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Feeling Tired? That’s January 2014′s “Celestial/Solar/Lunar Troika” – Comet ISON, Solar Flares and the Full Moon


By Stephen Cook 1-14-14

By Stephen Cook – January 14, 2014
Celestial Solar Lunar Troika - Comet ISON Sun and Full MoonFeeling exhausted? Hardly keep your eyes open? Well, you’re not alone. I’ve spoken to many people from around the world over the last day or so who are literally ready to lie down and go straight back to sleep – almost as soon as they’ve  woken from a good night’s rest.

So, what’s the cause of this overwhelming struggle to keep your eyelids up, your eyes wide open and your brain functioning all at the same time?

This week is a BIG week from a celestial, solar and lunar aspect – and we all know how anything going on ‘up there’ can affect us ‘down here’. I’m calling it the January 2014 Celestial/Solar/Lunar Troika, comprising Earth’s voyage through Comet ISON’s orbit, the impact of the recent Solar Flares and this year’s first Full Moon.

While this trio of events from the Universe may be making us all rather fatigued, we actually need to wake up and take full advantage of this current fortuitous energetic alignment as part of our Ascension journey.

Firstly, following it’s every-11-years magnetic pole flip – possibly precisely on December 31, 2013 – we’ve had some serious sun action since last week in the form of some major solar flares [1]… Massive ones, in fact.

These same magnetic surges have literally ‘lighted up” our planet – most visibly been seen in the splendid displays of the Northern Lights, a.k.a the Aurora Borealis, in recent days.

As Lightworker and author Denise Le Fay [2] explains:

“Because this is the first Coronial Mass Ejection (CME) of 2014, and probably (according to me, not Spaceweather or any other scientific organization) this CME could affect us a bit differently than previous ones.
“I say this because (again, according to me, not or any other scientific organization) I believe the Sun completed it’s magnetic pole flip with the completion of December 2013…

“…This X-Class CME may be ringing your head like a bell, too, but it’s a positive thing; even though these CMEs cause varying degrees of physical pains and/or “Ascension flu” symptoms etc.
“Hang in there everyone and pay attention to any Higher Awareness information or perceptions you may receive now or over the next few days. The NEW Solar Surf energy is up and pouring down into your Crown and flowing into your High Heart”.
This January 7, 2014 handout image captured by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory shows a false-color composite image from a blast of activity originating from an active sunspot region at the center of the sun's disk (AFP Photo) 
Adding to this is the arrival of Earth smack bang into the orbit of the tail of Comet ISON over January 15/16, depending where you live. Yep, despite the fact that NASA and some scientists would rather have us believe that this extra-special comet disintegrated into ‘thin space’ after its circle around the sun, all is not actually lost.

As Stuart Atkinson of the astronomy blog Waiting for ISON [3] says:

“So, here we are… January 2014… by now Comet ISON will probably have dropped below naked eye visibility, or may even be so faint it can only be seen through a telescope, but hey, you never know, it might surprise us.
“And anyway, no matter how faint it is, around the world many thousands of skywatchers will be looking for it on each and every clear night, seeing it for as long as they can before it dims beneath the reach of their own telescope or equipment. But that’s all part of the fun! Holding onto a comet for as long as you can, seeing it as often as you can, until it’s lost to you forever.”
Simone M. Matthews, the founder of Universal Life Tools [4], says that even if Comet ISON has done what NASA wants us to believe, it still has a huge role to play this week:

“It does not mean that energetically all was lost. The Comet’s fragmented particles (both physical & energetic) STILL hold the potential of illuminating the power of the Creator within each and everyone of us.
“Its energy rippled through our Hearts, reflecting the Light that exists within each and everyone of us, the power of Creation itself.”
Comet CrazeSimone adds that, starting january 12, Earth began its passage into and through Comet ISON’s orbit:

“As we move through the orbit trail, Earth maybe showered in fine debris dust particles (some of which may take years to settle on the Earth’s surface, from the upper reaches of our atmosphere). Whilst the dust particles maybe microscopic, larger fragments maybe seen as shooting stars or the dust could possibly produce brilliant noctilucent clouds in the sky.. heavenly… Comet ISON is still sharing it’s potential with our World!”
Wayshower, Ascension guide and 5D gatekeeper Sandra Walter sums up this week’s ‘Troika’ as a high vibe week [5].

