Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Disclosure Digest 8-25-20

Time To Follow Kuan Yin's 

Example And Just Chill

 Praying Medic is being heavily censored on media platforms 'cause he's devoutly over the Target:

Some highlights of the RNC Convention speakers; so much genuine positivity, it's quite Heartening:
Foul Fauci sings Mike Pence's praises; one defunct apparatchik presaging the fate of another - Kek:

Trollmeister Trump zings his opponents again; they see what he’s doing & still take the Bait:Topkek:

The Follies are unabated as [TD] expends vast amounts of precious 'ammo'; go Buckshot Brigade:

Galaxy girl nails a channelled message every now and then; I think this one’s a Keeper:

Fears permeate our transmogrifying realities as we inexorably move towards the Light; study Up:

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