Monday, January 13, 2014

Divine Self - You Are Each Indebted To No One

Channelled by Simon NightStarr 1-12-14

Children of the Most High, you are each indebted to no one. No one owes you anything, nor do you owe anyone else. Yes, most of you create such appearances and experiences of karmic giving and receiving, yet at no point is this what is actually occurring, for in a wholistic sense you can only give and receive to and from yourself, for this is the Universal Law of One. There is but One Infinite Universal Consciousness, and this Divine Self is your True Self, your True Nature, which is Boundless beyond description. While it appears to you that there are are many souls, many beings, and many interactions within creation, remember within yourself that this is but an illusion, for God but "interacts" with Itself, period.

Observe the Law of One in all your interactions with Self, and this includes what appears to you to be encounters with "other selves." It may be said that you are "indebted" to no one but The One. This is known as "giving all to All," and it is the practice of those who are willingly in service to the Most High, the Absolute, to give all of "oneself" to the One Self, the Universal Being. Your job is learning to bring your illusions to Truth (not the other way around), which is a process of surrendering ego to Divine Consciousness. Being true to thine own Self is simply allowing your mind to be aligned with Universal Mind, and you accomplish this through self-forgiveness, learning to be increasingly at ease with yourself, surrendering your grievances to your Higher Self for true healing to take place within.
I love you beyond measure. Amen. :)

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