Monday, August 24, 2020

Disclosure Digest 8-24-20

Mel Gibson Said This And Is Still Alive,

He Must Have Galaxy Class Guardian Angels

Let's begin with some Sauce for your Fauci Farfala feast, hold the Corona baloney side; Dissolving:

Jordan's thread on Q FF’s being prepped by [DS]; ‘Un-masked’ goon squads; we've been Warned:

Enjoy the Quantum block-chain accounting system for voting and financial applications; USPS:

The folks at the GP site do some fine news stories for frog-pond Frens; a sampler for Y'all

The Netflix Cuties grooming agenda is exposed for all to see; yucky Polanski, Allen & Spielberg:

The Exodus of Anons from YT/FB&Twatter accelerates; AndWeKnow moves over to Blabland:
X22 Dave dishes up a fine stew of probable possibilities for us to Ponder upon; git sum Real News:

Interdasting Clone info, not quite sure if it's saucy enough though still thought provoking; Que Pasa:

Encountering planet-wide Recovery and transmuting the Drech is the reason why we’re HERE:

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