Monday, August 3, 2020

Disclosure Digest 8-3-20

Welcome the Aquarius-Leo Full Moon

The energetic run-up to the Lion's Gate Lift-Off has begun; time to release 3D Attachments:

The satanic goons meet their betters in repeated clashes; Don’t even think of messing with Texas:

As I've always maintained, nobody loves a good spook story better than a Bardo-walking Psychic:

Nice job by Kat packaging this disclosure info for folks who disdain sitting through long Videos: 

Vax-a-topia Follies: Anti-mask uprisings in Berlin, London; graffiti on the Wall reads Freedom Now:
[TD] banksters are still trying to bully nation-states to going full-on corrupt and Self-Destruct; Yuck:

Malik Obama is an old school OG from Kenya who watched his brother get destroyed by the Cabal:

All the voices in my head, and in my lovely Wife's, agree with the message from by Aleks Radojcic:

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