Friday, January 31, 2014

Social Reorganization Occurring?

world in the wash cycleJust as we’ve all been going through a process of individual cleansing of our vasanas and false grids for years, so it seems as if society, and particularly business and finance, are also going through the wash cycle currently.

My pen is not equal to the task of looking at the subject in great detail. I’m obliged to give only impressions.

But it’s my impression that one high level of the economy after another is being subjected to investigation and the removal of more and more people from their positions of influence.

Even as Jamie Dimon receives a bonus that could only be kindly called disproportionate (perhaps to buy his silence?), (1) leading individuals who’ve been fixing rates in the foreign-exchange sector are following others who’ve been fixing rates in other sectors of the economy in being investigated and removed from the scene.

And now as well we begin hearing something regrettable: some people in the banking industry are either choosing suicide or being murdered to keep them quiet. (2)  This development is probably something that everyone of the Light wished to avoid.

Archangel Michael confirmed that there is a “ global reorganization of financial systems” occurring and described how it would proceed.

“I am not speaking of the collapse of financial systems, which would cause panic and disarray. But what we are talking about is reorganization.

“Now, usually reorganization is a bureaucratic term for shuffling the deck with the same cards. That is not what I am referring to. We are talking about reorganization of financial systems — political financial systems, bureaucratic financial systems, global financial systems — that are becoming more congruent with the divine qualities of equity, of fairness, of ethical behavior, of charity, of prudence, and of becoming.” (3)

I’d imagine the process started with containment back in July 2012, which was itself used in preference to panic-inducing mass arrests. Now the Vatican Bank is being overhauled, the Federal Reserve, the Forex sector, and many other banking organizations and institutions. (4)

I believe SaLuSa was speaking about about this time when he said on Jan. 4, 2012:

“As you can imagine once we really get started, the planning is such that you will be reeling at the speed of change. It is possible because the plans have been laid down for a long time, but also consistently reappraised to ensure they meet your needs. Our allies and the Light workers in general are now self assured in their tasks, and becoming bolder where they come across opposition. There is no time for dilly-dallying around and they now know what has to be done.

“Many different actions are coming together, and you can expect to see a clear indication of the outcome. Much is currently focused upon financial dealings, and we have made it quite clear that there is no going back to the bad old ways. Be assured within a few months you shall know that to be so.

“So be patient and read between the lines when the media picks up on major happenings. For a while there will still be a tendency to hide the true facts, but even that is due to change when we can assure honest journalists that it is safe to report the facts. You have been kept in the dark over so many issues for many, many years but the truth will come out.” (5)

Granted that things may not be happening for us at the speed of light, they do seem to be happening in the wider world at an accelerating pace.

The truth is coming out more and more these days. But we may need to read between the lines to get the full picture of the clean sweep being made.

If we look at the nuances in Archangel Michael’s recent talks, there are certain clues that something confidential is going on behind the scenes. In the last Hour with an Angel he said:

“Now we are in a different phase of partnership. You are no longer — think of it as a low-level manager. You have been promoted and you are senior VPs — yes, all of you. And you are working on a very high level. And then you say to me, ‘Well, Michael, if I am working in concert with you and the ascended ones, and I am a senior VP, then I expect to be paid that way.’” (6)

The raising in our minds of the image of being “senior VPs,” I think, is to encourage us to step out of the passive role we’ve played in the past, leaving all initiative in building and running our institutions to someone else. I think he wants us to wake up to whatever our role may be in the social and economic reorganization that’s happening right now.

When I bantered with him about when I’d receive my paycheck, he continued:

“Well, you know, there are many forms of currency. And we have harped and harped and harped, even to our ears we have harped on spiritual currency. We pay you in the currency of love, in the currency of joy, but we also understand currency.

“Do you really think that the Mother does not understand money and gold? Of course she does. She created it the same way she created time.” (7)

I personally consider Archangel Michael’s use of words to be very careful and significant. He raises two images here: one of spiritual currency and one of actual currency.

I believe he’s asking us to concentrate on spiritual currency while this phase of cleansing and reorganization occurs while knowing that they’re entirely cognizant of the other form of currency.

As I say, I can only go by impressions in this area, but my impression is that this institutional cleansing and reorganization is vital to all that follows.

Without causing panic and disarray, the social and economic landscape is being reformed. To lead in this circumstance is to step in and lend a hand. To follow is to await patiently the outcome knowing that it’ll free our economy from the dead hand of the cabal once and for all. If we cannot do either, then to allow the unfolding to take place.


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