Saturday, August 15, 2020

Disclosure Digest 8-14-20

Nothing Can Stop What's Coming

It's Hammer-Drop Time

Conspiracy Analysis at it’s best; always looking at the Big Sky Mind fractal landscape - Mazel Tov:

Tucker is right over the [DS] target and drawing lots of BS flack and great viewer Numbers:
Well Lordy me - duly executed Satanic monsters come back from Hell to dump on Trump; Gaaak:

Political re-education protocols straight from the Chinese Cultural Revolution Model:

 The actress portraying the prejudicially deceased Witch Queen just offered her 'services' to the DNC:

My posts just keep goin’ round and round the Interweb, randomly red-pillin all the Way; Ayup:

It would appear that some Divine Wrath hit Spanish Riviera; touchy touchy Big Person:

Good take on the Disruptor in Chief by Lorrie as she proposes that we cast off the BOM Spell:

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