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Conversation With A Sentient Sirian Mothership About ISON

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What we will reveal in this documentary represents a synthesis of information received directly from the original Sirian civilisation which comes from the Sirius A system. This film is not a part of the TERRA GALACTICA series, but complements the information which has been or will be presented to you in this series.

It is important to understand from the outset that what will be revealed does not constitute the product of information received by channelling or through telepathy.

What we will present here is essential information, received DIRECTLY from extraterrestrial Sirian beings.

As you might infer, contact was not made in the physical dimension (3D) but in the superior etheric dimension (4D). This contact was made by lucid projection in the subtle etheric dimension.
As on other occasions, contact took place inside the huge Sirian mothership, which is located in the etheric plane close to Earth; We spoke about this gigantic spaceship in the documentary TERRA GALACTICA (episode 1).

The name of the ship is very close to the energy footprint of the word “Anais”, although in reality, when it is pronounced by Sirians, it is longer. However, the intonation, as perceived by the human ear, it is similar to saying the word “Anesh”.

This approximation is due to the fact that Sirian extraterrestrial beings emit the sounds simultaneously on three different sets of sound frequency when they talk, unlike a human being who emits only on a single set of frequencies.

Because of this, the human brain can only interpret the approximate sounds of Sirian speech, which is much more nuanced and more complex than Earth speech.

This time, contact was made with the ship’s consciousness. In other words, the answers were mostly given by the giant Sirian mothership itself.

A few hours before making contact a mental request was made to find out the answer to three questions which are “very hot” on the internet at present:

1. Who is right about the comet Ison: Cobra or Tolec?

2. What is actually comet Ison and what is its role in the current world situation?

3. Who are the beings who have arrived in two immense ships, in the shape of an L, which are “hidden” on the dark side of the moon?

The information provided was accurate and also amazing. In presenting it here, we will firstly address those human beings who are capable to intuit the truth of this information, who are not subject to foolish prejudices and who show a certain degree of intelligence.

However, what will be revealed is something that concerns the whole of humanity.

The Truth About Comet Ison And The Event

Even though many of the elements about comet Ison and the Event which will take place on Earth are relatively well known, this film will present for the first time the whole picture and their full correlations.

For most people this information might be difficult to grasp and accept. The difficulty lies in the fact that comet Ison and the imminent Event which will cover the whole planet has been spoken about in various ways in recent months.

A huge amount of disinformation was combined with the ignorance and credulity of many internet users, bloggers and lightworkers. Most opinions tend to be grouped around two points of view, as expressed by two Earth representatives of extraterrestrial civilisations: Cobra (representing the Pleiadian civilisation and Movement of Resistance) and Tolec (the Earth representative of extraterrestrial civilisations forming the Andromeda Council).

Cobra’s opinion is that Ison is a simple comet, which he argues did not resist passing near to the Sun.

In contrast, the opinion of Tolec is that Ison is actually a huge extraterrestrial ship, which has a very special mission in connection with irreversible transformations that will occur on Earth.

On the basis of these two opinions numerous presentations, interviews or stories appeared. However, with a closer look we realise that all these are only variations on the same theme.

The elements are always the same and depict only general aspects about the subject of the comet Ison, without presenting more specific data.

Everything seems to like a ball game, in which players stand in a circle and pass regularly from one to another the same ball. The main reason for this situation, which gives us the image of a closed circuit and limited information provided, is the lack of authentic, direct experience with representatives of extraterrestrial civilisations.

Most experiences described on websites, blogs or interviews are based on “telepathic contact” rarely on “visions”. In such cases the problem is that the one who has had these experiences personally contributes to their construction.

The message that had been sent by extraterrestrial beings is often “embellished”, amended or transformed in a subjective way. It thus presents a message that is quite different from its original form, transmitted by extraterrestrials.

This causes more confusion, disappointment, illusions and prejudices, which disrupt the balance of events. Added to this, cases of DIRECT, conscious and unforced contact with the representatives of an extraterrestrial civilisation are very rare.

For such contact to be stable and repeatable, it is necessary that between the human being who makes contact and the contacted extraterrestrial beings there is a certain kind of affinity or resonance.

In addition, it is necessary for human beings to have a certain amount of experience of conscious projection in the etheric and astral plane, and also the ability to remember exactly, on their return to the physical plane, what happened in the subtle plane.

People want to interpret their experiences in the subtle worlds, for instance, in the etheric or astral, after laws or patterns of thinking and action from the physical plane.

Due to the great difference that exists between the frequency of vibration of physical matter and that of subtle matter, decoding information on returning to the physical plane is sometimes difficult to do.

It is all the more difficult to do, if the human being who had that experience is not well prepared or sufficiently refined on several levels of their structure: energetic, emotional, mental, and supramental.

They will be either quite bewildered by what they have just experienced, or they will not remember the whole experience, having gaps in their memory.

