Friday, March 7, 2014

Urgent Message For Pleiadian Ground Crew: 'Triumph Unity Activation Next 4 Days'

Channeled By ANNAMERKABA On 3-6-14

TRIUMPHUNITYACTIVATIONANNAMERKABADearly beloved Children of the Universe,

The time has come to once again pick up your swords of love and light and connect your channels of communication with the divine to accomplish a significant task at hand.

It is time for all of you to activate the caudexes within your sub anatomical structure which have indeed been sent to you from the Pleiades.

That which we have been in communication with you about for months, is ready to activate, and as such. We ask that you once again, join forces together in a powerful unity and enter the meditative state of positivity, enlightenment, joy, bliss, harmony, understanding and peace.

Disregarding what you are perceiving through your media, you are to stay focused on one goal, and one goal only, to be in HARMONY. For the times that you are entering will be tremulous, much will unfold, and much will change and as such, many more energies will be released for cleansing into your atmosphere.

Thus you are to prepare to be in harmony with all that you see, you are to stay free from judgment, you are to become the observer of all that is unfolding before you, and yet the facilitator of positive and uplifting energies.

We ask that you once again enter a meditative state for the duration of the next four of your earthly days.

As the perceived negativity in your world escalates, you are to hold the peace, joy and harmony, bliss, freedom and peace within your spheres of understanding of life. Focus on that which is at hand, pay attention to the guidance you shall receive from your guides, for you are greatly needed yet again. There must be a balance of power. Please understand, dearly beloveds, that you are immensely powerful beings who have come into these times in order to facilitate the necessary changes that earthlings have been dreaming about for eons and, as such, you must remember the training that you have received prior to your incarnations on GAIA.

Training to stay in balance, training to stay in the love, training on how to utilize the power of love and understanding in order to influence your immediate surroundings, GAIA and the entire universe!  Be ready dearly beloveds, for the time is NOW. Be ready. Know that the turbulence that you are about to experience is of a positive nature. Understand that even if your mind perceives it to not be so, it its! In order for great change to occur, in order for great light to completely anchor into GAIA, the darkness must recede and BALANCE must be restored between “darkness” and light. All is in balance, for all is God’s Will, for all is ONE and ONE is all.

Stay in your power, stay in the light, stay in BALANCE.

Hold the vision of the type of NOW you wish to experience for the next four of your earthly days. 

Know that we are descending into your stratosphere, that you are being supported and yet understand, that YOU are the ones, the GROUND CREW that is facilitating the changes WITH YOUR ENERGIES. Doubt not your selves, and walk confidently in the direction of UNITY, PEACE, HARMONY AND UNDERSTANDING FOR ALL.

That is all that we have for you now. We love you. We are with you. Goodbye for now.

Personal Note: Once again I’m reposting this from the previous times on how to keep your energy in balance…

Please do everything possible to keep your energy in balance, in peace, in harmony, in light, in unconditional love. I As soon as you begin to feel that you are shifting out of balance please find a way to re balance yourself, do whatever works for you.

A really good way that works for many instantaneously because what it does is aligns every single chakra energy point in your body, is the following:

• Stand up straight and put your palms together in a “prayer” position with your feet and legs touching each other.

• Close your eyes and begin to SLOWLY breath in and out, 7 times.

• As you breath in you are to think of each of the Chakra colors, and breath into the chakra corresponding to each color. So if you begin with your crown chakra breathe in the violet/purple color and feel your chakra activate by fully focusing on it, completely feeling the tingling sensation of activation and peace spread throughout that area of your body, as you breathe out think of everything that is not working for your highest good leaving your body.

• Continue to do so until you are done with all 7 breath.

• Then lift your hands up with the palms still touching and spread them open and place your palms on the side of your legs.

That is all, you should feel your peace and harmony and balance restored!

I love you all, and am sending each one of you love, light, health, joy, balance, harmony, patience, abundance and bliss!

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