, I am afraid, excited, laughing to myself and am also outside of myself watching all of this happen.

I am thinking “Am I supposed to say something or is the being I am channeling going to talk?” “I’ve never done this before, so I don’t know what the rules are”. “I don’t want my ego to take over and start running the show, talking and thinking that it’s channeling”. So I stayed silent.

Then just like that it stopped. I open my eyes and am speechless at what has just happened. It had only been about 3 minutes that I had my eyes closed. My rational mind was bugging out, trying to justify the experience.

A few minutes later, the feelings wash over me again and I close my eyes. This time I felt something being inserted into my left ear, like a q-tip. My hearing for a second even went out in my left ear, like someone had just stuck their finger in there and then with a “pop”, it was gone. A few seconds later, I feel pressure on the top left side of my head, like someone was peering into my brain, just checking things out.

I was all of a sudden twitching and buzzing all over my body! My heart, my legs, my face were all on fire with energy. Even though my eyes are closed, they are moving back and forth at a rapid fire, like I am reading millions of lines of info in just a few seconds.

Again, I felt safe and cared for…honestly it felt like I was getting a check up at the doctors office more than anything else. A very unusual check up, mind you…but nothing to fear. I open my eyes and am absolutely and completely exhausted. Like I haven’t slept in days and have been pulling 18 hours shifts, exhausted. I felt the energies start to surge again and I said out loud “That’s enough for tonight thank you! I don’t think I can handle any more tonight!”

The next morning I awoke like a kid on Christmas morning! I was SO excited at what had happened that I could barely stand it! I did my morning meditation hoping for a repeat…but no dice. I went to work and spent the whole day wondering if it really happened or did I just make the whole thing up? I was still having the tingles all around the top of my head, but other than that it was just like any other work day.

That night I rushed home and meditated again…trying my best to see if I could re-create what had happened, but I couldn’t find the connection. The next morning I had all but convinced myself that I had just made the whole thing up. I went to work, did my thing and was hoping like crazy that I would get some sort of sign that it had really occurred. Then suddenly my body started rocking back and forth very gently…it was almost imperceptible, but it was there, and I wasn’t the one doing it. I smiled, knowing that this was reassurance that no, it wasn’t all in my head.

Later that night, I got home, relaxed for a bit, made my dinner and was going to try again, when I suddenly had a revelation. I needed to paint to help open up my channels of creativity to allow the connection. It became clear to me that I still had my training wheels on, and that this was a way for me to relax and open myself up to receive the energies. So I had another great painting session and as I was wrapping up, I began to feel the tingles around my crown getting stronger and stronger.

I sat down on the sofa, closed my eyes and started to breathe. This time was different, in that my ears were filled with a sound that I can only describe as Divine Static. I instinctively knew that I was supposed to go into the noise. I focused on the sound until I was in the middle of it. Literally I found myself walking towards the field of sound, knowing that I was supposed to focus on it and try to find the signal in the noise. I suddenly found myself accompanied by the same being from the night before. My old fear came up again and I asked Archangel Michael to come in and protect me.

Immediately my head bobbed “yes” again.

“Is Archangel Michael here”?
“Am I safe with you”?
“Are you Archangel Michael”?

Suddenly the tingles at my crown began to coalesce and move towards the top of my head…they gathered there and began to climb up towards the column of light and once again I felt my energies blending and merging with AA Michael’s.

This time, I had found my voice. And I spoke the questions out loud.

“Are you Michael of the blue candle?” (I have candles I light for all of my angels and the one I light for Michael is blue)
“Michael with the sword of truth”?
“Michael the messenger of God”?

I still didn’t know what I was supposed to be doing, but I knew that it was my monkey mind that was worried about it, and that if I just relaxed and allowed, that I would know what the next steps were.
Suddenly I realized that I was in training. That this was the start of what I hoped would be a long relationship and that this was about adjusting me and the energies to work together in concert. This was a partnership and these were merely the beginnings.

The next night I mediated again and it was more training and adjustments. This time it was my eyes. I felt intense pressure on and around my third eye and I could feel, inside my head that my Pineal Gland was being cleaned off of all of the gunk. It was a searing sensation in the center of my head, but not painful at all.

Then my eyes started flitting all over the place again and I was aware that they were being upgraded too. Like I was being outfitted with new lenses. I half expected my eyes to be a different color when I opened them!  More twitches and buzzing and sensations all over my body. I was definitely sure now that I was not imagining any of this!

One of the strangest parts was that I only really remembered the finer details after it happened. While it was occurring, I was so completely in the moment that what had just happened or what was going to happen didn’t exist. I finally and completely understood not only living in the moment, but what it is to surrender. I also began to understand the concept of time as a non-linear event.

While this was occurring, I was in my body, out of my body, watching it happen, conversing with AA Michael, comforting my mind and soothing myself to keep me calm, all at the same time. It was kind of like watching 7 channels all at once and being able to completely comprehend everything that was going on.

So, here I am writing and I would be lying if I said that there wasn’t a small part of me that still doubts that this is real. But, what are my options? Pretend that none of this happened? Brush it all off and go back to a 9-5 life in the Third Dimension? I could if I chose too, but why on earth would I want to?

This happening has absolutely convinced me of things that I have always believed were true, but had no concrete experience of.

That we are not alone! That we are all of us Divine beings that come from and are made of the same stuff. We are connected, all of us. That I, you, me, we are not our bodies. They are but vessels for the spark that we all share. That I now know that why I am here is to be a channel. To help others remember who they are and to help them re-learn how to turn up that inner flame we all possess! To give answers, questions, comfort, wisdom and truth in service of The Light.

Why am I sharing this experience? Why am I speaking out on something that many people would think is pure B.S.? Because I have no other choice, that’s why. Because even if it is all B.S. (which, I know in my heart it is not) I would much rather live in a world where these things are possible. Where they are as much a part of reality as the sun and the sky are.

The alternative is much less interesting and exciting.

Believe me or don’t, this much I know is true: the alternative is the illusion.

When we finally wake up is when we discover that we have all been asleep for far too long.
So wake up, sleepy head, we have work to do… and fear not, because we literally have angels at our side.

To Love and Light,

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