In such a situation, the mind tends to automatically fill in those holes with elements that are not real, butthis takes place in such a way that the human being does not realise they are improvising or altering to some extent the original information.

Readers and listeners who receive such information rely on it; often they become very enthusiastic, but after a certain period of time it turns out that reality does not match the information provided.

Then they tend to lose their confidence and aspiration they had in the beginning.

Things become even more complicated when another type of force comes into play, namely those who want to particularly disseminate DISINFORMATION.

In the majority of cases, what is obtained from this amalgamation of lies, partial truth, occult interests and ego is a great tension, blocking the harmonious unfolding of the actions for the transformation of consciousness for the whole of humankind.

Comet Ison is an eloquent example to illustrate these aspects.

They obviously wanted to induce the idea that there is nothing unusual about this comet, and that it is a cold body, without life; that it will perish like many other smaller comets when it passes near the sun.

Photographs from the last two months, which showed strange phenomena occurring around this comet and even in its core, were catalogued by NASA, astronomers and other scientists as being “normal”.

To sustain this they invoked any argument: the effect of parallax, the solar wind, damage to the lens on the satellites, impurities from cosmic dust.

The desperate desire to maintain public opinion asleep received an unexpected help from Cobra himself, who repeatedly stated that Ison is in fact a perfectly normal comet, a large lump of rock and ice that is heading toward the Sun; according to him, there is nothing special about this comet.

However, the prophecies of the Native American Indians and in particular the Hopi Indians state that this comet is the “blue comet” or Kachima, the herald of stunning transformations which will begin on our planet.

At the opposite end to Cobra, regarding the opinion about comet Ison, was Tolec. He stated as early as September 2013, that Ison is in fact a huge alien spaceship and that it is accompanied by two other large cylindrical ships. Tolec did not provide any further details, but said Ison will have a very special destiny in relation to the Earth.

Even after the comet passed the Sun at the end of November 2013 and, apparently, had been destroyed by the Sun, Tolec reiterated his previous statements in a dignified, accurate and determined manner. He stated clearly that Ison is in fact a huge extraterrestrial ship, approaching Earth following the trajectory of the comet.

In this mixture of conflicting information, we wanted to know the truth. Just as Tolec had been in contact with the representatives of the Andromeda Council, we contacted the representatives of the Sirian civilisation on their mothership, which is captained by the Sirian Amun.

The answer provided by mothership Anesh to the first question states clearly that of the two, the one who is right is Tolec. Therefore, comet Ison is indeed a huge extraterrestrial ship, and the details provided in connection with the motivations of such a “disguise”, to make it look like a comet, are astounding and will be described during this film.

Being ‘projected’ in the Astral plane and wanting to get in touch with the Sirian beings, I felt their call and was connected to the specific energy of the mothership that orbited planet Earth.

When I felt that I could concentrate on the room where I was and where I could get in touch with the Sirians, I had the opportunity to concentrate on a beam of light that is located in the central zone; I succeeded to enter there with my etheric body, in such a way as to feel and even touch the walls of the ship and objects that were in that room.

When I materialised in the etheric plane, I noticed that in this place there was a being who was sitting on the right, behind me, and even though it looked very much like a Sirian being, I very quickly realised that it does not originate only from this civilisation but there was something extra.

When I opened a subtle telepathic channel of communication with the Sirian beings, I had the pleasure to note that the one who contacted me at that moment, was actually the mothership, who told me her name.

She even showed me specific symbols that are private and, at the same time, also through this“subtle telepathy”, she transmitted the way in which she says the word that means her name, it is written in a way, but it is spoken in another way.

She was also very interested in the fact that I realised that they use many letters that can be interpreted easily in our own language on Earth, and can be spoken in three different ways.

Wishing to specify that I had arrived there because I wanted to very clearly understand about the comet and what it is doing in this area of the cosmos, the Sirian ship specified that my question has a very simple answer: the one who is right about the comet Ison is Tolec.

Of course, we can ask ourselves why Cobra did not know this. There may be various reasons, but this is not what we proposed to look at in this film.

However, Cobra was the one who correctly noted the imminent manifestation of the Event for the entire planet.

The Event will represent a “tipping point” in human existence, after which will begin a profound transformation, associated with ascension to a higher level of vibration of human consciousness.

Tolec also made reference to this crucial moment in human history, but without naming it the “Event”,but only stating that “something is going to happen at the beginning of January 2014, on the whole planet”.

Anesh or the consciousness of the Sirian ship indicated that Tolec is an ‘entity’ who has the role of a communication relay in the vast context of the divine plan, which aims to transform planet Earth and all humanity.

Anesh also said that Tolec, although on other occasions he also “embellished” and “rounded” the information received, expressing some personal opinions, in the case of the comet Ison he presented exactly the information he had at his disposal without adding anything extra to it.

