Friday, January 31, 2014

Anchoring The New Earth Grid With Our Higher Frequencies

By marie, Courtesy Of The GFP Site

The anchoring of the new earth grid is now complete and the energetic paths have all been secured and finished.

We have done it my brothers and sisters.

It is time to walk in the Light and live in joy.

As the bridge builders are now securely anchoring the space for our brothers and sisters at the higher vibration, the new earth is now fully anchored and awaiting for the rest of the souls that have chosen to experience ascension.

Free will has been restored.

This option opens up once again all infinite timelines for expansion, an option that had been taken away by the controllers.

Those that chose to experience the old earth grid will continue out their timelines, yet those timelines are now filled with healing and ability to fully express BE-ingness.

For those of us that are anchoring the new earth, all timelines are converging and the final detachment to the old grid is almost finished, if not completely severed.

For NO THING from the old earth not for the highest good(relationships,places, things, ideas...)can anchor into the new earth.

The incoming energies will fully anchor into the grids, as they are both again connected(yes this is 4d grid as well) and massive shifts are occurring at all dimensions which are now all fully connected as one.

Soul and galactic families are in the process of uniting and the acceleration will be very quick for all of us. : )

So stay in the heart my beautiful family, and continue to anchor your TRUTH.
For the old earth will try to reconnect us to the old, as these massive energies shake out all the density all around us.

Stay in the heart and all lower frequencies will fall away from us, but the key is to keep ourselves at the highest vibration possible, so that the final separation of timelines can manifest.

All we need to do is BE.

And so it is.
In Light and Love Forever
And with the deepest gratitude for ALL.


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