Thursday, August 13, 2020

Disclosure Digest 8-13-20

Content Intended for Immature Audiences

Gettin' all Kamala Krazy here at blog central; best Meme-Fest of the Summer - enjoy the Show:

Back-stories are important in Un-ravelling the Gangland mess that is Chicago:; got plenty Sauce:

Un-confirmed; Big human trafficking busts ongoing in Maui County, HI, NSA is Spearheading:

Cleanup of cucked VOA bureaucracy kicks into high gear; purging the Cabal propaganda Machine:

Another Mockingbird Media mogul bites the dust; major satanic Puppet-Master - EX:

Hotting-up it Is! It seems Virginia has long been sniper central; add this to the List:

The spiraling Crystalline-Plasma Light is intensifying. This Gateway is in FULL FLOW, 8/13-27

Creeping Timeline Confusion got ya all discombobulated Bunkie; is that what's troublin' Ya?

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