The reason why Tolec not always correctly renders the received information is due to the fact that certain structures of his being are still not well developed and he does not succeed to resonate with those frequencies of vibration on which the information is transmitted.

Without doubt, Tolec is one of the few who is capable to make DIRECT contact with the representatives of highly evolved extraterrestrial civilisations from a technological and spiritual point of view.

However, when he cannot decrypt or understand correctly the subtle information that has been transmitted, he adds to it and there is the phenomenon of personal “substitution” of information. Which is why, Anesh also indicated the way in which it is best to decipher from now on what Tolec relays.

The mothership specified that on several occasions Tolec transmitted important events and information, but as far as comet Ison was concerned he relayed very clearly and precisely exactly only what he was told.

He did not add anything extra, he did not embellish things, but simply relayed very clearly the information he received. In many cases, he has a tendency to distort information and it has been observed in some cases that he tries to explain more, intervening with his specific thinking and adding other things that are not very accurate.

In certain situations it is good – and they told me this - that when we read information which Tolec relays, to read the first sentence, because there is focused what they want to transmit. The rest is just an re-editing of what they have transmitted, with additional explanations from Tolec.

The mothership also told me that the name Tolec is not accidental and that this name was transmitted to him for him to have. Inside the ship they have a being called Olect. It is the one who “scans”, or in other words “feels” with the help of the instruments on board everything around the ship and everything that moves in the physical plane around the mothership. We could draw a parallel with a pilot who is on a submarine listening with sonar to everything around the submarine.

Anesh told me that Olect has an essential role on the ship, although there are more beings like he is. His name is not accidental, because Olec refers to what he does on the ship, and the “t” at the end represents his personal name, thus the name can be translated as “the one who listens” or “who feels by listening” everything around the ship.

The difference between Olect and Tolec is the fact that the “t” is the personalisation of what the being does. If the “t” is at the beginning, the tendency is to personalise information too much and less to transmit events as they actually are. Tolec therefore has this tendency and it is clear that certain information can be misinterpreted; therefore, it is a good idea to read only the first part, the first sentence of what he relays.

However, Anesh said that Tolec’s statement about the comet Ison is perfectly true: Ison is actually a large extraterrestrial ship.

Starting from here, the details provided by Anesh makes the difference in relation to what has been said so far on this subject.

One of the important aspects is that Ison has a metal core. This aspect was ignored and hidden by NASA and other astronomers and scientists, and especially by the occult forces which seek to misinform the global population. A solid metal core is unusual for a comet and, if it had been recognised as such, too much public attention would have been focused on it.

The interest of the malefic elite is to make people believe that Ison is an ordinary comet of rocks, ice and stellar dust, which is on a normal trajectory towards the Sun, which will perish once arrived in perihelion of the Sun, i. e. in the area closest to the star. The malefic elite know very well that this is not the truth, but they want to impose this scenario of “normality” becausethey planned the destruction of the comet through the detonation of two thermonuclear bombs, which will destroy the core.

This was planned to explode when the comet entered the solar corona and was practically no longer visible due to the very intense light of the Sun.

For placing the bombs, the occult group on Earth used technology to which they already had access, arising from Black Ops or “black projects”, which are not governmental. What the members of this malefic elite did not know, was that the metal that formed the core of the so-called comet had been designed to absorb any radiation around it.

Therefore, the two atomic explosions not only did not destroy it, but they even “fed” it, making it even more powerful. Furthermore, the metallic core of the comet has the ability to transform into a magnetic field the radiation it receives from the outside.

After Anesh showed me the truth concerning the comet Ison, she specified that, if I wish, I can see this comet in more detail and even to become aware of its properties.

Of course I wanted to see this and immediately in front of my field of vision the comet Ison appeared, which I was able to see from many angles.

The mothership told me very clearly that at the centre of this comet is an intelligent metallic material, artificially created and that the properties of this metal included being able to magnetize a great deal.
It is an extremely large power and the metal in question creates a magnetic field which is related to the heat which is in its environment.

After she showed me the core of this comet, Anesh said this can be seen in the physical plane.
However, in the subtle etheric and astral planes, around this comet there had been built a real spherical ship, which has two large cylinders behind, each approximately 20 km in length. They are designed to create a certain specific shape, so that we believe it is a comet.

But in fact they are nothing but a sort of subtle turbines that crush ice and spray it behind the comet. This ship has the role to create the magnetic field generated by the intelligent metal in the centre of the comet to construct a protective shield, so that the extraterrestrials on board can work on the specific mission that they have to complete.

Therefore, comet Ison is a metal core surrounded by a great ship, which exists in the etheric plane, being invisible to Earthlings.

This ship is spherical and is compartmentalised radially; but, the gravity provided by the special metallic core metal is so great that these radial compartments of the vessel remain in a cohesive whole.

