Sunday, August 30, 2020

Disclosure Digest 8-30-20

Witness Amphibian Consternation

Interdasting...No? Q and the Merry Band of Anons keeps getting more and more Publicity; Yikes:

Team Dark is busy all over the world fomenting color revolutions to create Chaos: Just Say No:

Enjoy this 50,000 ft. View from a righteous Anon who sits very close to the Flame; Grokfest:

A well-deserved Perpwalks of a high level cult member who covered-up the crimes of other Pedo’s:

I  had to share this as I'm almost done with a gentle (no homicide, no suicide) Liver Cleanse m'Self:

Blossom gets the always entertaining run-a-round from the folks in the Torroidal Starships:Kek:

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