Monday, August 10, 2020

Disclosure Digest 8-10-20

The Sirius Stargate

Is The Original

Eye In The Sky

How you are shifting the human collective and learning to Love cognitive dissonance; a Lori-Fest:

When the Satanic truth of the Jon Benet murder cover-up comes out it will deeply rock Colorado:

I feel that Rosey is going to be Yuge in the coming Storm of Disclosure; major kudos to Candace:

John does his usual yeoman's service with this dig on Big Pharma's woo-woo Germaphobia:

How about those Rico Conspiracies; Can you spell  'a-s-s-e-t  s-e-i-z-u-r-e'?  Getting warm we Are:

Thanks to GAoG for this lovely work-up of AAG/Shanta's very supportive channeled Message:

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