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What Is DNA Activation?

By Dr. Idelle S. Brand, DDS, 

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dna activationImagine if you woke up one morning and realized that you had dormant superhuman abilities that were waiting to be unleashed. That once you activated these abilities, you could manifest anything you desired in your life, live a life without drama, create your ideal physical body, become immune to dis-ease, and potentially reverse the aging process.

Imagine if you realized that you could actually change your blueprint of life, your DNA, to enable you to expand your creative potential, provide access to your subconscious mind, and become more intuitive, clairvoyant, and know instantly what your purpose is in life.

There is now a process which will assist you to do all these things and more, and it is called DNA Activation.

Most people know that DNA is the ‘blueprint of life’ and is located in every cell of the body. In addition to each chromosome’s 2-strand double helix of DNA, there are an additional 22 etheric strands of DNA available to each human, which have been dormant since the beginning of recorded history. Each additional strand possesses attributes that permit the individual to perform greater human accomplishments.

Scientists acknowledge that we currently use only 3% of our current 2-strand DNA. Thus we live in a society where people are often sick, unhappy, stressed out and are totally disconnected with the universe. Most people have to meditate for many years just to have a so-called ‘mystical’ experience, that’s how disconnected we are now. Imagine activating 100% of your 2-strand DNA, plus 22 additional strands! You will go from using 10% of your brain to becoming a multi-dimensional being with psychic, telepathic, and manifestation abilities beyond anything you’ve ever dreamed of. Plus, you will alter the aging process and actually start to rejuvenate to look and feel younger. Your DNA is your blueprint of life and is what controls every single function inside each of your cells. If you change your DNA, you really will change your life.

Think of yourself right now as a person with 2-strands of DNA with only one strand active. You are as a standalone computer with access to only about 16MB of RAM. This means you can only run a few programs, none concurrently, and you are not even connected to the internet. Once you activate your DNA, it’s like you get a DSL connection to the mind of everything, and can access anything you want just by using your intent and intuition.

The portions of the DNA chain that science has presently identified as the “Double Helix”, represent only the surface portions of the chemical, elemental, and electrical components of the active DNA strands. Science has yet to identify the multidimensional spectra of DNA manifestation, and has yet to realize that within the structures of detectable DNA, there are levels of structure and function that direct the operations of the entire genetic blueprint, which are not currently detectable by the contemporary scientific method.

The human DNA imprint will always appear from external analysis, as a 2-strand Double Helix configuration. But what is not understood, is that within the Double Helix there are, and will be progressively more, additional Double Helix strands, which fuse together and add their operational coding into the active DNA imprint. As science evolves into comprehension of the mult-dimensional spectrum, the understanding of the tree structure and function of DNA will progressively advance. We are re-ordering and re-activating portions of the “junk DNA” and stimulating these portions of the DNA into activation.

During your activation, the practitioner usually keeps their hand on your shoulder, to allow for connection and grounding. Your etheric field is worked on, so there is no physical manipulation. You may feel sensations, see images or colors, or feel absolutely nothing. Usually most people notice something different about themselves within a very short time frame. It really depends on how sensitive you are to energy.

Some people feel the session very strongly (heat, twitches) as it is happening. Others may feel sleepy. You may notice tingles or some other sensations in the head area (crown chakra). In some cases, people experience a spontaneous physical or emotional healing at the time of the activation. After that, there will be numerous changes in the next few days, weeks and months. Most people experience an increase in energy, and go through a cleansing or a detox process. DNA Activation is an eternal process and you will notice changes throughout your lifetime from these sessions.

The DNA Activation is a huge acceleration step on your personal path of enlightenment, empowerment and personal health. Many experience a greater depth and richness to their emotions. Some speak of heightened creativity, or say that ideas and concepts that were once obscure become clear. Most speak of expanded awareness, greater peace and understanding of the person they already are, along with increased physical energy and improved personal health

DNA activation removes the energetic blockages to you embodying your Higher Self. So consciousness expansion is one of the main benefits. After the sessions, you will be more aware of everything, especially what your purpose is and why you incarnated here at this point in time. You will start to become aware or see things that others cannot see – some of the hidden agendas going on and how to make decisions to help you and your family in the best way possible. Your dormant brain functions will start to become active, especially your pineal gland. This will help to start tapping into your higher senses, and you will be able to use these on a daily basis with practice.

Some of the physical benefits reported by clients include thicker hair growth, weight loss and stabilization of desired weight, increased energy, and rejuvenation of various muscles. You will start to see how your body is just a thoughtform as well, and you can change your body more easily with focus, so you won’t have to work out as much. Emotionally, you will go beyond your personal dramas, the aggravation of everyday life. Your body will undergo a detoxification, which will bring old emotional issues to the surface to be released forever, to no longer cause dis-ease and poison the body.

You may notice that your dreams are more vivid and that you may release old fears and phobias. You will also experience a renewed sense of confidence and security, and will project that to others, which will allow you to have more fulfilling relationships, increased trust and discernment, and the attraction of soul mates.

Almost everyone also reports much quicker manifestations of that which they desire. When you bring more light into your field, which is what DNA activation does, you increase your frequency. So you attract people, places, events, and things of a similar high frequency.

Spontaneous healings can occur at the time of activations. These usually have to do with acute physical and emotional disorders. There is a purification process that begins to detoxify the physical, emotional, and mental bodies. There have been many clients who have cured themselves of chronic or serious diseases after having the DNA activation.

If you are looking for greater clarity in life and improved health, DNA activation may be the jumpstart you need to achieve this. As with any health practitioner, it is always best to find someone with experience with whom you feel comfortable. If possible, meet with the practitioner prior to making an appointment, to get a feel for who they are as a concerned and caring healer. You can even ask where they received their training. If you feel uncomfortable in their presence, do not commit to an appointment. Keep looking, ask friends or ask other energy healers for referrals.

Dr Idelle S. Brand practices Enlightened DentistryTM, an integrative approach to holistic dental care.

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