“Between the light entering right now (good litmus test for your process; it is VERY strong today), the Full Moon on Wednesday, and the intersection with the path of ISON on the 16th, it’s definitely a high-vibe week.
“ISON’s dust trail is highly charged with new light particles bringing new forms of life and support for the upcoming masks-off-kachina months. It is also billions of years old and highly radioactive, so if a rock lands in your yard, don’t touch it. And don’t call the News. Let it anchor what it is supposed to anchor and keep it outside on Gaia.
“Folks on the Ascension Path will feel expansive in the chest and crown, Light-Hearted, dizzy from the magnetic balancing act of Gaia, and giggly as our DNA and DMT kicks up a notch. Integrate the Higher Self as deeply as you can; your Higher Levels may make you feel like you’re on psychedelics at times. Water, rest, exercise for the integration into the body.”
Sandra  recommends the following procedure for aligning with our individual heart centres this week:

“Put your hands on your chest and feel your Heart Center. That’s not a chakra, it is the Source-Point of your existence. Within the Heart Center resides the intense Omnipresent Light from which all of your experience comes from. If you choose to align with pure Source Light Intelligence in this journey through the Shift, everything important will be generated from here.
“Take a moment to feel it. Find your Source-Point. Sense where it is in your chest. Put your hand over it and anchor into it. Breathe into it and exhale a Heart breath (Ahhhhh). Align with the Self-as-Source. Feel the flow of pure light through the heart which connects you to Source. Your pure Creator beingness, without ego, spiritual ego, or separation of any kind. Stillness. Peace.

"Calm. Feel the entire experience within your Heart. You as an aspect of God, and God itself. No separation, no judgment, absolutely unconditional. Let all of the interruptions of the mind, emotions, ego and the external world be un-created.
“Every time you hold this stillness – the absolute calm – even for a second or two, your cells will begin to regenerate in alignment with your true beingness.
“Rejuvenation is important for DNA activation and keeping up with the increasing frequencies. We spend a lot of time releasing and clearing; be sure to balance the shed of the old with focus on the New.”
As for this Wednesday’s Full Moon, intuitive healer and author of the book, Your Guide to Earth’s Pivotal Years, Selacia [6],tells us a great deal about harnessing – or ‘tapping’, as she refers to it -  the the energies of our first Full Moon of 2014.

“Now that we’re nearing the half-way point of January, a full moon on the 15th can help you illuminate the path ahead and increase self-understanding of what will be needed for success in 2014. This particular full moon in the sign of Cancer also can help bring to light feelings and relationships that need updating.
“You may become aware of upsetting feelings previously repressed. If that happens, don’t ignore what you feel. Begin to unravel the source of your feelings with honest self-examination and, if necessary, do healing of core issues at a DNA level. Trust that whatever unresolved issues arise, they have come to your awareness for resolution. Use the power of this week’s full moon to help bring closure to situations that are holding you back.”
FullmoonSelacia gives the following Five Tips for tapping the beneficial power of Wednesday’s Full Moon, suggesting that we work with these now and throughout the week to maintain our balance, increase useful insights, accelerate healing, and move more into our empowerment divine changemakers.

“First, remember that full moons generally expand what you feel and sense. If you tend to be more sensitive than the norm, pay extra attention to grounding and finding your balance. The more that you can remain centered and grounded the more that you can be in your heart. That will be a key factor in benefiting most from this full moon.
“Second, keep in mind that this full moon will be amplifying the intensity of these already rocky times. You personally may be in a calmer phase this week, but others around you may not be so fortunate. Be kind to yourself and others, keeping the big picture in mind. This means focus less on the minutia of things like traffic jams and long waits in line. Those things occur regardless of what planetary cycle we are experiencing. Be the one in the crowd who stays calm and kind, offering a generous hand to others.
“Third, since one focus of this month’s full moon in Cancer is a balancing of feminine energies across the planet, become more mindful of how you feel when you are feeling it. Make your best efforts to avoid acting on negative feelings. As a divine changemaker, you are alive now to be at the forefront of balancing the inner male and female within humanity. Each of us carries both qualities. For society to function in a more enlightened way, the longstanding polarity of masculine and feminine must be addressed. Feminine qualities like heart-centeredness and kindness are the cornerstones of the loving world we all want.
“Fourth, even though the New Year is beginning at a fast pace, slow down this week so you don’t miss helpful flashes of insight catalyzed by this week’s energies. An example: the phone rings and you don’t think you have time to answer it. An intuitive nudge tells you to answer anyway. If you have paced yourself and listened – answering the phone – the person on the line could offer you a connection that opens doors of opportunity. Give yourself the gift of slowing down enough to hear and heed your inner wisdom.
“Fifth, give yourself the time, nourishment, and positive self-acknowledgement you need to get and stay on track. Value your own contribution, no matter how small you feel it is. If you don’t value yourself, it will be difficult to see the value in others and interact with them in reciprocity. This self-defeating stance will prevent you from progressing spiritually, from moving forward in the physical world, and from manifesting your highest purpose.”
So despite our sleepy, foggy heads that simply don’t want to leave our pillows, there is much going on this week – and still much to do. I suggest you rest when you feel the need to need and take the variety of advice above. There is much potential and opportunity in this rare triple whammy, so tap into it as much as you can and enjoy the ride.

And remember, the Tsunami of Love, the Event, the Love Transformation – whatever you choose to call it -  is approaching closer with each and every day. I’m pretty sure this week’s Celestial/Solar/Lunar Troika is simply the wake-up, warm-up act. Stay rested, balanced, aware and enjoy it.

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