Friday, August 28, 2020

Disclosure Digest 8-28-20

A Very Frenly Frock

A great speech from POTUS and Queen Melania was lovely in a Pepe-green pleated frock; Kekfest:
The Second Amendment is under full siege at every level; support Patriots whe stand their Ground:

Thousands of unjustly convicted felons now have real Hope for Justice; ending correctional Slavery:

Watch the Pedo Follies Perp Parade! Get your front row tickets Now and leave your masks at Home:

Not bad as Matrix allegories go, Jon is the most inventive writer out there blogging the Truth:

A bloodbath t argeting our most vulnerable senior citizens Is so blatantly Satanic:

For all you HHDL fans out there...his latest offerings e cheap at twice this asking Price:

Perhaps Creator wants you to re-define 'yourself' into a much grander Cosmic Being of Light; Ayup:

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