“The strategy” of the extraterrestrial civilisations, to “disguise” the ship in such a way that it would seem to be a comet was necessary for the smooth progress of the profound transformations that will commence on our planet very soon.

At the present level of consciousness that it has, humanity would have been shocked and very bewildered if instead of a comet there would have been reported in space another object driven by intelligent forces.

The malefic elite would have skilfully manipulated and misinformed Earth’s population, so that they would believe that an extraterrestrial invasion was being prepared from outer space.

What would have followed would have been an unprecedented wave of fear, panic and tension, which would have practically ended, in that moment, the chances of a successful spiritual transformation and evolution, as should happen.

The chaos that would have been created would only have helped the malefic cabal that wants to oppress and control the population of the planet, which they could achieve through the amplifying of negative emotions, especially fear.

Therefore, it was necessary to design a plan to maintain an emotional balance on Earth, but which still offered some indications that something pure, wonderful and also grandiose is being prepared for humanity in the very near future.

The plan – which is unimaginably complex – consisted of “disguising” the extraterrestrial ship, as a comet. This “role” had to be played with precision and patience to avoid the suspicion of observers on Earth.

At the same time, the evolution of the “comet” had to offer some clues, which represented inspiring hints about the true role that it plays in the destiny of the Earth.

Initially, comet Ison was dead. It’s destiny was to enter in the Sun and to melt in the heat of the Sun. However, desiring to produce a major transformation on planet Earth, the extraterrestrial races considered that it is an important cosmic event that the comet keeps its trajectory and even that it looks as though it is a comet for most Earthlings.

They did this in order to work as consistently and efficiently as possible without creating suspicion or problems with regard to scientists, who always look for the needle when it is not there and who, in their minds, many times convoluted, combine things in such a way as to produce something other than the truth.

The ship that included comet Ison has the role of supporting a process that has already started and
that will take place on Earth shortly after the comet will pass alongside Earth; for the ship to remain unobserved, it has been constructed entirely from etheric fields.

That is why, when seen, the comet looks like any other comet, with a structure of ice. They even created artificial ice in such a way as to appear as though it has a certain rotation around its axis, that it has a well-defined trajectory in accordance with the mass it has; but, thanks to its metallic centre, comet Ison has in addition a magnetic field strong enough to protect it from the rays of the Sun and the specific heat near the Sun.

The two engines behind the comet, which are constructed from elements of the etheric plane, so they are not seen in the physical plane, have the role to absorb ice from in front of the comet mixing it with a certain intelligent, specific material, which afterwards, through propulsion forms the specific tail of the comet, as we see from Earth and as we are normally used to seeing a comet.

Enveloping comet Ison, the huge extraterrestrial ship followed with patience the prescribed trajectory, passing through its specific phases.

The “script” requires it to reveal itself little by time, and then to reveal its full identity, in fulfilling its true purpose.

The fact that Ison is not what it seems to be can be deduced from two observations that an intelligent man could easily make After I received the information concerning the comet and the fact that it is a ship, I asked the following question: “Actually, what could show to an intelligent person that this comet is indeed more than just a comet and how I confirm‍ this?”

The Sirian mothership said that enough intelligent beings who have studied comets for years know and very well how a comet would behave close to the Sun, would notice that in the case of the comet Ison even if it had have been twice the size, it would not have resisted in the heat emitted by the Sun at such a small distance.

So it is very clear that there is something more, something they cannot explain, which may indicate that they must pay attention to this comet, because it may have many mysteries that they will discover when they really analyse all the physical and mathematical data arising from its subsequent trajectory.
Because the moment in which it disappeared into the Sun, the trajectory of comet would have been maintained for a certain amount of time. 

The fact that the comet appeared from behind the Sun with great delay shows that something occurred. If we calculated the specific period in which the comet should have appeared up to the moment in which it actually appeared again from behind the Sun, we would notice that this period cannot be explained only by a circular trajectory, but there are additional mysteries.

When the comet really appeared from behind the Sun and continued its regular trajectory, we could see that this trajectory had been maintained, and the comet had almost the same mass.

If the comet was only made of ice and rocks, it should have melted and in the best scenario, only a small amount of ice would have remained to continue the trajectory, which then automatically would have had to change.

The fact it did not change its trajectory shows again that there is something to be discovered. The disturbing aspect, which is not known, is connected to the disappearance of the comet-ship for a few hours when it passed behind the Sun. What happened then?

Anesh explains very clearly the action inside the Sun and makes a connection with the Event feverishly awaited by many people as an essential catalyst for triggering irreversible transformations on the Earth.

The mothership also stated that this comet was not chosen by accident to “transport” the ship that was built around it and was meant to actually enter in the middle of the Sun on the lines of its magnetic field, so as not to melt the intelligent metal at the centre.

