Saturday, August 22, 2020

Disclosure Digest 8-22-20

Sauron Searches For Minions

The Eye of Sauron casts its daemonic gaze upon the Frog Pond in Gabland: Gotcha:

Jon is down the rabbit hole and back again, clearing out all the rotten cabalist fruit; good Riddance:

Sexualizing and grooming children for later pedophilic abuse is a common Team Dark Activity:

How many woke Poles does it. Take to kick Cabal butt once they get hip to the Scam? Read On:

Yeah - time to bring Der Fuhrer back to the human collective one prik at a Time: Riiight:

The patriot’s answer to Cabal dystopia; AG Barr highlights the DOJ's recent Swamp Drainage:

Welcome to our Be Very Afraid (Not!) Bundle; LSM fear porn falling flatulently; Kek:

Gillian offered this channelled message from AAM a few days ago; re-posted for your Consideration

I found this little Light Primer on the Web and thought it might be helpful to Inquiring Minds:

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