Sunday, August 9, 2020

Disclosure Digest 8-9-20

And She's Great In The Kitchen...

A Lion’s Gate surprise for Team Dark and all their corrupt and criminal minions; List of Booms:

BOM totally trolls the the LSM hit-squad in Bedminster NJ; Nomaske In Kekistan, Kemosabe:

'Biden Plantation Claim That Black People Are Monkeys Shocks World'; it hurts to laugh, Right:

News from the Rez has 'Tonto' SD tribal leaders trying to block No-Rona Bikers from Sturgis; Kek!

As if on cue the Death Cultists are publicly re-affirming their dark Satanic agenda and practices;Yuk:

CL Day and Suzanne Maresca have done a special collaboration on these channelled Messages:

Yes, the real benefit of ‘social distancing’ is to force grow PSI abilities; Nanu Nanu:

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