Arriving in the middle of the Sun it sought to support the creation of a magnetic mono-pole, so that the Sun is in connection with a star far away from this place, which represents a point of contact with a galactic network of stars, in such a way that their concentrated energy can be absorbed by our Sun, so that at a certain moment will be sent toward the Earth in a immensely powerful energetic flux.

The ship withstood the very high temperatures, specific to our sun, due to the fact that the magnetic field generated by the metallic core had been large enough to protect the entire load and, at the same time – realise what extraordinary calculations were made to achieve this – allowed it to be permanently in those areas in which the field lines of the Sun protected the composition of the ship as well as those beings aboard.

The way in which one desired to achieved this galactic network was mentioned by Tolec a long time ago, and what the mothership stated that the galactic network had been built over many years; the creation of the network was decided upon more than 100 years ago; during this period of time they formed, step-by-step, the connections between those stars and the great star that is located close to the centre of our galaxy.

Then there was the climax, the passage of the comet Ison towards our Sun, which made the connection with that distant star; that was the moment which produced the reversal of the magnetic fields of the Sun.

So all these events are connected, are controlled step-by-step, so that the big Event that will take place on Earth represents a spiritual transformation of huge proportions. One thus enters the final stage of the journey of comet Ison, when it is headed towards our planet for the second time.

Anesh revealed the fact that when Ison reachest its closest point to Earth, Ison will create with Earth and the Sun an exact angle of 90 degrees, and combined with the rotational velocity of its core it will strongly affect the magnetic field of the Earth.

Anesh makes a fundamental specification related to this accentuated disturbance of the magnetic field of our planet in that very accurate moment, which we can associate to the manifestation of the Event.
The ship-comet then becomes a trigger, a very important link that mediates the forces and energies between the physical and subtle dimensions. That is why, in prophecies it was known as being “The Herald”.

After I received the information regarding the activity of the ship in middle of the Sun, I wanted to find out more details. Being curious about the physical phenomena which arise, I sought to understand more closely the phenomenon in itself of transmission of information and the way in which this is happening.

At my wish, a mini-galaxy formed before my eyes in that moment. I have seen our own galaxy from above, the way in which it rotates and even noted where our star is. I was shown afterwards where the star from where the information is transmitted was located, which I understood to be approximately 100 times larger than our Sun.

It is a star very close to the centre of our galaxy. There are approximately 200 stars on the opposite side of the galaxy to where our Sun is located, which focus the subtle energy to the large star close to the centre of the galaxy and they specified the form and showed me that network of stars, the way in which it was constructed in time and the importance of this network.

Afterwards I noticed that the energy which accumulated in the large star near the centre of the galaxy transmitted information to our star at the time of the pole shift.

They also stated that this communication channel is going through a magnetic mono-pole, which in modern science only exists theoretically, certain information about this subject is known, but not much research or studies which could highlight what can happen in that moment.

To my knowledge and also from what I have assimilated after receiving this information from the ship, I understood that a communication channel between two points in the universe can be created when a certain point has a magnetic north charge and another point has a magnetic south charge.

Between the two points is created a communication channel for information and energy transfer, and this is exactly what has occurred between our Sun and the large star near the centre of the galaxy.

Not at all accidentally, comet Ison remained in the centre of our Sun exactly when it shifted its magnetic polarity and I even subsequently read that for a period of time there was one magnetic pole on the Sun, but the other magnetic pole was not present. In other words, only a single pole was noticed on the Sun. It is logical that when only a single pole exists, the other is found at the opposite end of the channel of energetic transmission and it is also logical that the other magnetic pole was the larger Sun close to the centre of the galaxy.

This ship was designed to support this energetic transmission, to create this communication channel between the two suns, so that there is always the possibility to convey information between the two stars.

The chosen moment for all the energy accumulated in the sun near the centre of the galaxy to be sent to our Sun, is the one in which a very clear energetic impulse will be transmitted from the centre of the galaxy.

Then, all of the energy accumulated in the large star will be transmitted to the Sun, and our Sun will emit this energy throughout our solar system.

After I received this information and after I saw the details relating to the network and the way in which it creates the connection between the two stars, I was shown that the ship, after succeeding to create this connection, moved towards the exterior of the Sun, also on a line of the magnetic field and reappeared following its trajectory, so that in physical plane it seems that the physical comet maintains its trajectory.

However, due to the fact that the magnetic field of the Sun has changed very much, extraterrestrials were no longer able to do this exactly in the time and space available, so as to seem like a consistent trajectory; there was a slight delay of approximately 6 sec. This delay was observed by the American astronomers, but even so they stated that the comet had not resisted and it had melted in the Sun.
In fact, they noted that it came out of the sun and at the same time they noted this specific delay, even if the mass of the comet was not so small as to justify this observation.

The unique impulse that will come at that time from the Sun is associated with the Event announced by Cobra and, indirectly, by Tolec.

