Sunday, March 2, 2014

March Magnetics and Upcoming Q&A Call

Sandra Walter - March 1, 2014

Blessings Dear Light Tribe,

March promises to be an exciting month for our process: Challenging, yet beautiful. While planetary magnetic shifts do their best to shake things up energetically – the physical structure as well as old systems – keep in heart that the purpose is to shake loose the collective fear of change. Sometimes when we know dramatic change is upon us, we tend to tense up and hold our breath energetically. Please breathe freely and act from abundance to balance the collective inhale as things change. Hands to heart, stay calm and centered.

Magnetics may create physical imbalance (vertigo or whirling sensations). My technique is to lean into it, feel it, and comfort/coach the body as it adjusts. Demagnetize and repolarize often.
Extra water is vital during increased Solar activity; the incoming new light is aimed at crystalline structures in the heart center right now. Charge your water with the intention to support the new light in your body.

Elevated electron counts increase the pure light penetration of our cells at an atomic level. Welcome it, and be sure to oxygenate with exercise and movement to support the expansion.

The crystals are here!

The crystals arrived for the teleportation project and they are stunning. I wept with joy and continue to do so when working on this project. It’s all so fascinating to me! Blessings to everyone who has said they are working on teleportation, it is truly a magical passage as we learn to build these structures for physical interaction with our off-world teams. I AM following guidance to keep details at a minimum as we work on this, and no photos will be posted of the crystals at this time.

The fast has ended

I was on a 14 day fast which ended today. It provided SO much clarity on where I AM in my personal process and what the body is capable of. I highly recommend trying a good fresh juice or water fast for a few days as a check-in for both the lower and higher levels. Even if you have fasted in the past, try it again – it feels different and the energetic support for the body has changed dramatically. It is an excellent way to level up the crystalline structures and advance DNA activation. I AM implementing a 3 day water fast each week because it will accelerate my process quickly.

The Ascension Course Q&A call

I AM hosting the monthly Q&A call for The Ascension Course this Wednesday, March 5 at 6pmPT.

If you are in the Course, please join live to ask a question or send them to me ahead of time.

Note: I have been guided to begin each call with a message for the participants!

If you would like to accelerate your process, or are looking for clarity on Ascension, please register for the Course HERE. It is the only paid service I offer.

Many blessings for a vibrant March!
In love, light and service,

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