The Sun will no longer emit on single set of frequencies that are specific to it, but on an unimaginably vast range of very high frequencies, coming from hundreds of stars and the centre of our galaxy. It will be a coordinated, focused event and, as Anesh mentioned, UNIQUE in the history of this Universe.

In a sense, it will be an enlightening event for all mankind but not everyone will want to follow the very elevated impulse. As the comet Ison appeared from the Sun I noticed that its shape was like a boomerang and I understand that by its rotation around its own axis it causes this form to create three specific magnetic fields of certain fixed frequencies.

When this comet will reach a 90 degree angle to the Earth-Sun, these three specific magnetic fields will introduce a code into the magnetic field of the Earth, which will be a specific decryption of the energy which will come via the Sun from 200 stars in our own galaxy. of different energies: from energy accumulated in the sun that is very close to the centre of the galaxy and also from the impulse that will come from the centre of our galaxy.

This common energy will be transmitted through the channel connecting the star that is very close to the centre of the galaxy and our Sun.

When the extraordinarily powerful energetic pulse will be emitted towards Earth, the decryption which has already been charged in the magnetic field of the Earth will be able to receive all the energetic information sent by the specific pulse. We can easily realise that the design of such mission in space is a herculean effort, carried out by the collaboration between dozens or even hundreds of extraterrestrial civilisations that are very advanced technologically and spiritually. Many of these civilisation contributed to the construction of the etheric ship that envelops the metallic core of comet Ison, however they have also collaborated with a humanoid civilisation which is a species specialised in construction engineering and which is also amazingly intelligent.

The metal alloy at the core of the comet Ison was created by engineers from this civilisation. It is an alloy so sophisticated, that it can be said that, practically, it “thinks” and acts like some kind of “software”. It was added over the “dying” core of comet Ison a little at a time, in such a way so as not to notice that the comet dies by the disappearance of its tail, but that she continued to be active in its trajectory toward the Sun.

The members of this civilisation, confirmed also by Tolec, are those who have arrived with the two huge L-shaped ships, setting themselves down of the dark side of the moon.

Their role here is that of defensive “shield”, in case events take a dangerous turn on Earth, which would jeopardise the transformations. At the same time, they also have the role to coordinate certain technical elements in connection with the trajectory of comet Ison.

This race is humanoid and exists in the physical plane, like us. They are tall and have wider heads at the temples, which gives them somehow the form of a triangle with the top down. They are very dignified beings, having an exceptional intelligence.

The technology they have at their disposal is amazing, and their phenomenal skills in engineering and design of space ships has been appreciated even by the Sirians.

They are the ones who coordinated the stability and trajectory of the core of comet Ison, over which is placed the sphere of the etheric ship. The ship itself is however a “hybrid” design, in the sense that there are specific elements from several civilisations.

Anesh even projected a recording of the moment when a delegation of this humanoid civilisation was received on board by the Sirians, led by Amun.

The mothership Anesh showed me the moment when Amun received the delegation from the civilisation which created the metal alloy for the comet Ison.

In the images that I saw, I noticed that the one who has led the delegation was a man dressed in a crimson red coloured outfit and I received information that this being is called Harim.

I could see that behind him were two other beings, all from this civilisation; the delegation was received by Amun, who in turn was escorted by two beings from the Sirian civilisation.

The empathic and telepathic state that I had with mothership gave me the opportunity to feel the emotional energies that were present during that meeting.

I noticed the remarkable respect that Amun and Harim had for each other. I noticed there was a spiritual connection between them and, at the same time, I understood, both civilisations had made considerable efforts together to create this comet, so that it would fulfil the goal which has been thought of in the beginning. Harim was very tall. He had reddish coloured skin, his head shaped like an upside down pear, with the two lateral lobes very prominent. His eyes were large, dark and very deep. He was dressed in a dark cherry red-rose outfit and I noticed that it represented his degree of importance in the civilisation he was part of.

Anesh, who is the consciousness of the Sirian mothership then responded to the second question:

What will be predominant role of comet Ison in this grand divine plan of the transformation of planet Earth and humanity?

What will facilitate this comet?

What is its significance and cosmic destiny?

Comet Ison is the “trigger” for the Event.

The precise metaphysical significance of this was described by Anesh in the following way:
The mothership of the Sirians showed me what the Event means, which had been spoken about. This event is an initial, very intense, energetic impulse, emitted from the centre or heart of our galaxy, which will be transmitted via our Sun.

This energy will be felt by every human being on planet Earth. This energy will penetrate every atom of our physical constitution and will create beneficial changes in our DNA, so that in the future we can evolve spiritually in an accelerated way.

People will feel a state of happiness inside, and those who are prepared will even have states of inner illumination. They will very clearly understand what the notion of God means and they will feel a state of perfect happiness and delight. At the same time, that energy will bring a vitality and a subtle shine that may even be visible on the skin of the face, a special inner shine.

It also specified that this first impulse will last exactly 14 minutes 58 seconds. It represents exactly the heart beat of our galaxy. So, it actually is the frequency of our galaxy.

Not by chance, about 14 minutes is the time it takes for a free neutron to form into a proton and an electron, i.e. in the two polarities. The energy emitted by our own galaxy via our Sun will be permanently felt by people and we will have this feeling of a subtle charging which will bring us extra hope and joy; it will ensure a quick spiritual path.

Anesh showed me that when this event occurs there will be seen a certain specific brightness if it takes place during the night, something very similar to the light at the poles when the Aurora Borealis appears.

If the event occurs during the day, people will see a particular brightness in the sky and will feel a great happiness inside when seeing the very bright and shining blue above their head.

It is a UNIQUE chance that is offered to us for an illuminating leap of our consciousness. It will be a unique moment in our planet’s history and even in universal history.

But Anesh also stated that this will also be the only energy which will protect those who follow the
path of evolution. The Event will surely take place and it will be an amazing opportunity for human beings to orientate themselves on the path of evolution, to progress in an exceptional way from an energetic and spiritual viewpoint.

The extraordinarily powerful energetic pulse will illuminate the life down to the lowest forms of it, even at the level of bacteria or amorphous ground.

It will mean practically an update of the DNA of the human being to what it actually is as potential, according to the destiny and choice that each of us will make.

Then people will understand the nature of things and will have an intuition of the truth; they will awaken as if from a very long and deep sleep and they will see everything around them penetrated by a divine light.

But, according to the saying: “God gives, but He does not do it for you” people will have to personally make the choice of road that they want to go on: either the one of stagnation, involution and suffering in the old paradigm, or the one of happiness, and ascension into a world of spirituality and light.

Furthermore, this colossal energetic pulse will represent from the etheric viewpoint an infusion of vital energy in the etheric plane of the Earth, in which the Sirian civilisation is presently established and they want to consolidate it in order to replace the old flawed etheric plane, full of energetic blockages, which satanic and demonic entities have used extensively to subdue and control human beings, especially in the last thousand years.

Immediately after the huge emission of the pulse of illuminating energy, there will be some events so disturbing on Earth that it will be the only energy that can protect people, who will be subjected to difficult trials.

According to the information I received, I noticed that the impulse which will be emitted at the time of the Event will open a new era in the civilisation on Earth. From that time people will be able to choose to live a permanent beneficial state of happiness and to have a hope in God or to deny this state and enter in the state of pessimism or even to reject those beneficial energies.

After that time, the social level will feel a powerful movement of the recovery of independence, both at the individual and national level.

People will have more hope in God, they will have more confidence in demanding their rights and will observe how society will split between those who want to evolve and take a step forward and those who, on the contrary, are resolved only to keep the past, past habits and traditions, refusing to see the inner light which has already been born in those who have awoken.

Anesh stated very clearly that this event is a divine gift, it is a spiritual gift and represents energy emitted by all beings who have had states of illumination or liberation in the planetary systems that belong to the 200 stars of our own galaxy, which form “the network”.

These special states are accumulated and transmitted to Earth so that every human being on this planet has the chance to choose good or evil.

Even if some human beings prefer to fool themselves, thinking that humanity’s ascension to a higher level of vibration will follow a smooth course without any hardships, we have to say, however, that this thinking hides, behind the good intentions displayed, a great immaturity and even a latent fear in their being.

These unfortunate human beings prefer to hide behind some slogans about peace and love, without being able to see or to understand in depth all the real consequences of energetic manifestations in the world. They build their own world, hoping this will shelter them from suffering. In reality, nobody is looking for problems, suffering or difficulty, however the universal dynamics are such that to reach the light you have to pass the test of darkness.

As Anesh said, the Event would disturb the malefic entities very much, they will immediately leave their“lairs”, seeking to influence human beings again in the direction of fear, anger and violence, in order to return the pattern of oppression and control over humanity.

For this they will use any means, without hiding any more. Of course, they will act through those beings who already sold themselves long ago or were subverted, in general political leaders or bankers.

Most of them are so corrupt and flawed, that even after the Event they would present a fertile land for the shadowy actions of malefic entities, who will influence them to take decisions of the most severe nature against the population.

Therefore, a short while after the emission of the extraordinary pulse of illuminating cosmic energy, disturbing events will take place on Earth. There will be very difficult times, when people will be tested severely. Many truths, many secrets will come to light, which will make people indignant.

Unlike the current situation where there is no consistency of opinion and will, which includes a large number of people, after the Event the masses of people will come out and demand their rights with great courage and determination.

However, Anesh also stated a very interesting fact: even if for many people it will be difficult to understand or to believe that they can get out of these situations, the support of the illuminating pulse of energy will lead them unfailingly to overcome, in an almost miraculous way, all these difficulties.

Following the event, society will awaken, will have a surplus of energy and of course the dark forces are going to be very disturbed by this spiritual awakening of humanity.

Because instead of living in a permanent fear and in a permanent attitude of looking in their wallet and wanting to work for a living, now they will want spiritual freedom again. We will have the strength to demand our rights and spiritual independence.

Then these beings, who live off of our fear, will have the tendency to come to the surface, causing discomfort for society and creating a lot of tension. To re-create the fear, to re-create pessimism or destructive states.

Beings who fully receive these beneficial states and also appreciate their real value will refuse the evil which is born in other human beings and will persist in requesting their rights and especially in asking for spiritual independence.

In certain situations I even saw that there will be powerful social movements, governments who will brutally try to stop certain events.

I did not necessarily notice very large wars or conflicts; however, at the social level, the human level, the tension will be significant. At the same time, what I can tell you is that the two camps: human beings who have experienced a state of happiness or illumination and pessimistic beings, will have the tendency to gain emotional and subtle territories.

There will often be conflicts, both among young people, as well as between older people, who will want to show a beneficial state or, on the contrary, a malefic state. Approximately 3 years after the Event, during which time all these social disorders will take place, the two “camps” will“divide”: the pessimists will give up to ascension and will remain locked in the physical, material plane, starting to fight each other; those who have transformed inside will begin to be break away from this little by little, forming spiritual communities of the new era on Earth.

Although those times will be difficult, it will also mean a dizzying pace of disclosures. Their rhythm will be extraordinary and, to some extent, at least for “optimists” camp, this will ease the difficulties through which they will pass.

Many internet surfers, those passionate about the UFO phenomenon and extraterrestrial civilisations obsessively ask why extraterrestrials beings do not decide to show themselves and make contact with current world governments in the present period, which is also cloudy.

To this question, the one who replied was Amun, leader of the Sirian ship. After I saw several aspects regarding the Event and what is going to happen after that time, I wanted answer to a question that so many people have asked me over time: “Why do not these Sirian beings come to Earth with their ships so this meeting can really take place, as so many people want?”

In that moment, Anesh facilitated for me a vision of Amun; I could thus enter into telepathic contact with Amun through a subtle channel in the mothership and I could communicate with her in order to ask her directly this question.

Amun told me very clearly that, even if they would like this very much, and this is going to happen without doubt in the future, that is to say, at a certain point in time the human civilisation will be in contact with the Sirian civilisation, however at present things are not yet conducive to this, because even those who want to meet with them very much would not have the capacity and power to resist the beneficial subtle energies emitted by their energy body.

They are so powerful, so refined and so beautiful in their souls, that many people would actually ran away from them. Amun explained to me that they do not want this, because it would be against their wish to create a permanent link with people. If among those who want a meeting, a large part would run away from them, very few would remain and there would not be enough to achieve a memorable meeting, as they wish it to be at the right moment.

It is therefore firstly our fight, as Earthlings. The beneficial extraterrestrial presence will only redress the balance when one of the forces tends to be disproportionate in relation to the other. In this way people are left to see for themselves what is the truth and to gain the necessary experience. Amun specified that humanity will undoubtedly win the fight with the forces of evil, because that is its destiny. However, we humans need to be those who choose HOW to win.

We can do it in an easy way or we can do it in a harder way, interspersed with difficulties; we can prevail quickly or we can be slow and then the process will take time; we can choose pessimism and suffering or we can be confident and full of optimism.

From this viewpoint, of choice, Amun specified that they, the Sirians, will give all the necessary
assistance, as they are here from ancient times, when they contributed to the formation of the Earth’s ecosystem and, therefore, are very interested in the spiritual evolution of humanity; but, as is natural, she added that we are the ones who have to fight this battle.

Otherwise, if they, the Sirians, would appear at the present time to intervene in one way or another, it would spread such fear and division among the world population, that it would delay by dozens of years all the efforts made so far to achieve this complex transformation, making all these efforts useless.

Amun told me that they want to help us and that they will always be with human beings. If we ask them for help, they will be immediately here beside us. They will support us, they will do everything possible to create beneficial and spiritual phenomena so that we can elevate ourselves and understand what is going on with us in those moments.

We will be supported by the subtle energy emitted by the Sun and this is an advantage for us. From when the Event takes place, everything will be eminently beneficial. In other words, if we want to truly grow spiritually, we have all we need to do so. If not, it is our choice.

Rather than wait for their arrival and let them solve the problems that we actually have, the most important thing is to really live the life which we have, to fight to be spiritually independent and to get rid of this morbid situation the human civilisation finds itself in, because now we have all we need to succeed.

The most important thing we can do now, at present, is to spiritually evolve and advance, in such a way that a meeting between us, the Earthlings and they, the Sirians, occurs exactly as prescribed.

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